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Ask Ed!

  How should I vaccinate?

Iím often asked about vaccinating against several diseases at the same time. In my experience, some combinations work and others donít.

Itís generally all right to vaccinate for PMV and Pox at the same time. Colombovac is a combination injection for PMV and Pox, and is done subcutaneously, or just below the skin of, the neck. Most vets prefer the loose skin of the neck as the site for this vaccination, and it must be done just below the skin. But the verdict isnít completely in on the results of this combination vaccine. Maine Biological PMV-1 vaccine can be given at the same time as Maine Biological Pox vaccine. PMV injections are given just below the loose skin of the neck, and Pox vaccinations are done with a brushed-on vaccine, usually on the upper leg.

PMV and Salmonella vaccinations can be done at the same time, using two different injection sites. Do not mix the vaccines. Salmonella vaccinations can be given, subcutaneously, or just below the skin, of the neck or groin.

About medications in general, I am not a great fan of the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 combination medications. I donít like mixing more than two medications at one time. Each medication is specially formulated for a specific disease and a specific dosage duration. Therefore, mixing these medications with varying dosages can be more harmful than good, in the long run. You can successfully mix several medications if youíre going to administer them immediately, and if you know the exact dosage and duration for proper treatment.

But generally I donít like the "shotgun" approaches. What works best in the long run is medicating for a specific disease. That way, each medication can be administered in a specific way for a specific condition. In the long run, the "shotgun" approach could hurt your birds.

Be sure to check the PMVand Pox medication sections of the Siegel's online catalog.