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  Feather conditioners
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Comed Bathsalts (Badzout) -- These bath salts from Comed are a premium bath salt blend that promotes fine feather quality. Use once a week, one spoon per 10 liters of water. Discard at end of day.

750 grams  
Item #7044
SW 3.50 lbs.

Siegel's Bath Salts Use in bath water to promote silky feathering. Safe and easy to use.

2 1/2 lb.  
Item #0081
SW 2.80 lbs

Pego Bath Salts Excellent formulation for bringing silky sheen to the feathers. (Pego - Germany)

750 grams
Item #5505
SW 2.95 lbs.

Natural Bath Salts Brings on a soft, smooth plumage and rids the skin of flakiness. Also helps to relax the muscles. (Natural -- Belgium)

650 grams
Item #0332
SW 3.20 lbs
Ideal Bath Salts From Fabry, a time honored product. Use in the bath water to condition the feathers, relax the muscles, remove skin scales and promote down moult.
(Fabry -- Belgium)

750 grams
Item #5547
SW 3.00 lbs

Tea Tree Lavender Bath Salts - Use 1 teaspoon per gallon of bath water. Contents will treat 90 gallons of bath water. 750 grams
Item #0064
SW 2.00 lbs