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Derby Form – A unique combination of electrolytes and oligosaccharids (multiple sugars), designed to give to race birds two days prior to a race and upon their return. Provides energy for the race and speeds recovery afterwards. From Pego (Germany). 500 ml .   
Item #5514
SW 3.20 lbs.


Dextrotonic – Contains electrolytes, trace minerals, sugar and L-agrinine L-aspartate. Highly recommended to increase energy reserves and improve performance. (Oropharma – Belgium)

500 ml.
Item #0353
SW 2.50 lbs

Amoxicillinum 10%

Electro Forte – An excellent product to facilitate the recuperation process after a flight. Contains a balanced formula of electrolytes, including glycine, which aids in the effective processing of fluids in the body. Also contains dextrose, a sugar which is important in recuperation after stress. Use the day after birds return from the race. (Herbots – Belgium)

100 grams
Item #0358
SW 1.45 lbs

Natural Electrolit – A mixture of glucose and electrolytes. For rapid recovery after a flight or to help growing young in the nest. This product quickly compensates for water and electrolyte depletion, thus helping to prevent dehydration. (Natural – Belgium)

240 grams
Item #0327
SW 1.80 lbs

750 grams
Item #0327L
SW 3.10 lbs

  Rebound – Designed by a veterinary lab especially for Siegel’s, Rebound has proven very effective in restoring normal body functions after physical exertion. Administer one pack per gallon 24 hours before shipping and again 12 hours after returning from the race. Excellent for parents feeding young.

4 oz. pack
Item #0130
SW 1.45 lbs

12 4 oz. packs
Item #0131A
SW 2.70 lbs

Hydracom Iso - Helps to "hydrate" young pigeons when they are first removed from their parents, during training, and during warm weather racing. Administer Hydracom directly to each bird two hours before basketing, and give fresh drinking water. Hydracom will make the birds want to drink and thus become hydrated for the race. (Comed -- Belgium)

Item #7016
1 kg.
SW 3.70 lbs

APC Electrolyte P180 - Electrolytes, body salts, and glucose polymers for post-race recovery and following diseases. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker (Australian Pigeon Company).

Item #3007
200 grams
SW1.70 lbs

  Soluable Vitamins & Electrolytes - Vitamins & Electrolytes to use during periods of stress or reduced feed intake (Agri Labs).

Item #5559
200 grams
SW 1 lb