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  Club Supplies

Belgian Countermarks This heavy duty countermark comes in six colors and is individually cut for easy use. Packed in bags of 200. Available in red, white, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Specify color at

Bag of 200
Item #0208
SW 1.35 lbs

5 bags of 200
Item #0209
SW 2.20 lbs

Lead Clock Seals, Numbered 8" long and primarily used in sealing clocks.

100 seals
Item #0211
SW 2.80 lbs

500 seals
Item #0212A
SW 7.80 lbs

Lead Clock Seals, Unnumbered 8" long and used in sealing clocks or baskets where a number is not necessary.
100 seals
Item #0214
SW 2.10 lbs

500 seals
Item #0215A
SW 5.20 lbs

Sealing Press This is the ideal press for clamping lead seals. Letters to designate your club or combine can be ordered as a separate item, #0220 (below).

Sealing press
Item #0219
SW 1.80 lbs