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  Herbal Teas
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Colombine Tea – This tea, formulated by a noted Belgian druggist, helps your pigeons to acquire and maintain a good condition, acts as a blood purifier, relieves the liver, stimulates digestion, increases resistance levels, and promotes moulting. Use year round, at least once a week, but daily is best. (Colombine – Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0389
SW 1.95 lbs

Herbots Tea – Contains the following substances: Dead Nettle Herb (white), Sarsaparilla root (red), Chinese Rhubarb root, Bernagie herb, cut Boldo leaf, Goldflower, Cut Cheeseflower, Farm Worm Herb, Thousand Leaf Herb. Use every 14 days, generally. Use the day after returning from a race. Use during the moult. (Herbots – Belgium)

200 grams
Item #0362
SW 1.70 lbs

Natural Tea – A form enhancer. Extensive research has led to the conclusion that Natural Tea facilitates the conditioning of pigeons in a totally natural manner. It also helps to hasten recovery after effort. Brew a stock solution and add to drinking water once or twice a week. (Natural – Belgium)

300 grams
Item #0335
SW 1.95 lbs

Pego Tea –Composed of eleven herbs, and has a wonderful smell. Cleanses blood and calms nerves. (Pego - Germany)




200 grams
Item #5517
SW 1.80 lbs.

Comed FormeT - An instant tea with a base of vegetable extracts for the immediate form of the pigeon. A regular dose of the tea gives the pigeon great condition, which is shown by the strong pectoral muscles and pink skin of the chest. The bird achieves its peak after 30 days. Dissolve 1 coffee spoon into two liters of water and tea is ready to use. Give three times a week. Note: Because this is an instant tea, it is highly concentrated, and a little goes a long way. (Comed - Belgium)

100 grams
Item #7037
SW1.50 lbs