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  Pro-Biotics & Anti-Diarrhea

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Ecol-Tonic An all-natural product fortified with ten special organic acids and proven in the loft to be effective in boosting immunity and promoting health and vigor, and bringing the droppings back to normal in racing and show pigeons. 16 oz. will dose 32 gallons of water. Always remember to follow the use of Ecol-Tonic with a good pro-biotic.

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16 oz.   
Item #5673
SW 2.70 lbs

1 qt.   
Item #5655
SW 3.40 lbs

1 gallon  
Item #5668
SW 9.70 lbs

Citromed- A product of Nils Reither, Norway. Citrus seed extract, proving to be very beneficial to aid in low grade infections, or to assist in maintainig optimum health. Use two to three times per week in the drinking water. Can be used in conjuction with Berimax for hard to cure Trichomonaisis infections.

100 ml
Item #0182
SW 1.00 lbs
Amoxicillinum 10%


Pro-Vital Pigeon Economy Plus - A blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and three pro-biotics. Contains no chelated minerals. A good basic, yet inexpensive, supplement for pigeons, poultry, and game birds. Use as a feed or water additive. Good for fecal odor control. 8 oz.
Item #0051
SW 1.50 lbs

35.2 oz.
Item #0057
SW 3.0 lbs

APC Probac - A highly concentrated multi-strain pro-biotic for pigeons and caged birds. This concentrated water-soluble blend of microbes with garlic extract improves the intestinal microbial balance. Use after stress and medication. Developed by Dr. Colin Walker, the "Flying Vet." (Australian Pigeon Company)

200 grams
Item #3028
SW 1.70 lbs

Digestal This product contains helpful lactobacillus bacteria, which are essential to maintaining good digestion. Digestal replenishes these bacteria which are destroyed during medication. (Colombine - Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0372
SW 1.95 lbs
Cometose - Helps control liquid droppings by rebuilding gut flora after exertion or medication. Contains vegetable fibers, electrolytes, and helpful gut bacteria to keep intestines working at maximum efficiency. (Comed - Belgium)

250 gr.
Item #7005
SW 1.70 lbs.

900 gr.
Item #7006
SW 3.80 lbs.

Health Gard -- A pro-biotic water-additive formula made from specially cultured, naturally occurring microbes and a unique catalyst, which increases blood-stream absorption by ten times. Use one teaspoon per gallon of water. One quart covers 60 to 80 birds for six months.

1 quart
Item #0097
SW 3.80 lbs

1 pint
Item #0098
SW 2.80 lbs

1 gallon
Item #0096
SW 9.30 lbs

Enteri Duif A well-balanced combination of herbs and homeopathic ingredients especially developed for young pigeons. Beginning one week after weaning, use for five days, and afterwards use two days per week. (Herbots Belgium)

100 ml.
Item #0367
SW 2.20 lbs
Vita Duif A combination of extracts of apples and red-beet juice, organic milk acids and herbs. A proven aid to resistance against viruses and bacteria. Use on the second and fifth day after every flight and on the day of basketing. (Herbots Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #0368
SW 2.20 lbs

Viktus Duif A very good natural condition stimulator, this product is 100% powder of the purest sea algae, with an extremely high percentage of iodine. Great aid during breeding and helps hatchability. Can be used every day, best in combination with Zell Oxygen and Optimix. (Herbots Belgium)

200 grams
Item #0369
SW 1.80 lbs

Prodigest - Stimulates natural resistance, increases feather condition, improves muscle condition, helps with the moult, balances the intestine after stress, and helps digestion.
(Herbots - Belgium)

250 grams
Item #0399
SW 2.00 lbs
Probios- A popular all round probiotic from famous Terry Hansen line of products. A good all round probiotic. Water soluble for use in water or on feed. Use regularly to help keep your birds digestive tract in order. 240 grams
Item #0036
SW 2.00 lbs