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  One-Eye Colds

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Formadrops Forma Drops - Conditions the mucous membranes of the eye and nostril without irritation. Good for teary eyes, pick injuries, wounds, sneezing and head scratching. Use before basketing and after race.

15 ml.
Item #0103
SW 1.40 lbs.
Emtryl 500 grams

Lysocur Eye Drops - Greatly assists in the cleansing of the eyes, nasal passages, and nictitating membrane of our racing pigeons, greatly enabling them to breathe easier during flight. For a most profound effect, use one drop three times per day for five days prior to a race. 30 ml.
Item #7019
SW 1.20 lbs.

N.F.Z. Puffer - Powder to "puff" into the eye.






40 grams
Item #0030
SW 1.45 lbs.
Clear Eyes - From Break Thru, this product is also sold under the brand name ONCE. Excellent product for clearing eyes and nostrils of mucous prior to shipping a race. Use one drop in each eye and nostril prior to shipping.
2 oz
Item #5560
SW 1 lb