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  External parasites
Products for prevention and control
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Feather Lice Dust -- (Replacement for Insectrin G.P. Poultry Dust or Zipcide Dust) Shaker can

2 1/2 lb.   
Item #0072
SW 3.70 lbs

Prozap Insect Guard To hang in loft or hallways 1 pack   
Item #0079
SW 1.45 lbs
  Malathion Liquid 57% concentrate.

1 Quart   
Item #0075
SW 3.40 lbs

Tobacco Stalks - What many fanciers consider to be the ideal nest material, enhancing the breeding results. Protects the breeding pairs and their youngsters against external parasites like red mites, feather mites and ticks. A natural product that is easy to use. Also ideally suited as floor covering in baskets. $11.95
Item #5602
SW 6.00 lbs