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Ask Ed!

  What should a fancier know about Pigeon Pox?

Pigeon Pox is caused by a virus which is generally carried by mosquitoes and other biting insects. When a non-resistant pigeon is bitten by a carrier parasite, the virus enters the bloodstream of the bird. Within five to seven days, small whitish wart-like lesions appear on the head, feet, legs, and beak areas. These deposits can grow to become large yellowish bumps which, if removed, may ooze blood. In time, these lesions will dry and fall off, so I advise fanciers to leave them alone.

To prevent Pigeon Pox, use the vaccine regularly. No other measure is successful; although controlling the mosquito and fly populations in and around the loft may be helpful. The only way to prevent Pigeon Pox is to vaccinate.

See the Pigeon Pox section of the Siegelís catalog for medications for prevention and control.