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  News > 2005 National Winners, Part 2
  2005 National Winners -
Part 2

by Stefan Mertens

Part 2 of Three Parts. For Part 1, click here.
For Part 3, click here.


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Andre Colbrandt

Cyrille and Raymond

"La Barcelona"

07.01.05 St Vincent
(distance Brussels: 900km.)

10,022 yearbirds

1. Andre Colbrandt - Bottelare 1119.64 m/m
2. Deconinck Geert - Beveren 1082.63 m/m
3. Erauw Mathias en Stefan - Schellebelle 063.02 m/m
4. Thierry Baert - Liedekerke 1047.59 m/m
5. Vanzeebroeck Willy - Buggenhout 1041.46 m/m

Liberated on Saturday at 3:30 o'clock and clocked on Sunday at 10:59 o'clock, the yearbird of Andre Colbrandt made a velocity of 1119.64 m/m. Very nice result, certainly when you have to keep in mind that we're talking here about a yearbird race with an average distance of 900 km and this in hard weather circumstances. The winner, a nice blue bird born in the summer of 2004, has a lot of famous pigeons in his family.
His father is "Den Zilveren" (3242504/03), a full brother of the famous Etienne Devos birds namely "Ronaldo" and "Rivaldo." Their father is the "Didi Junior"(3336619/95 - a son of the worldfamous "Kleine Didi"). Mother of "Den Zilveren" is "Het Molenaarke" (3155048-93 strain Roger Florizoone from Nieuwpoort), daughter of the famous "Oude Molenaar" (3108587/86) X "Zus Witneus" (3294847/90).

The mother of the winning bird is "Blauwe Lucienne" (3167090/00 - directly Roger Florizoone) and is a daughter of the "Witneus" (3152165/90) X "Dikke Molenaarde"), full sister of the "048/93" and then we're talking about the mother of "Rivaldo" and "Ronaldo" from Etienne Devos.

07.01.05 BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL (distance Brussels 1066km.)

25,835 old birds international
1. Cyrille Schaschkow - Wiesviller (France) 1137.03 m/m
2. W. Van Der Velden - Boskoop (Netherlands) 1052.50 m/m
3. Jan Bruine de Bruin - Aalsmeer (Netherlands) 1044.56 m/m
4. Frans Bungeneers - Ranst (Belgium) 1041.53 m/m
5. Frans + Paul Van Gils - Ravels (Belgium) 1034.43 m/m

It was the first time that we heard about this little village, and we needed to take a good look at a map to see where we had to go to congratulate the international Barcelona winner. Wiesviller is situated at the French side of the France-Germany boarder in the area Elzas-Lotharingen. A very nice area, with a lot of "green" and already some nice mountains. A very quiet area except the Rue des Jardins or the street where our Barcelona winner lives, because a lot of friends were celebrating this international victory.

Next to the name Schaschkow we find three fanciers, namely Raymond, Cyrille and Cédric (son of Raymond). In the beginning they basketted only for the short- and middle-distances races, but since 1990 they have put the long- and very long-distance races on their program. Long distance requires another kind of pigeon and for those they went to buy birds from the following fanciers: Guido Cnudde (Geraardsbergen), Robert Venus (Koksijde), Theo Ernest (Halsteren), Antoon and Lucy Van der Wegen (Steenbergen), Cees Suykerbuijk (Lepelstraat), Jan Ernest (Steenbergen) and Kipp and Son (Althornbach).

The system they follow is total widowhood with only 30 pairs. But especially for Barcelona some hens are coupled and on a 10 days brood they go in the direction of Spain.

"La Barcelona," or the international winner, is a very nice chequer hen. Before her 1st international on Barcelona she also won 292nd international Barcelona '03 against 20,204 birds, 887th international Marseille '02 against 3618b. - 1799th international Pau '04 against 8270b. and 2661st international Dax '04 against 17,526b.

Father of "La Barcelone" is NL92-2896451, directly Cees Suykerbuijk from Lepelstraat (Netherlands). This cock is 50% Van der Wegen Anton and Lucy from Steenbergen. Mother of "La Barcelone" is F98-126268, coming from two Kipp and Son (Althornbach) birds.


13,066 old birds

1. Frans Bungeneers - Ranst 1041.53 m/m
2. Frans + Paul Van Gils - Ravels 1034.43 m/m
3. Leon Messiaen - Grammene 1032.94 m/m
4. Mevr. E. De Weerdt en zonen - Kortemark 1021.96 m/m
5. Frans Nijs - Lichtaart 1020.61 m/m


Frans Bungeneers


Rene and Etienne

"De Limoges"

In Frans Bungeneers we meet the author of the book "Topduiven onder het keurend oog." (Translation: "Top Pigeons Strictly Judged") Due to the fact that he wrote this book, he met a lot of top fanciers and he got a lot of superb birds in the hand. A good friendship between Frans and top fancier Cor de Heijde (Made - Netherlands) was the result. The friendship is even so good that Frans gave his national winner the same name as the wife of Cor de Heijde, namely "Tonny."

Frans takes very good notice of which nest position a topresult is putted on paper. The same with "Tonny" (B02-6502747). As a late bred (born at the end of 2002), she was trained in 2003 till she lost her 9th wing feather. In 2004 she was basketted for two short-distance races, two middle-distance races, and then a 450 km race. After these "preparation-races," "Tonny" was basketted for Barcelona, and she won the 654th national. In 2005 she got the same preparation, and 14 days before Barcelona she was basketted for a 550 km race. On Barcelona she was basketted with four-day-old youngsters.

The father of "Tonny" is NL00-2117637 - directly Cor de Heijde. Grandfather is DV05031-95-2, directly from Piet and Henk de Weerd (son "Samurai" - 1st nat. Barcelona). Grandmother is "Dochter Barcelonaduif" (NL96-9659727). The "Barcelonaduif"(NL93-9345559) won 1st nat. Perpignan, 7th nat. Perpignan, 15th nat. Perpignan and 21st nat. Barcelona. She is a daughter of top breeder "Klamper."

Mother of "Tonny" is "Sioentje" (B00-3040218) and comes directly from Luc and Hilde Sioen (Moorslede). This hen comes from a coupling of brother with sister. Grandfather is "Zoon Brecht" (B98-3005218). This cock comes from the coupling "Brecht" (B88-255150 - 1st nat. ace pigeon long distance) X "Briljantje" (NL94-2781499 - daughter "Klamper" from Cor de Heijde). Grandmother is "Dochter Briljantje" (B98-3005219) from the same parents as "Zoon Brecht."

07.06.05 LIMOGES
(distance Brussels: 600km.)

12,212 old birds

1. Rene and Etienne Bourlard - Harveng 1043 m/m
2. Speybroeck Roger - Vinkt 1038 m/m
3. Norman Filip and Norbert - Westkapelle 1037 m/m
4. Lucien Gezels - Nederename 1035 m/m
5. Vangansbeke Roger - Zomergem 1034 m/m

To congratulate the national Limoges winner, we had to go to the French-speaking part of Belgium, and more specifically Harveng, situated between Bergen and Maubeuge. Since 1983, Rene and Etienne are a partnership. In the beginning, they concentrated themselves on the short distance, but after winning almost everything they went to the long distance. Therefore, they bought other pigeons, and found the ideal birds at Yvon Deneufbourg's (Estinnes). We can say that nowadays 80% of the birds have Deneufbourg blood. The other 20% comes from pigeons bought from Remi Gyselbrecht (Knesselare), Marc Roosens (Leernes), Eugene Pochet (Quaregnon), Delbruyère (Solre Sur Sambre) and Roger Depeter (Fontaine L'Eveque).
Every year there are about 60 widowers and 20 hens ready to compete. For the most part, the birds are basketted for races between 600 and 1000 kilometers. The hundred youngsters are just trained and not raced. Cocks and hens are separated at the beginning of October and are the coupled for the first time on the 1st of March. They brood till they leave their nest and then they may brood again for a second time.

"De Limoges" B03-9089312 is a real top bird. This season, before he won Limoges, he won also the 97th national Cahors against 9,275 birds.
His father is the "B00-9009032" strain M. Roosens. His mother is "Zuster Barcelona" (B98-9184495) strain Roosens X Van der Wegen X Vanbruane>

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Hilaire Verhellen
and Herman Van Agtmaal

International Dax
winner, B026277199

The Deno-Herbots

Peter and
Hans Peter

"Marseille King"


(distance Brussels 885 km.)

11,937 old birds

1.Verhellen Hilaire - 'S Gravenwezel (B) 1140 m/m
2. Vandenabeele Marcel - Ronse (B) 1103 m/m
3. Ben Robert - Calais (Fr) 1051 m/m
4. Gruson Jack - St Sylvestre (Fr) 1041 m/m
5. Bullen and Son Addigton (UK) 1028 m/m

Dax international had 11,937 old birds in the basket. These came from the following countries: Netherlands: 3105b. - Belgium: 4546b. - Germany 1764b. - France: 1426b. - Luxembourg: 46b. - U.K.: 1050b.

This very long-distance race could not be liberated on Saturday. No, the organisation had to wait till Sunday. Very bad weather in the northern part of France made this race very hard. International winner is Hilaire Verhellen. Hilaire has already been for years a good very long-distance racer. Together with his son-in-law Herman Van Agtmaal, they built a very good strain of very long-distance birds, this based on pigeons from Cattryse, Van der Espt, Bostijn, Van De Weghe and Kamiel De Zutter. The last year they invested some money with Venus Robert, and it may be said with very good success.
Hilaire is a typical very long-distance racer, this means that the youngsters are not trained and that the widowers receive their first training tosses as a yearbird. The first results are expected when the pigeons are three years old.

The winner himself has ring number B02-6277199 and his father is "Narbonneke 2" (B94-6564273) who won 1st prov. Narbonne 1996, 3rd prov. Narbonne 1998, 6th prov. Montauban 1997, 7th prov. Limoges 1996 and 9th prov. Narbonne 1997. The father of "Narbonneke 2" is "Late Venus" (B90-3300938 top breeder), mother is "Super BS" (B88-6721987 - very good breeding hen).


17,469 yearbirds
1. Deno-Herbots - Leefdaal 1242.62 m/m
2. Luc, Bart Geerinckx - Wommelgem 1242.26 m/m 3. Roodhooft Andre - Pulderbos 1225.17 m/m
4. Alfons Hens - Nijlen 1224.47 m/m
5. Herman Duerinckx - Boutersem 1224.34 m/m

Do I still have to introduce him--Deno Jos? I don't think so. Those who follow the Belgian pigeonsport even a little bit know that I'm now talking about a superb fancier. More than 50 provincial victories say enough. Since 1998 he races together with Filip Herbots, and under the name Deno-Herbots they put without any interruption top results on paper. The top result till this Limoges victory was the 1st national Cahors in 2001 against 9989 old birds. The 80 widowers were coupled at the beginning of February, may brood for eight days, were separated and coupled again the 1st of April for an eight-days' brood. So the system is "dry widowhood."

The winner is called "Broer Stier" and has ring number 2211834/04. His father is "Inteelt Wittenbuik" (B97-2453962), a top breeder coming from the coupling "Kleine Wittenbuik" (B95-3211071 - directly Gaby Vandenabeele) X "Dochter Wittenbuik" (B95-3332934 - directly Vandenabeele Gaby).
Mother is "Blauw Krasje Derwa" (B97-205616 - directly Albert Derwa from Herent.)

The couple "Inteelt Wittenbuik" X "Blauw Krasje Derwa" is a good breeding couple because they're also parents of "De Stier" who won 1st Montauban (32nd nat. against 8027b.) and 53rd nat. Cahors 9989b.

07.23.05 MARSEILLE INTERNATIONAL (distance Brussels: 850km.)

14,041 old birds
1. Peter + Hans Peter Brockamp - Boppard (D) 1144.93 m/m
2. Laufer en zoon - Eulenbis (D) 1117.14 m/m
3. Charles Zirn - Teting-Nied (D) 1116.36 m/m
4. Laufer en zoon - Eulenbis (D) 1110.65 m/m
5. Laufer en zoon - Eulenbis (D) 1106.65 m/m

Father and Son Brockamp are in love with the international races, but although they basket for the long distances they don't have a lot of pigeons. Only 25 widowers looked in our direction when we opened the door of the widowers' loft. After the racing season, the widowers may breed a couple of youngsters. After that breeding, they may brood for a couple of days and then they're separated and are already on widowhood for the new season. So they're not coupled anymore.

These fanciers were very successful with pigeons from Carteus Georges (Ronse). We can say that 50% is Carteus blood, and the rest are pigeons from different lofts which performed very well. When we analyse the Marseille result, we can say that our German friends follow a successful strategy. For this race they basketted 21 birds and they clocked 19 in the prizes. The cock "Marseille King" (DV06720-02-535) is the international winner. Before his victory he scored 4th national Cahors '04 against 1578b. - 102nd nat. Pau '05 against 1238b. - 195th nat. Perpignan '04 against 2210b. - 297th nat. Marseille '04 against 4928b.

Father of "Marseille King" is "Budapest II" (DV 06720-95-246) a top widower with eight prizes within the first 20 national. The father of "Budapest II" is "Jonge As" (B93-4670425 - directly Georges Carteus). Mother of "Budapest II" is "Schone Blauwe" (NL90-1926980 - directly Bertus Camphuis).
Mother of "Marseille King" is "Dochter Goed Koppel" (B98-3060298) directly E. Vanhaverbeke.
She is also mother of 12th national Perpignan '02.

A last nice detail is that this loft won in 1999 international Perpignan, against more than 17,000 birds. Quality above quantity.

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4536 birds
1. Henri Kuypers - Maasmechelen 1100.68 m/m
2. Wauthy-Seleck - Atterte 1098.61 m/m
3. Monseu-Miller - Fouches 1098.61 m/m
4. Luc Derouck - Manage 1097.04 m/m
5. Serge Chapelle - Vielsalm 1091.99 m/m

After winning the 2nd national Perpignan yearbirds, it is now bingo with the 1st national Marseille. Hendry Kuypers, a young fancier, is a Dutchman, but due to some busy work he came to live in Belgium. Hendry was infected with the pigeon disease through his father. In 1993 Hendry went to Gebroeders Van Doorn (Someren), and there he bought a lot of pigeons. It was the best investment he ever made, because a lot of his top birds are children or grandchildren of these birds. The crossings were done with pigeons from Gebroeders Kuypers (Neer), Jan Theelen (Buggenum), Thei Hermans (Helden), Wijnands en zoon (Maastricht), Lei Van den Eynde (Someren), Chrétien Vanoppen (Hoeselt) and Gebroeders Hagens (Achthuizen).

This year the birds (32 widowers and 16 hens) were coupled at the beginning of February . The national winner "Sander" (B03-5030407) went, just like his loftmates, till Chateauroux as preparation for the real work. On basketting day "Sander" was able to stay alone with his hen in the loft, and this must have been very motivating.
Father of "Sander" is NL97-1866133 - directly from gebr. Van Doorn. The mother is a full sister (B01-5076025) of the 2nd national Perpignan.

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Antoine Jacops

07.23.05 SOUILLAC
(distance Brussels 680 km.)

5663 old birds
1. Antoine Jacops - Vorselaar 1282.53 m/m
2. Limbourg Eric - Brussegem 1282.31 m/m
3. Natens Leon - Meensel Kiezel 1278.94 m/m
4. Aldo Ferrara - Maurage 1278.84 m/m
5. Vanthillo-Elst Beerse 1276.38 m/m

I don't think that there are a lot of stages Antoine Jacops hasn't stood on. Champion of Union Antwerpen, Provincial victories, provincial ace-pigeons, Olypiad birds, etc. Just one thing was missing on this impressive result list, and that was a national victory. But this dream also came true, thanks to widower "Favoriete Witpen" (B02-6115377). But the difference with the second national was extremely close. Liberated at 6:45 a.m., he arrived home at 4:24 p.m and 24 seconds--good for a velocity of 1282.53 m/m (distance 743.055km). Or in other words, 0.22 m/m quicker than the second national of Eric Limbourg.

The name "favourite" was given to this widower as a youngbird, because from the moment this youngster was weaned, Antoine saw something special in this nice blue white feathered cock. Before winning national Souillac, he had already won 93rd provincial Chateauroux 2471b. and 390th national Bourges 26,679b.

Also, the pedigree is full of well-known names. Father is "Kleine Picanol" (B98-6121464). This breeder comes from the coupling "Fijne Cahors" (B95-6582941 - father 1st prize Limoges) X "Dochter Picanol" (B92-3233082 Vandenabeele Gaby).

Mother is "Kromme" (B98-6121391) and comes from the coupling "Super As" (B87-6444021 - 1st ace pigeon Hafo Lier 1988 and 1989) X "Zuster Kanibaal" (B96-6286120 - Dirk en Louis Van Dijck).

[Note: This is the second part of a three-part article. For Part 1, click here.
For Part 3, click here.]

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