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Ask Ed!

  What should a fancier know about Pigeon Malaria?

Pigeon Malaria is caused by a protozoan which attacks the red blood cells of our birds. It is primarily carried by the pigeon fly which acts as the immediate host. As many as one-third of flocks tested have shown malaria.

Symptoms of Malaria are vague. Except for some loss of gloss in plumage and reduced performance in racing events, there are no readily visible symptoms.

To prevent Malaria, pigeon flies must be controlled, because they are the primary carriers of the disease. Quarantining newly acquired birds, dusting or dipping birds after they have mingled with others, and eliminating contact with wild pigeons are vital steps, because curing this disease is very difficult.

See the Pigeon Malaria section of the Siegelís catalog for medications for control and cure.