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Pro-Vital Pigeon Economy - Water-soluble vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with a probiotic blend. For best results, use daily with non-chlorinated water.





8 oz.
Item #0049
SW 1.5 lbs

35.2 oz.
Item #0056
SW 3.0 lbs

APC PVM Powder - Highly palatable Australian-made pink powder, rich in vitamins and minerals with added iodine. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker, the "Flying Vet." (Australian Pigeon Company)

600 grams
Item #3014
SW 2.80 lbs

4 kg.
Item #3016
SW 9.50 lbs



APC Nutribloom - A mineral and trace element food supplement. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker, the "Flying Vet." (Australian Pigeon Company)

400 grams
Item #3005
SW 2.45 lbs

Calcamineral – This is the genuine product! All essential minerals plus vitamins with added oyster shell, making this product an excellent source for calcium needed by laying hens and older cocks feeding young. (Pego - Germany).

1,000 grams
Item #5515
SW 3.70 lbs.

5 kg bucket
Item #5521
SW 14 lbs.


Mega-Mins – Composed of many of the essential minerals that pigeons require. Most often used in the grit, either mixed directly or sprinkled on top.

16 oz.
Item #0134
SW 2.20 lbs


Natural Vitamineral – Vitaminized minerals. Vitamineral is a product that the pigeons need all year long. There is always a marked increase in consumption during breeding, after a race, and during the moult. Use in the grit. (Natural – Belgium)

600 grams
Item #0325
SW 2.45 lbs

2.5 kg.
Item #0326
SW 6.70 lbs

Naturamine -- This tonic of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids will keep birds in top condition for racing, breeding or moulting.

500 ml.
Item #1330
SW 2.45 lbs
Pigeon Power – This chelated liquid mineral mixture is readily absorbed through the intestines into the bird’s system. Use it extensively during racing and breeding, often spraying it onto the feed. Works extremely well as a bonding agent for brewer’s yeast and vitamins. A Siegel’s exclusive, considered by many as the best mineral supplement available.

16 oz.
Item #1137
SW 2.20 lbs

32 oz.
Item #1138
SW 3.45 lbs

Item #10110
SW 9.70 lbs

Vitamineral – A complete mineral mix with vitamins for both racing and showing. Place in a cup in the loft, and birds will take as needed. A Siegel’s exclusive. 1 1/2 lb.
Item #1141
SW 2.70 lbs
Vita – Contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals in powder form, especially important during the breeding season, but helpful throughout the year. Can easily be mixed with foods. (Colombine – Belgium)
1 kg.
Item #0378
SW 3.80 lbs

4 kg.
Item #0379
SW 11.50 lbs

Cometabol Drain - Indispensable in promoting absolute optimum health. Given all year long, this supplement with minerals, trace elements, iron, sulfur, silicon, and vegetable extracts will make your birds shine with health. Super product. (Comed - Belgium)

500 ml.
Item #7002
SW 2.45 lbs

Ava's Super Calcium Liquid + D-3 - To assist in replenishing calcium and vitamin deficiencies in racing and show pigeons. Directions for use: add 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water 3 times per week as needed. 250 ml
Item #0071
SW 1.00 lb
  Magnesia Blocks - Mineral supplement 16oz
Item #0150
SW 2.20 lbs