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A great gift idea for that special fancier is a Siegel's Gift Certificate, available in any amount, for a holiday gift, a birthday, Father's Day, or any other occasion. Just phone us at 800-437-4436 and we'll make up a nice certificate and mail it to your recipient. He or she will be able to apply it to a new book, a great new training basket, medications or supplements, or any other purchase from Siegel's.

Dozens of birds from the Zazueta loft have been auctioned. Due to popular request, we've retained information about the lineage and history of the Zazueta loft here on the web site.
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The timer revolution

When split seconds count, make sure you're counting split seconds accurately! Benzing electronic timers have quickly become the new standard in our sport and are more popular than ever! The best has gotten better! Benzing's new M-1 clock and "Lazer" antennas are now in the States, and full distribution is now available. They are the most accurate, sensitive antenna in the world today--with the most antenna coils per square inch of any pigeon scanning antenna available!

A Benzing M-1 "Lazer" system recently clocked the Lou McElroy Race. Among the other major one-loft races using Benzing Lazers are the Colorado Goldrush Race, a 300-mile race flown from Elm Creek, NE, released on October 14, 2006.
the East Coast Classic, the Gulf Coast Classic, the San Diego Classic, the San Jacinto Classic, America's King Cup, the Snowbird Classic, and the Caribbean Classic.

Other members of the Benzing "family" of futurity races and racing combines include the Texas Shoot-Out, American Showdown, Desert Classic, East Coast Challenge, Flamingo Race, Caribbean Classic, Queen City Memorial, Boundbrook Futurity, and Paterson Air Derby, among many others....
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In News & Views:
In his newest report, Stefan Mertens interviews National Winners... Mertens himself is the 2006 1st National Champion KBDB Middle Distance Youngbirds.

For these reports, and many other archived features,
Read on for all the news!

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Where's Ed?

Siegel's Ed Minvielle on the road...again!
Siegel Pigeons prospective travel schedule:

Texas Center Racing Pigeon Convention - July 12-16, Houston, TX

California State Racing Pigeon Organization - November 2-4

American Racing Pigeon Union Convention - November 16-18, Phoenix, AZ

National Show
- November 18th, Greenwich, CT


We look forward to seeing our friends and customers around the country on our travels in 2017...


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Tips for the fancier:

in the Loft

We urge you to vaccinate for salmonella and for paramyxo now, since November is the month to take care of this health requirement for your breeders. It's also time to prepare the breeders for breeding season. So November is the month for medicating, worming and giving them a preventative canker medication treatment.

We have been testing Berimax for canker in our lofts in a variety of ways since early this year, and I recommend it as a "must have" product. It can be given safely to very young babies, and is effective against all 26 strains of canker. We have found that in cases of very resistant strains,it takes a full 5 to 7 day treatment and sometimes increasing dosages to completely eradicate.  Ecol Tonic seems to boost Berimax's effectiveness, so we sometimes use the two products in get rid of resistant candida and canker.

With a complete regimen of medication, fertility and hatchability improve greatly--sometimes reaching 90 percent. Sometimes hens will retain an infection in their oviducts that will lie dormant in their bodies. In hens, the bacteria transfer into the egg, so the embryo dies in the egg or just shortly after hatching.

Cock birds can also have an infection in their system which can decrease fertility, because of bacteria which settle in the internal organs and lie dormant. The birds are resistant to it, but they're carriers, and pass it on to their offspring. It can affect fertility in cock birds, hatchability in youngsters, and the way a hen will lay--how easy it is for her to lay her eggs, how many she'll lay, etc. How can you prevent this? Treat for salmonella and E. coli two weeks before the breeding season begins. Ecol-Tonic is an excellent product that is creating great feed-back to us from fanciers around the country on its effectiveness. Why not go ahead and mark this important step to treat for salmonella and E. coli on your calendar now?

Most fanciers pair their breeders around Thanksgiving. You need to vaccinate and medicate two to three weeks before pairing the birds up, so that they can be fully recovered from the vaccines and already be gaining their strength back.

It's also a good time to begin to boost the birds by giving them vitamins, and there are several fine products on the market that will enhance your effort and improve the condition and preparation of the birds for breeding. Vitamin E is considered a fertility vitamin, and besides being proven to aid in fertility, it is known to help to build resistance to disease. We have used either a combination vitamin called Pego AD3E, or a Vitamin E drop from Pego, which is pure vitamin E. Either one can be put directly on the food for flock treatment, or given individually. We use vitamin E several days in a row to really build the birds up.

We are also very excited about a highly specialized product from Comed called Breeding Oil. According to the pigeon laboratory that developed it, Comed Breeding Oil is adapted to the specific needs of breeders, and replaces Fine Oil during the breeding period. Fertibol, also from Comed, is a product that will greatly benefit your breeders and their babies as well.
It's a tremendous aid for fertility and hatchability.

Giving extra calcium at this time of year is also a great idea. We prefer the Calcium-Vitamin D3 Syrup from the Australian Pigeon Company. This is especially important to prevent a calcium deficiency in the hens when they lay. Hens may still not have replenished their calcium reserves from the prior year's breeding season, and it never hurts to give extra calcium. It really helps the birds, because we can see that when they've had a calcium supplement, they're much more vigorous. This is a sure sign that they feel good. Extra calcium also helps to add bone mass. Birds that are not very active in a breeding loft tend to lose bone mass, just like inactive people.


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We recommend a four- to five-day treatment for canker, with products like Turbosole or Ridzol, which in our experience have proven to be very effective against canker.

Worming is essential. The optimum time for treating for worms is the first week in November for three days with Moxidectin or Moxidectin Plus, if you want to treat the flock. Moxidectin and Moxidectin Plus are also good for individual treatment. Ivomec drops are also good.
öpolex Worm Tablets from Pego are the ticket if you prefer individual treatment. Worms won't be a problem after you use any of these approaches.

Something for salmonella, E. coli, and coccidiosis should be your final medication at this time. Divet tablets and Enroxil tablets work very well against salmonella and E. coli. APC Baycox and our Ten-in-One Capsules are also among the products that are safe and effective against coccidiosis. These treatments can render an excellent prevention against bacterial infections if done two weeks before pairing up the birds. The breeders will have a great start if you follow this advice.

The "good" gut bacteria are always affected by this or any other medication. After medication, we give our birds two days of a pro-biotic. Pro-Bac, Digestal, Pro-Digest, and Optimix are all excellent gut restoratives. The positive feed-back that we get from fanciers around the country about Health Gard as a fine pro-biotic can't be ignored, either. Then we like to give them Pigeon Power, a tonic to start building them up for the breeding season. It's loaded with minerals and amino acids. Pigeon Power helps to get the birds into condition for the stress that they're bound to go through, with wintertime coming, and cold, damp and nasty weather, added to the stress of breeding and raising young!

By now, the pigeons have just finished the moult, and we have had them on a program of Biochol from Oropharma or Methio Forte from Herbots. These promote good feather condition and bring out shine and silkiness, and help to make the wattles white. Now is also a good time to add garlic juice or garlic oil to the water or feed. This conditions the birds and makes them just shine. When they feel so good, it brings out the "romance" in them. The birds are separated right now, but the hens are getting very "matey," and they're cooing to the cocks. The cocks are cooing back to the hens and are getting very aggressive, and they're fighting more with one another. With all of this going on, you know the hormones are working. It's easy to see that the more active the birds are, the better they are feeling.

We are conscious of the possibility of needing to treat our breeders for a respiratory condition, but we do not do this as a preventative. We do it only if there is an obvious problem. In the last 13 years, we've not had to give our breeders anything for a respiratory condition because their stress levels are not that high. Our very best weapon against a respiratory infection is Doxy-T from the Australian Pigeon Company, which is the perfect mixture of doxycycline and Tylan. Linco-Spectin and Tylan Concentrate are also effective.

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Routinely, we give every breeder a salmonella vaccine. After this vaccination, the birds become much more resistant to disease over the winter. The hens lay better and do not "go light." Pigeons are just all-round healthier when they've been vaccinated for salmonella and paramyxo. The birds should have this vaccination each year for at least three years or so. An adult bird that has been vaccinated three times or more will have a resistance that will last quite a few years against the disease, so that once the bird has been vaccinated three times, it may not be necessary to vaccinate that bird every year. It would be fine to vaccinate these birds for salmonella every other year. Giving the vaccine improves the overall condition of the bird by raising the immune level, and it's advisable to go ahead and vaccinate them for paramyxo, too.

To get rid of any lice or mites, we pick a fine-weather day and dip the birds in a Malathion solution. Dipping them also helps to keep the pigeon flies down. Use ¼ teaspoon of malathion 57 percent solution to two gallons of water, and this will protect them all the way through the winter and into the spring-almost six months-with one dipping.

(Please note that our Malathion Liquid is this 57% solution which is safe and effective for our birds. We cannot vouch for the concentration or the safety for treating pigeons of these types of pesticides sold in garden supply stores.)

We also check the health and the weight of the breeders. Heavy pigeons don't breed as well as pigeons of proper weight. We also want to make sure that the birds are not too thin, which could indicate a problem like worms or salmonella.

So to summarize, we've vaccinated the breeders, treated them for bacterial infections and worms, given them a gut restorative, dipped them for external parasites, given them a calcium treatment, checked them for a respiratory problem, and treated them with a feather conditioner. When they are through with the moult, we have a shiny pigeon, in excellent health, ready for the rigors of mating and raising young for the next year.

Now the fun begins! It's time to start to pair the birds. Refer to the "Ask Ed" section of the Web site for my recommendations on how to do your pairings.

Good luck and good racing!



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Products for

Ed recommends these products based on the needs of the pigeons that are developing at this time of year...

His suggestions follow...

THE PIGEON – by Dr. Colin Walker. Dr. Walker is a very successful pigeon racing veterinarian in Australia, and he shares information gained during 30 years of racing his own birds that includes race fitness, race preparation and recovery, disease control during racing and breeding, behavior, droppings, loft design, feeding, and much more.

Item #3039
SW 7 lbs

Great holiday gift for your favorite pigeon fancier!
Kingmaker - DeRauw-Sablon: A Racing Pigeon Dynasty
- A must for any pigeon fancier's library! The DeRauw-Sablon strain is one of the most sought after and valuable racing pigeon strains in the world. This is the definitive work with over 100 photos and illustrations. Hard cover, color photos, 156 pp.

Item #5644
SW 4 lbs

Berimax - Advanced canker treatment for racing and show birds. Laboratory tests in Europe and the U.S. have proven that this unique "all natural" formula provides the most advanced recipe against all 26 strains of canker. Five days of use has proven to eradicate even the most resistant strains of canker, and it is so safe that it can safely be given to four-day-old babies. To completely eradicate very resistant strains of canker can require a full 5 to 7 day treatment and sometimes increasing dosages  We have also found it very helpful to use Berimax in conjunction with Ecol Tonic to get rid of resistant candida and canker, as Ecol Tonic seems to increase the strength of Berimax.  Use one level teaspoon of Berimax per gallon of water. Contents will treat 16 gallons of water.

80 grams
Item #0181
SW 1.00 lb

2 - 80 gram canisters
Item #0181A
SW 1.50 lb

3 - 80 gram canisters
Item #0181B
SW 2.00 lb

Ecol-Tonic An all-natural product fortified with ten special organic acids and proven in the loft to be effective in boosting immunity and promoting health and vigor, and bringing the droppings back to normal in racing and show pigeons. 16 oz. will dose 32 gallons of water. Always remember to follow the use of Ecol-Tonic with a good pro-biotic.

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16 oz.   
Item #5673
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1 qt.   
Item #5655
SW 3.40 lbs

1 gallon  
Item #5668
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Special Sale

on Ecol-Tonic


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Göpolex Worm Tablets - Effective for worms. Use regularly, particularly before the racing season. One tablet daily per pigeon, 3 to 6 days in a row. Best given before feeding. (Pego - Germany)
50 tablets  
Item #5526
SW 1.20 lbs

Health Gard -- A pro-biotic water-additive formula made from specially cultured, naturally occurring microbes and a unique catalyst, which increases blood-stream absorption by ten times. Use one teaspoon per gallon of water. One quart covers 60 to 80 birds for six months.
1 quart  
Item #0097
SW 3.80 lbs

1 pt.   
Item #0098
SW 2.80 lbs

1 gallon.   
Item #0096
SW 9.30 lbs

Biochol – Contains methionine, choline, sorbitol, biotin, and vitamin B-12. Highly recommended as a liver and moult tonic with depurative action. Promotes excellent plumage. (Oropharma – Belgium)
500 ml.
Item #5006
SW 2.95 lbs

Comed Breeding Oil - Derived from Fine Oil for a good breeding period. The oil is adapted to the specific needs of the breeders during this period. Dosage is one soup spoon per kg. of feed three times a week.
(Comed - Belgium)
250 ml.

Item #7043
SW 1.70 lbs

Fertibol - Tremendous aid for fertility and hatchability. This world renown product contains a special formulation including calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D3, and E, proven necessary for good laying and hatching of eggs. Fertibol promotes healthy skeletal growth as well, so it can be given during the weaning period to produce strong-boned young and during breeding. Excellent for older birds.
500 ml.
Item #7012
SW 2.50 lbs

Vitamin AD3 & E – The performance enhancer vitamins in liquid concentrate form. For racers and breeders. Mix on feed or give directly. (Pego - Germany)
100 ml.
Item #5520
SW 1.70 lbs.


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