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Ask Ed!

  What is the "Siegelís Pigeon Giveaway"?

At Siegelís, our commitment to our customers runs deep, and our appreciation for your support runs even deeper. To show our appreciation, we give away, to a winning customer every month, a set of babies from one of our outstanding imported racing pigeons.

The Siegel Company has been in business since 1929, and for most of this time, we have purchased and sold European products to our American friends. Because of our long-standing business relationship with the European community, we have developed many good friends in Belgium, Germany, Holland, and England. And some of our friends are internationally known pigeon fanciers.

This provides us with unique access to some of the worldís foremost racing pigeons. Since ours is a competitive racing loft, we are constantly searching for and adding top birds to our stock lofts. Many fanciers who have visited have been impressed with the extraordinary quality of the birds that we have imported over the last decade, and many fanciers have been successful with their progeny.

Our decision to share these birds with our customers revolves around our commitment to see our sport grow and prosper. We are fully aware of the exorbitant prices that top racing pigeons are commanding today. In giving away birds of this caliber, we hope to provide fanciers with bloodlines that they might not otherwise be able to obtain. This is Siegelís way of giving something back to our customers and to our sport.

Read the rules for the "Siegelís Pigeon Giveaway."