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Colombine Products

Form-Mix In One An excellent conditioning powder for racing pigeons, composed of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements. To be used at varying intervals during the racing, moulting, or breeding season, as well as during the winter resting period. (Colombine Belgium)

350 grams
Item #0386
SW 2.20 lbs

Colombine Tea This tea, formulated by a noted Belgian druggist, helps your pigeons to acquire and maintain a good condition, acts as a blood purifier, relieves the liver, stimulates digestion, increases resistance levels, and promotes moulting. Use year round, at least once a week, but daily is best. (Colombine Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0389
SW 1.95 lbs

Super-Vit This formulation supplies 10 different vitamins and five trace elements. A complete vitamin for all-year use. Very stable, and sealed packages allow for long shelf life. Comes in 10 15-gram packs. (Colombine - Belgium).

50 grams
Item #5010
SW 1.70 lbs

Colombine Supra Elixir – Has proven to work best on widowers and long-distance birds, Supra Elixir contains ginseng, long known as an athletic tonic. Also aids in the moult. Add to the Add to the drinking water on Tuesday before a Saturday shipping. (Colombine – Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #5012
SW 1.95 lbs

Colombine Mucous Powder - Recommended for weakened or sick pigeons, especially when mucous is present in the beak, or when there is loss of appetite or poor digestion resulting in green and/or watery droppings. Improves the intestinal functioning and relieves the liver. Helps bring race candidates back into condition after illness.

35 grams
Item #5030
SW 1.95 lbs
Colombine Glucose + Vitamins Glucose enriched with vitamins. Great product to give to the birds upon arrival from a strenuous race or training. "Quick energy" for restoring vigor in tired birds. A great value.

400 grams
Item #5552
SW 2.45 lbs
Colombine B-Pure A purely natural product consisting of dried beer yeast enriched with 12 different vitamins. This product is rich in the B-complex vitamins. It increases form and helps the pigeons attain an overall better condition. (Formerly called Vitaminized Beer Yeast) (Colombine--Belgium)

500 grams
Item #5558
SW 2.70 lbs
Forma-Vit All the benefits of Carmine Liquid in tablet form for the individual treatment of birds. Reduces the formation of lactic acid, thereby preventing muscle fatigue. Increases metabolism to help racers attain higher energy levels. Loaded with vitamins and amino acids. (Formerly called Bio-Carni and Carni Tabs) (Colombine Belgium)

50 tablets
Item #0371
SW 1.20 lbs

Colombine Bianco (Parquet White) Excellent absorption properties and slightly acidic. Gives loft a clean smell. (Belgium)

5 kg .  
Item #0088
SW 13.20 lbs

Colombine Ferti-Oil -- Pure wheat germ oil enriched with Vitamins A, D3, and E. Promotes fertility and rapid laying of eggs. Ideal for older pigeons during breeding. Use on feed or give directly.

100 ml
Item #0392
SW1.20 lbs

Supra Pills - A supplement to promote vitality in pill form. Very high in Vitamin B-Complex. Great to use on shipping night. For individual treatment.

256 pills
Item #0394

Digestal This product contains helpful lactobacillus bacteria, which are essential to maintaining good digestion. Digestal replenishes these bacteria which are destroyed during medication. (Colombine - Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0372
SW 1.95 lbs
Pickstone in a Pot – Provides essential minerals and trace elements. The earthenware cup makes it convenient to place most anywhere in the loft. Provides essential minerals and trace elements. (These are the popular red stones that were formerly under the Versele-Laga label.) (Colombine – Belgium) 1 pickstone - red
Item #0383R
SW 2.20 lbs


pack of 6 stones - red
Item #1384R
SW 10 lbs.


Case of 24 - red
Item #0384R
SW 40.20 lbs


Ideal Block A "pink block" used by many champion lofts. Supplies most of the essential minerals and trace elements. Should be given at least twice a week, crumbled or whole. (Colombine Belgium)

550 grams
Item #0145
SW 2.45 lbs

Pack of 6
Item #0147
SW 9.0 lbs

Case of 24
Item #0146
SW 39.20 lbs

Natur-Bloc Place in a bowl, either crumbled or whole, for birds to pick. Contains essential minerals, oyster shell, and phosphates. (This product was formerly called Bio-Bloc.) (Colombine Belgium).

850 grams
Item #0380
SW 3.70 lbs

Case of 24
Item #0381
SW 50.20 lbs

Colombine Seaweed Grit - This grit is loaded with iodine. Mix with regular grit to improve hatchability. (Colombine - Belgium)

2.5 kg
Item #0155
SW 6.70 lbs

Grit with Redstone Contains gastric grinding stones, silex stones, oyster shells, seashells, redstone and charcoal, with anise. This mix assures optimal digestion and solid droppings. Administer year-round in a separate tray. (Colombine Belgium)

2 1/2 kg.
Item #0376
SW 7.20 lbs

20 kg.
Item #5376
SW 47.00 lbs

Vita Contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals in powder form, especially important during the breeding season, but helpful throughout the year. Can easily be mixed with foods. (Colombine Belgium) 1 kg.
Item #0378
SW 3.80 lbs

4 kg.
Item #0379
SW 11.50 lbs