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Ask Ed!

  Paramyxovirus--what should I know?

Paramyxovirus is also called PMV-1. It is a viral infection unique to pigeons and is extremely contagious, especially in the racing sport where hundreds and thousands of birds are mixed and confined prior to release. Direct or indirect contact through contaminated feed, water, or litter can also spread the disease. xxxx Symptoms of Paramyxovirus include extremely loose, watery droppings, lack of appetite, ruffled feathers, poor coordination and sometimes paralysis of wings and legs. In advanced stages, birds will show "twisted neck" symptoms, and many birds will die.

To prevent Paramyxovirus, the only product that is truly successful in the United States is the Maine Biological oil-adjuvant PMV-1 vaccine. Many fanciers are using the LaSota vaccine thinking they are protecting their birds, but challenge tests using the LaSota intraocular vaccine proved conclusively that the LaSota vaccine was not effective in producing antibodies for the pigeon PMV-1 virus. While the LaSota vaccine was effective for short-duration protection for NewCastles disease, this disease is almost non-existent in pigeons and should be differentiated from PMV-1.

See the Siegelís catalog section for Paramysovirus to order Maine Biological PMV-1 vaccine. Injection guns may be found under the section for vaccination guns, syringes and needles.