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 Ask Ed > Money in the sport
Ask Ed!

  What do you think of money in the sport? Is it good or bad?

A lot of people in the sport have different motivations for flying pigeons. Iíve heard people criticize how much money is coming into the sport and how costly everything is. This is not necessarily bad.

Generally, anything that people consider expensive, they also consider valuable. Itís not a bad thing for a pigeon to be valued at $20,000. It makes people outside the sport take notice. It may make people realize that thereís more to these pigeons than the average person thinks. Money can attract respect, and our sport needs this.

Regarding the one-loft races and gambling, I agree that they sometimes make people show their worst side. But all in all, theyíre good. Certainly, no one would complain about a racehorse being worth $1million. What is wrong with a racing pigeon being worth $100,000? It does evoke respect.

There is something very basic in our nature that makes us love gambling. It is being proven around the country and the world that many people love to gamble. I believe that a lot of people wouldnít participate in our sport if they didnít have the opportunity to gamble on the races. You have to respect their motivation for being in the racing pigeon game, because the fanciers who enjoy the gambling aspect add significantly to our numbers and to the value of our birds.

My opinion of the money in the sport is that it doesnít do any harm and, in the long run, it may do our sport a lot of good. Generally, the more that something is worth, the prouder people are to own it, because of its perceived value. People need to be prouder of their birds. If anything is wrong in the sport, it may be that people arenít proud enough of it.

As far as hobbies go, people find the money to do what they truly want to do. Racing pigeons is no more expensive than golfing or fishing or hunting. With golf go expensive clubs, shoes and other equipment, along with costly club membership dues and green fees. People have also been known to bet on a golf game! Fishing as a hobby entails owning and maintaining a boat, high-quality rods and reels, and paying for fuel, licenses, and bait. Hunters who are serious about their hobby pay each year into leases, own expensive guns, expensive dogs, and specialized clothing. They pay transportation costs to get to their leases, and each year buy licenses and ammunition.

We should hope that our birds become more and more valuable and that our sport continues to grow. Itís smart to introduce younger people into the sport. When theyíre ready to settle down, they may want to participate. If you just look at the numbers, youíll realize that our sport is for people who are settled, older, and retired. Most people come into the sport for a few years as a youngster and then come back to it after finishing school and establishing a family. So the issue of our sport being too expensive really isnít an issue, because those who are participating in it are financially most able to.