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General Care books

THE PIGEON – by Wendell Levi. This book is still considered by almost everyone in the sport as the classic of all time concerning pigeons. It is the complete encyclopedia on pigeons as a sport, hobby, in wartime, and in history. Chapters cover breeds and varieties; genetics, variation and inheritance; practical breeding; diseases; parasites and pests, their treatment and control; exhibiting; racing; the pigeon fancy; feeds and feeding; housing; squab production; behavior; anatomy; and the relationship between pigeon and man. This book is timeless, an absolute must for any serious fancier. 667 pages, 1127 illustrations.

Item #0320
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  LET’S HAVE A SHOW – by J. A. Fancier. This neatly done pamphlet gives basic information on how to set up a pigeon show, what preparations must be made, and how the judging process works. It was prepared with the child or 4-H student in mind, but it can be used as a guide for any organization wishing to have a pigeon show. Pamphlet form, 48 pages.

Item #0377
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