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  Picking Stones and Grit
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Natur-Bloc Place in a bowl, either crumbled or whole, for birds to pick. Contains essential minerals, oyster shell, and phosphates. (This product was formerly called Bio-Bloc.) (Colombine Belgium).

850 grams
Item #0380
SW 3.70 lbs

Case of 24
Item #0381
SW 50.20 lbs

Grit with Redstone Contains gastric grinding stones, silex stones, oyster shells, seashells, redstone and charcoal, with anise. This mix assures optimal digestion and solid droppings. Administer year-round in a separate tray. (Colombine Belgium)

2 1/2 kg.
Item #0376
SW 7.20 lbs

20 kg.
Item #5376
SW 47.00 lbs

Ideal Block A "tan block" used by many champion lofts. Supplies most of the essential minerals and trace elements. Should be given at least twice a week, crumbled or whole. (Colombine Belgium)

550 grams
Item #0145
SW 2.45 lbs

Pack of 6
Item #0147
SW 9.0 lbs

Case of 24
Item #0146
SW 39.20 lbs

Pickstone in a Pot Provides essential minerals and trace elements. The earthenware cup makes it convenient to place most anywhere in the loft. Provides essential minerals and trace elements. (These are the popular red stones that were formerly under the Versele-Laga label.) (Colombine Belgium)

1 pickstone - red
Item #0383R
SW 2.20 lbs


pack of 6 stones - red
Item #1384R
SW 10 lbs.


Case of 24 - red
Item #0384R
SW 40.20 lbs


Natural Picking Stone This product is the fruit of extensive research, effectively bringing the field into the loft. It provides essential minerals and trace elements that pigeons so crave, especially during breeding and rearing of young. (Natural Belgium)

620 grams
Item #0329
SW 2.95 lbs

6 pack
Item #1329
SW 9.0 lbs.

case of 24
Item #5329A
SW 35 lbs

Natural Grit A mixture of silex, red stone, and oyster shell. This grit is specially prepared by heating to extreme temperatures to eliminate all harmful micro-organisms. It is therefore very safe and provides trace minerals and micro-nutrients. Grit is absolutely necessary for pigeons to grind their food, and to their total well being. This product was formerly known as Corel Grit. (Natural Belgium)

2.5 kg.
Item #0336
SW 6.70 lbs

25 kg.
Item #1336
SW 57.00 lbs

Natural Pik Pot Picking stone in a pot. Natural picking stones are an inexpensive way to treat your pigeons to something they both need and love. Contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential to top condition. (Natural Belgium)

400 grams
Item #0328
SW 2.45 lbs
4 in 1 Tablets

case of 12
Item #5328A
SW 18.00 lbs.

4 in 1 Tablets

Colombine Neo Grit Advanced grit formula with all of the essential shells that pigeons crave. An excellent grit to add to your normal grit mix. (This product was formerly Versele-Laga Neo Grit.) (Colombine - Belgium)

2 kg.
Item #0154
SW 5.70 lbs

Natural Redstone One of the ingredients of Natural Grit, which consists of oyster shells, silex and redstone. Natural Redstone is rich in minerals and trace elements, and the pigeons love picking at it. Laying hens need it. Made of clay fired at a very high temperature in a special furnace, before being ground. (Natural - Belgium)

2.5 kg.
Item #5563
SW 6.00 lbs

Colombine Seaweed Grit - This grit is loaded with iodine. Mix with regular grit to improve hatchability. (Colombine - Belgium)

2.5 kg
Item #0155
SW 6.70 lbs