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Ask Ed!

  Why should I give herbal teas and elixirs to my pigeons?

In my travels throughout Europe, I canít help but notice how many fanciers use herbal tea at least once a week in their lofts. They administer it to old breeders, racers, and to young birds. So many great fanciers use it, that I believe there must be something to it. Herbal tea is considered to have a relaxing and laxative effect. And many of the herbs found in the tea assist in respiration.

An elixir is a product that invigorates, restores, refreshes, or stimulates a healthy vigor. The elixirs that Siegelís carries have been tested over time and actually invigorate our birds to better health and fitness.

See the Siegelís catalog for a variety of herbal teas and elixirs.