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  News > 2005 National Winners, Part 1
  2005 National Winners -
Part 1

by Stefan Mertens

Part 1 of Three Parts. For Part 2, click here.
For Part 3, click here.


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Andre' Coeckelberghs
and family

The winner
1st national Bourges

Michel Vanlint


Georges Lenaerts





The national
Brive winner

2005 was a year for hard competition. Here are the national and international race winners.

05-28-2005 BOURGES
(distance Brussels: 450km)

This was 2005's first national race in Belgium, with 26,340 old and 21,796 yearbirds. Bourges had 5000 birds more in the basket than last year. The birds were released at 7 a.m., and had a very good race. But the top birds were found in the east side of the country.

26,340 old birds:
1. Andre Coeckelberghs - Binkom 1442.23 m/m
2. Jean and Gerry Conaert - Dilsen 1426.36 m/m
3. Andre and Toon Veulemans - Vissenaken 1425.96 m/m
4. Maurits Vandevelde - Scherpenheuvel 1420.01 m/m
5. Michel Bourguet - Andrimont 1413.85 m/m


The family Coeckelberghs are not "big" fanciers. Every year they have about 29 widowers, 20 breeding pairs, and about 100 youngbirds. The first birds came from some friends but beginning in the '90s, they bought pigeons from Louis Van Loon, Maurits Voets and Gust Cristiaens (through Hubert Laporte). Later they bought pigeons from Theo De Windt, Debecker-Guelinckx , Vinckx-Ceusters and Stockx Bros. In recent years they went to Lambrechts-Lismont, Swa Everaerts, Dirk Bonte, and Maurice Vandersmissen.

These fanciers concentrate on the middle- and long-distance races, and every year they participate also for Barcelona. But now we visited them to congratulate them for the national victory for Bourges. We can say that a real top bird wins the Bourges national, and that is always very nice to see. We're talking here about the "Bourges" (2203055/03) who was last season (2004) the 5th provincial ace-pigeon middle distance. Here are his results: 1st Toury 174b. - 2nd Soissons 1135b. - 3rd Orleans 200b. - 5th Toury 478b. - 5th Soissons 311b. - 5th Nanteuil 248b. - 5th Soissons 102b. - 6th Toury 1222b. - 7th Soissons 832b. - 8th Toury 1204b. and then the first national Bourges and also the fastest against 48,136 birds.

His father is the "2047635/99" bought by the loft Debecker-Guelinckx (strain Verberck Van Hove X Lambrechts Lismont)
Mother is "Gesteke" (2254810/01), who won as a youngbird 13 x prize with 1st-5th-6th-9th-9th-12th etc.


21,796 yearbirds:
1. Michel Vanlint - Zoutleeuw 1430.81 m/m
2. Guido Loockx - Tessenderlo 1421.15 m/m
3. Visschers en zoon - Maasmechelen 1416.68 m/m
4. Michel Vanlint - Zoutleeuw 1413.25 m/m
5. Maarten Wolfs - Beringen 1412.41 m/m

You can still read the report on Siegel's Website made about the Michel Vanlint loft, which was posted a few months before this world result. We can certainly talk about a world result because against 21,796 yearbirds we find the name Vanlint on these places: 1-4-6-9-11. Provincial, against more then 2700 yearbirds he won 1-2-3-4-5. Unbelievable for Belgian results! Is this the pigeon sport of another planet? As already mentioned, to know more details about his racing method, I suggest that you surf back to the report about this loft on the Siegel's website.

The national winner is a hen named "Bea." "Bea" (2105478/04) won before this a national victory-the 13th Toury against 1191 yearbirds.
Her father is "2327028/99" and comes from the loft of Maurice Vandevelde (Scherpenheuvel) where he won the 16th national Bourges against 22,581 birds and the 151st Chateauroux against 10,295 birds.
The mother of "Bea" is "Het Favorietje" (NL98-1616920) and comes directly from the loft of Jacq Wolters (Halen).

06-01-2005 BRIVE
(distance Brussels: 650 km)

20,327 old birds:
1. Georges Lenaerts - St Georges Sur Meuse 1447.40 m/m
2. Leekens-Hermans - As 1421.44 m/m
3. Sylvain D'Hondt - Semmerzake 1420.60 m/m
4. Donne Meers - Riemst 1419.68 m/m
5-6. Andre en Patrick Desmet - Semmerzake 1419.51 m/m - 1419.20 m/m

Georges Lenaerts started with the pigeon sport in 1989. Before this time he bred birds, but he stopped totally with this hobby. When he started racing pigeons he bought birds from Pierre Daenen (Awans) and Constant Rahier (Stockay - pigeons from Grondelaers and Persoons). The season of 2003 was really super, with 27 first prizes. In 2004 Georges had not so good a season, due to some personal health problems. But all these problems are a thing of the past, and the season 2005 is tops again. He started the season with 34 widowers, 80 youngbirds and about 15 breeding couples. The widowers were coupled at the beginning of December and the middle of March. After a five-day nesting in March, they went on widowhood. The winner is a very nice chequer cock who is named after the world-famous soccer player "Ronaldo." "Ronaldo" (1048409/00) has as father "1061364/99," who comes from Daenen and Son. His father is the "Flori 74" who won 1st Soissons 120b. - 1st Vervins 493b. - 2nd Crepy 538b.
Mother of "Ronaldo" is 1061354/99.



Jean and Rene'




The 1st national

Kees Bosua and
his supporters

Winner of
1st national
Le Mans

Bosua at his loft

Keys to the prize

"Ronaldo" is a very good bird. Before winning national Brive he won: 1st provincial Jarnac 584b. - 1st prov. Angouleme 463b. (6th interprovincial against 3986b.) - 1st Sivry 127b. - 4th provincial La Souterraine 917b. - 69st Orange 2021b. - 85th prov. Chateauroux 2097b.

06-08-2005 MONTELIMAR
(distance Brussels: 700 km)

10,197 old birds:
1. Jean + Rene Coenen - Battice 1135.79 m/m
2. Sanrey Guy - Rosee 1134.62 m/m
3. Richard Remy - Virelles 1133.98 m/m
4. Michel Debecker - Lubbeek 1133.46 m/m
5. Jules Mannaert - Lebbeke 1132.47 m/m

The Coenen loft is based on the names Graillet (Barchon), Kaelen-Broers (La Calaminne), Serge Mathonet (Herve), Jean-Maria Thome (Magnée), Jean Bruwier (Bolland) and Joseph Schmitz (Baelen). There is not much of an area for pigeon lofts, and therefore the number of widowers is limited to 25 and 40 youngsters. Normally, they basket only for middle-distance races, but on the national races from Montélimar, Orange and Marseille they always basket some birds, and not without success because in 2004 they won the 187th national Montélimar and the 52nd national Marseille.
Widowers never breed. After the racing season they nest twice, and before the season starts the old birds are coupled on 27 March and the yearbirds on 6 April.

And then the winner (1035715/03). From now on he is named "Montélimar," and his boss saw that he was having top condition, because after every training he refused to enter the loft and always stayed outside for some time.

Before winning Montélimar, he won the 10th Rethel 460b. - 30th Sézanne 748b. - 124th Sézanne 1318b.- 154th Sézanne 1844b.

The "Montélimar" is a grandson of the "Barcelone" of Louvegnies (France) who won 126th international Barcelona 1995 - 1583rd international Barcelona 1996 and 65th international Barcelona 1997.
The mother of the "Montélimar" is "1002731/02," who is 50% Silvere Toye blood.


A good year ago, we reported on this loft for the Siegel's website. Kees Bosua-also named the miracle man-wins this year the only national race. (By this we mean that all the birds are released at the same time and a general result is made. Normally, they release the birds at different places or at different times. In Belgium, we always have national races against more than 120,000 birds, but only 96,230 were national doubled.) Even more, he wins also the second place, and this just ahead of Koopman, that other world name.

As we've already explained everything about Kees Bosua's system, we'll mention now only the two winning birds.

The bird who wins national Le Mans is "Het Kerkduifje" (NL 5301440/03). She is a full sister of that other Bosua top bird, namely "De Kannibaal." The "Kerkduifje" (translated Church-pigeon) was a good youngbird but on a national race from Orleans it took her three weeks to come home. She looked awful, just like a pigeon who is living in the tower of a church. But in 2004 she made a super season, and she became 1st provincial ace-pigeon middle distance, 8th national ace-pigeon middle distance and Olympiadbird Porto. Her racing results are phenomenal: 1st national Le Mans 96,230b. - 2nd Pont 1684b. - 3rd Chantilly 10,657b. - 4th Pont 1034b. - 11th Chantilly 3074b. - 12th Ablis 2091b. - 12th NPO Bourges 11,311b. - 20th Chantilly 13,953b. - 27th Pont 11,842b.
Her father is the "Kleine Figo" (B02-3025837), who is a full brother of the famous "Figo" from Antoon and Hilde Reynaert (Passendale) who won 1st nat. Bourges against 12,266b. Mother of "Kerkduifje" is "Witkopje" (NL98-5870048), who won 1st Chateauroux 533b. - 2nd Menen 5801b.)

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Winner of
2nd National
Le Mans

Bosua and the media
after his huge win

Hugo Van Moer

"The Montauban"
1st national winner

Guy Flandrin
winner of
1st international Pau



The bird who won the 2nd national Le Mans is also a hen and is named "Muggie" (NL04-2061938) again a top hen of the Bosua loft. When we received a list with her racing results, we read the following top prizes: 2nd national Le Mans 96,230b. - 1st Hensies 1756b. - 20th Peronne 1718b. - 23rd Blois 3281b. - 48th Strombeek 1817b. - 49th Chantilly 2484b. - 57th Harchies 3499b. - 59th Niergies 5902b., etc.
Her father is "De Bels" (B99-3151680), directly from the Belgian top loft Valeer and Eddy Vandepoele.
The mother of "Muggie" is "Tosca" (NL 01-5150294), a full sister of "Teletubbie."

06-18-2005 CAHORS
(distance Brussels: 770km)

9270 old birds:
1. De Vuyst-Gysens - Lokeren 1075.39 m/m
2. Etienne Cecherf - Vlissegem 1067.14 m/m
3. Armand + Hans Claus - Wortegem Petegem 1067.05 m/m
4. Stanislas Holivoet - Torhout 1066.37 m/m
5. Denys Michel - Handzame 1063.58 m/m

Cahors is a well-known national race in Belgium. Also the Taiwanese fanciers are more than interested in the winner of this race, because more than once they have had a good breeding out of these winning birds. To buy the winner, the buyers had to go to Lokeren, and more specifically to Norbert De Vuyst. Norbert has 43 widowers and about 70 youngsters. Only the long- and very long-distance races are the favourite distances. To be successful in this category, he went to buy pigeons from well known long-distance racers like Verhaegen (Eksaarde), Albert Derweduwen (Zingem), Georges Carteus (Ronse), Luc van Coppenolle (Ouwegem), Miel Denijs (Tielt), Jos Joosen (Brecht), Silvere Toye (Otegem), Devooght Gaston (De Haan) and some middle distance from Deleus Louis and Van Dijck Dirk.

The national winner is called "Rode Pater" (B4430679/03), and before winning national Cahors he won 34th Chateauroux 3933b. - 160th Chateauroux 4485b. - 181st Chateauroux 3430b. - 773rd national Bourges 19,606b.
His father is "Rode Luc" 4572872/97 - directly Luc Van Coppenolle, Ouwegem. Mother is "Plastronduivin" (4526896/98), 50% Emiel Denijs - Zulte.

06-22-2005 MONTAUBAN
(distance Brussels: 780 km)

The national race from Montauban, which replaced the national Bordeaux race from last year, had about the same number of participants (7313 birds). It was a hard race because only 106 birds were clocked on liberation day.

7313 old birds:
1. Hugo Van Moer - Beveren 1064.05 m/m
2. Pierre and Vincent Schroeder - Aywaille 1060.64 m/m
3. Daniel Pousart - Bourlers 1058.36 m/m
4. Hubert Debaene - Beernem 1056.03 m/m
5. Verstichele Godfried - Pittem 1052.83 m/m

Hugo Van Moer started the racing season with 24 widowers, 40 youngsters and 15 breeding couples. In 2004 Hugo didn't race a lot. The reason was pox, although he vaccinated with the combinationvaccine. At the end of July the racing season was stopped. The widowers could breed a round of youngsters and were then separated till the middle of March. With one youngster in the nest they started the 2005 racing season. About Hugo, there is only one big secret in the pigeon sport-namely an extremely hard selection. At the moment of our visit there were already eight widowers selected out "and tomorrow another one will follow," said Hugo.
And then the "Montauban" (4246472/02) had thrown one wing feather at the moment of his top result and before his national victory he won 607th Vierzon 14,073 b. - 71st national Brive against 20,327 birds or, in other words, a very good long-distance bird. It is no wonder that fanciers from Taiwan were more interested in this "Crack."

The father of "The Montauban" is "De Carteus" (4224462/00) - directly from Georges Carteus of Ronse. He comes from a grandson of the "Limoges" coupled with a granddaughter of the "Limoges."

The mother is "Dochter Ierlander" (4186840/00) - directly from Legiest Romain from Oostakker.


8421 old birds:
1. Guy Flandrin - Helfaut (France) 1101.91 m/m
2. Robert Pernel - Etaples (France) 1089.93 m/m
3. Rene Guche - Rety (France) 1065.59 m/m
4. Germain Vandermaas - Brugge (Belgium) 1058.11 m/m
5. Lucien Staelens - Wevelgem (Belgium) 1052.15 m/m

Due to the very bad weather in southern France, the pigeons had to stay seven nights in the basket. Due to this and the very hard weather, Pau was more than just a very long-distance race.

The international winner is Guy Flandrin from Helfaut, so after the international winners 2004 Duquesnoy Brothers ( Outreau), we had to go again to the district Pas-De-Calais. Tuesday evening at 19.29 h. and at 1101.91 m/m velocity Guy clocked his "Ourasi" (F01/480040). After all the birds were stolen in 1988, Guy Flandrin made a new start in the pigeon sport and concentrated on the very long-distance races. His base-pigeons were bought by Hétru (Baisieux - France). In total, Guy has 50 widowers and those are prepared for the racing season the same way as by a lot of other fanciers.

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Germain Vandermaes
winner of
1st national Pau

"Bak 3"
winner of 1st national Pau for Belgium

The father of the international winner comes from Atzori Michel and has ring number F00-4049907. He comes from "Barca Bleu" (F93-042877), who won the 83rd national Barcelona in 1997 and the 159th national Barcelona in 1998.
Mother of "Ourasi" is F97-502011 and comes from Hétru.


2220 old birds:
1. Germain Vandermaes - Brugge 1058.11 m/m
2. Lucien Staelens - Wevelgem 1052.15 m/m
3. Jos and Georges Comyn - Kanegem 1029.78 m/m
4. Marc Verschelde - Zulte 1029.75 m/m
5. Roger Vereecke - Deerlijk 1025.20 m/m

Germain started with the pigeon sport in 1961, but in 1971 he decided to basket only for the very long-distance races. Therefore, he bought pigeons from Remi Ghijselbrecht (Knesselare), Freddy De Jaegher (Knesselare), and Georges D'Hoest (St Andries Brugge). Later there came pigeons from Roger Florizoone (Nieuwpoort), Georges Coutteau (Nieuwpoort), Frans Van Wildemeersch (Brugge), and Georges Vanmaele (Brugge).

Not a lot of birds. No, only 25 widowers turned in our direction when we opened the loft. They were coupled during the middle of January, and after breeding a couple of youngsters, they were putt on widowhood.

The national winner is named "Bak 3" (B01/3129115) and has as father B94-4644480 (directly A Bauwens, Lede) and as mother B96-3321590 (directly from Frans Van Wildemeersch).


1. L. Van Der Gucht - Hulst
2. Steketee - Yerseke
3. G Kouters en zoon - Noordhoek
4. Cas Van Der Graaff - Arnemuiden
5. P.A. de Vogel - Oude Tonge
(Speeds were not available for these winners.)

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[Note: This is the first part of a three-part article. For Part 2, click here.
For Part 3, click here.]
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