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Ask Ed!
  The prominent position that the Siegel Company enjoys in the pigeon sport supplying fanciers with medications, loft supplies, electronic timers, and even pigeons, has put proprietor Ed Minvielle at the crossroads of an immense thoroughfare of knowledge, built through 40 years of racing along with nearly 15 years of supplying fanciers with top of the line products. Ed regularly travels to Europe and across America, and is always involved in learning more about this most fascinating sport of ours.

Below you'll find a wide range of questions that fanciers typically bring to Ed, with succinct answers just a click away.


You can also exchange ideas and info with Ed and other fellow fanciers through Siegel's Pigeon Forums, part of our News & Views page.
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Chances are, you'll find the answer to most questions you're likely to have right here, or you can find the answer using our Search facility; but if you don't find your answer, use this link:
Ask Ed!
If your browser is configured for e-mail, that link will open an e-mail message to Ed so that he can do his best to provide the information you need. If you need to know it, it's quite likely that your fellow fanciers need to know it, too, and you might soon see your answered question shared here!

Click on any question to be taken to its answer.


Siegel's Ed Minvielle's years of experience in his own loft means he knows what your concerns are with your birds! 

When should I give my pigeons medications?

What does a fancier need to know about canker?

What should a fancier know about Coccidiosis?

What should a fancier know about E. Coli?

What should a fancier know about one-eyed colds?

What should a fancier know about Paratyphoid?

What should a fancier know about Pigeon Pox?

Paramyxovirus--what should I know?

What should a fancier know about Pigeon Malaria?

What should a fancier know about respiratory infections like Mycoplasmosis and Ornithosis?

What should a fancier know about Sour Crop?

What should a fancier know about worm diseases?

What should a fancier know about external parasites?

Why are vitamins, minerals, herbal teas, and elixirs important to the pigeons?

Why are electrolytes important to the pigeons?

What should a fancier know about minerals?

What do picking stones and grit blocks do for the pigeons?

Why should I give herbal teas and elixirs to my pigeons?

How do you pair your breeders?

What's your recommended approach for buying birds?

  How should I vaccinate?

What do I need to know about pigeon diarrhea?

What are the breeding practices you use in your own loft?

What are "droppers" and how do I use them?

What do loose droppings indicate?

What do you think of money in the sport? Is it good or bad?

What is the "Siegel's Pigeon Giveaway?"

What are the rules "Siegel's Pigeon Giveaway?"