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Ask Ed!

  What should a fancier know about worm diseases?

The most common worms found in pigeons today are roundworms, hair worms, stomach wall worms, gapeworms, stronglylids, and tapeworms.

Symptoms of worm disease vary with the type of infestation. It is conceivable for pigeons to live with slight infestations with no ill effects. Severe infestations generally cause droopiness, loss of weight, and some diarrhea. Gapeworms can cause breathing problems. The best way to determine if a worm problem exists is to have the droppings checked.

To prevent worm diseases, keep a clean, sanitary loft. A preventative worming program in which all birds are wormed at least twice a year is advisable for this reason. Racing pigeons often mingle with many hundreds of other birds, and a racer can become infested through ingestion of worm eggs from the basket or through contact with stray pigeons.

See the Worm Diseases section of the Siegelís catalog for medications for prevention and cure.