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 Ask Ed > One-eyed colds
Ask Ed!

  What should a fancier know about one-eyed colds?

One-eyed colds are usually associated with a peck in the eye or some other type of physical injury affecting the eye. They are also often confused with the onset of mycoplasmosis.

The symptom of a one-eyed cold most commonly noticed is a watery or mucousy discharge in only one eye. But occasionally both eyes will have a watery appearance. Sometimes one eye can become completely shut depending upon the degree of infection.

To prevent one-eyed colds, maintain proper ventilation and do not allow overcrowded conditions. Keeping dust levels in the loft to a minimum is considered good loft hygiene, because many types of infectious bacteria are carried by dust particles.

See the One-Eyed Colds section of the Siegelís catalog for medications for prevention and cure.