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A great gift idea for that special fancier is a Siegel's Gift Certificate, available in any amount, for a holiday gift, a birthday, Father's Day, or any other occasion. Just phone us at 800-437-4436 and we'll make up a nice certificate and mail it to your recipient. He or she will be able to apply it to a new book, a great new training basket, medications or supplements, or any other purchase from Siegel's.

Dozens of birds from the Zazueta loft have been auctioned. Due to popular request, we've retained information about the lineage and history of the Zazueta loft here on the web site.
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The timer revolution

When split seconds count, make sure you're counting split seconds accurately! Benzing electronic timers have quickly become the new standard in our sport and are more popular than ever! The best has gotten better! Benzing's new M-1 clock and "Lazer" antennas are now in the States, and full distribution is now available. They are the most accurate, sensitive antenna in the world today--with the most antenna coils per square inch of any pigeon scanning antenna available!

It was a kick to sit at our computer monitor and "watch" the birds clock in the World Ace Challenge races!

The biggest races rely on the Benzing tradition of accuracy and speed, and the Benzing M-1 system is revealing itself to be heads above the competition.

A Benzing M-1 "Lazer" system recently clocked the Lou McElroy Race. Among the other major one-loft races using Benzing Lazers are the Colorado Goldrush Race, a 300-mile race flown from Elm Creek, NE, released on October 14, 2006.
the East Coast Classic, the Gulf Coast Classic, the San Diego Classic, the San Jacinto Classic, America's King Cup, the Snowbird Classic, and the Caribbean Classic.

Other members of the Benzing "family" of futurity races and racing combines include the Texas Shoot-Out, American Showdown, Desert Classic, East Coast Challenge, Flamingo Race, Caribbean Classic, Queen City Memorial, Boundbrook Futurity, and Paterson Air Derby, among many others....
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In News & Views:
In his newest report, Stefan Mertens interviews National Winners... Mertens himself is the 2006 1st National Champion KBDB Middle Distance Youngbirds.

For these reports, and many other archived features,
Read on for all the news!

Where's Ed?

Siegel's Ed Minvielle on the road...again!
Siegel Pigeons prospective travel schedule:

Texas Center Racing Pigeon Convention
- Fort Worth, TX July 18-22

American Racing Pigeon Union Convention - Chicago, IL... October 17-20

California State Racing Pigeon Organization -

National Show

We look forward to a wonderful convention season and to seeing our friends and customers around the country on our travels in 2018...

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Tips for the fancier:
in the Loft

Successful fanciers turn to the subject of young bird health at this time of year. Many fanciers have at least the first round or two of babies weaned and on their young bird teams, and these teams are in the air by now. We constantly receive calls concerning young bird health, so I'd like to share some advice about preventive measures that can be taken while the birds are young to ensure the overall health and conditioning of a young bird team.

Our very best source of advice about young bird health is a veterinarian who races pigeons, and I seek them out constantly, both in the U.S. and in Europe. I take every opportunity to discuss the cutting-edge health regimens from which every fancier can benefit.

Not surprisingly, there is a consensus among thes that a specific set of preventive measures taken at the right time in a young bird's life makes all the difference in the world regarding the overall health of a racing team. Based upon my discussions with vets like these, and reinforced by my own experience as a fancier, I recommend that you read on, and urge you to take the following steps.

Check the babies for canker about two weeks after weaning. Canker is most common in young, newly weaned babies, and it can be a very serious problem. Ridzol is especially effective for canker, but there are other options. Turbosole from the Australian Pigeon Company and Berimax are quite effective.

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When canker actually affects young birds, it manifests itself as a cheesy-looking substance in the throat (usually at the sides) or in the mouth. Pigeon pox sores are sometimes confused with canker, and here's how to tell the difference. A pigeon pox sore is hard, and it will bleed if broken from the skin. Touching the cheesy substance caused by canker, for example with a Q-Tip, will cause the substance to break off and crumble.

Canker can also be internal, because it can enter the bird's body through its navel, where the yolk sac was attached. Most often, canker is present in our birds with the only visible symptom being a slight throat mucous. This causes problems for many fanciers, because they often think it is a respiratory problem when they see signs of throat mucous, when, in fact, what they are seeing is the early stages of canker.

It's generally accepted that almost all of the current products in use against canker are not as effective as they once were. If we're going to keep canker under control, we must increase dosages. In our lofts, we used to give each one of our weaning youngsters one Pegosan tablet (when they were available) along with an Ideal Pill as we took them from their parents. This was a very effective weapon against canker. Now, most often we rely on Berimax rather than Pegosan, and we pair the Berimax with an Ideal Pill..

Giving the babies a canker product two weeks after weaning means that they will be getting the proper protection from canker during the greatest time of stress in their young lives. Ideal Pills are a great idea because they supply enough sustenance to get the babies through the critical first 10 or 12 hours while they are getting accustomed to their new loft. I've actually kept pigeons alive on nothing but Ideal Pills for over ten days.

Some fanciers have reported that the Berimax was not effective, but we find that this has been in cooler weather when the birds were not drinking enough. The approach to take in cool weather is to double the Berimax dosage, and to go back to the normal dosage when the weather warms up.

When there is an especially resistant strain of canker, Berimax plus EcolTonic will keep it down.

Our preference is to wean the youngsters early, say at 24-26 days. It's wise to give one or two days of vitamins and amino acids after any medication. Digestal, Cometose, or another pro-biotic such as Prodigest, on the feed is also a great idea. Pro-Vital All Bird Economy Plus is a good and inexpensive pro-biotic that is new to our inventory. We highly recommend Health Gard as a pro-biotic also. These pro-biotics will stabilize the birds' droppings almost overnight, and the difference they can make in a bird's condition is remarkable.

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It's normal for a fancier to get nervous when the young birds first take to the air. Hawks, power lines, and other obstacles make a baby pigeon's life treacherous, and this causes high levels of stress. To help prevent high levels of stress from turning into more serious problems, use vitamins and amino acids and keep the babies on a regular routine of feed and water. TVG from Pego, Pego Amin, and Recup Lyt from Colombine are all effective in helping to prevent conditions that can hinder racing ability. Recup-Lyt is especially good to give parents who are feeding young.

Depending on where you live, the old bird races are either in full swing or just about to get started. This is the favorite time during the year for many fanciers who prefer to work with more experienced birds over young birds. Many fanciers claim that they can truly determine the quality of their pigeons now, because the "systems" are over, and the fancier who has had the time to train his young birds every day is no longer at an advantage.

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With classic and double widowhood being the methods of choice around most of the country, it would seem that the natural system is obsolete, but I have found that to be completely false. It's interesting to talk to some of the really successful fanciers around the U.S. and Europe and find that many still use the "natural" or "nesting" method to fly the longest distances.

The basic strategy here is that for the early part of the race season the race team is flown on a widowhood or double widowhood method. Many of the best fanciers focus on their cocks for the early races, up to around 400 miles. Widowhood cocks can be very hard to beat in "pigeon" weather, meaning clear to partly cloudy skies and moderate temperatures.

But when the distances get longer and the races get tougher, there appears to be a shift in the balance of power from the quick and sassy widower to the calm and steady hen coming home to ten- or twelve-day eggs. As my good friend Willem DeZutter, the 1998 champion of all of Belgium, once told me, "I like to have a hen coming to eggs about ten to twelve days old, when the weather is hot and the races are hard, because at this point it is more determination than speed that wins those types of races."

Armand Zazueta, one of the most successful champions that the American fancy has known, often excelled at the long-distance events by re-pairing several of his best old hens. Armand would either let them mate to one another or put them back with their cock so that they would lay. Then he could send them to the 500- and 600-mile races on ten- to twelve-day eggs. Like DeZutter, Zazueta often found that his best distance birds were these
, and often he clocked both of the hens that were sitting on a nest of four eggs! So if you've been just a little off in your distance races, try the hens.

I hope you're having a great breeding season!

Good luck and good racing!









Products for

Now that fanciers have young babies in the loft, it is time to give them and the breeders the supplements that will keep them robust and healthy throughout this season.

Optimum nutrition for youngsters now will maximize their racing potential!

Ed's suggestions follow

Turbosole - Currently the world-wide product of choice for canker in pigeons. This product has a wide safety margin, and is safe to use during racing, breeding, or molting. Complete directions included. (Australian Pigeon Company)

200 grams
Item #3023
SW 2.00 lbs

Pigeon Power – This chelated liquid mineral mixture is readily absorbed through the intestines into the bird’s system. Use it extensively during racing and breeding, often spraying it onto the feed. Works extremely well as a bonding agent for brewer’s yeast and vitamins. A Siegel’s exclusive, considered by many as the best mineral supplement available.
16 oz.
Item #1137
SW 2.20 lbs

32 oz.
Item #1138
SW 3.45 lbs

Item #10110
SW 9.70 lbs

Pro-Vital All Bird Economy - Water-soluble vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with a probiotic blend. For best results, use daily with non-chlorinated water.
8 oz.
Item #0049
SW 1.5 lbs

Fabry Ideal Pills – Excellent as individual-dose treatment for birds with vitamin deficiencies, birds recuperating from illness, or before and after hard racing or showing events. (Fabry – Belgium)
100 tablets  
Item #0101
SW 1.45 lbs

500 tablets  
Item #0102
SW 1.95 lbs

Berimax - Advanced canker treatment for racing and show birds. Laboratory tests in Europe and the U.S. have proven that this unique "all natural" formula provides the most advanced recipe against all 26 strains of canker.
80 grams
Item #0181
SW 1.00 lb

2 - 80 gram canisters
Item #0181A
SW 1.50 lb

3 - 80 gram canisters
Item #0181B
SW 2.00 lb

Ecol-Tonic An all-natural product fortified with ten special organic acids and proven in the loft to be effective in boosting immunity and promoting health and vigor, and bringing the droppings back to normal in racing and show pigeons. 16 oz. will dose 32 gallons of water. Always remember to follow the use of Ecol-Tonic with a good pro-biotic.
16 oz.   
Item #5673
SW 2.70 lbs

1 qt.   
Item #5655
SW 3.40 lbs

1 gallon  
Item #5668
SW 9.70 lbs

Special Sale

on Ecol-Tonic


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Calcamineral – This is the genuine product! Accept no substitutes! All essential minerals plus vitamins with added oyster shell, making this product an excellent source for calcium needed by laying hens and by older cocks feeding young. (Pego - Germany).
1,000 grams
Item #5515
SW 3.70 lbs.

Fertibol - Tremendous aid for fertility and hatchability. This world renown product contains a special formulation including calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D3, and E, proven necessary for good laying and hatching of eggs. Fertibol promotes healthy skeletal growth as well, so it can be given during the weaning period to produce strong-boned young and during breeding. Excellent for older birds.
500 ml.
Item #7012
SW 2.50 lbs

Biochol – Contains methionine, choline, sorbitol, biotin, and vitamin B-12. Highly recommended as a liver and moult tonic with depurative action. Promotes excellent plumage. (Oropharma – Belgium)
500 ml.
Item #5006
SW 2.95 lbs

Cometose - Helps control liquid droppings by rebuilding gut flora after exertion or medication. Contains vegetable fibers, electrolytes, and helpful gut bacteria to keep intestines working at maximum efficiency.(Comed -- Belgium)

250 ml.
Item #7005
SW1.70 lbs

900 ml.
Item #7006
SW3.80 lbs

Digestal – This product contains helpful lactobacillus bacteria, which are essential to maintaining good digestion. Digestal replenishes these bacteria which are destroyed during medication. (Colombine - Belgium)
300 grams
Item #0372
SW 1.95 lbs

Tobacco Stalks – What many fanciers consider to be the ideal nest material, enhancing the breeding results. Provides a soft natural bed for baby birds. Parasites stay away. A natural product that is easy to use. Also ideally suited as floor covering in baskets.
2.5 kg.   
Item #5602
SW 6.00 lbs

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