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  News > 2007 National Winners - Part 1

2007 National Winners:
Part 1

by Stefan Mertens

Part 1of Three Parts. For Part 2, click here.
For Part 3, click here.


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Davy Tournelle,
at right, who swept the Bourges race




Stefan Mertens begins his reporting on the 2007 national winners of Belgium, along with winners of the international races, with coverage of Bourges, Brive, Montelimar, Cahors, Montauban, and Pau. One fancier won both the old bird and yearbird races from Bourges, and this year's international Pau winner won the Barcelona international last year! It's no wonder that Mertens calls these records "historic"...

05.26.07 BOURGES
Distance Brussels: 450km

12,004 old birds    
1. Tournelle, Davy Rummen 1657.55 m/m
2. Verheyden, Guido Beverlo 1652.90 m/m
3. Monette, Marcel Geetbets 1648.81 m/m
4. Ceusters, Willy St. Kat Waver 1644.78 m/m
5. De Wilder, Jozef St. Kat Waver 1644.67 m/m

8,976 Yearbirds    
1. Tournelle, Davy Rummen 1657.75 m/m
2. Delchambre, Denis Luttre 1651.26 m/m
3. Courtmans, Paul Affligem 1645.61 m/m
4. Dehon, Jean Cuesmes 1643.07 m/m
5. Janssens, Eddy Zandhoven 1641.56 m/m

For the first national race of the new season, there weren't a lot of birds basketted. The reason was that one week before this race there were a lot of disastrous races with a lot of losses and a lot of birds that needed more than one or two days to come home.

But this year's national race from Bourges is a historical one, because it is the first time that the same fancier wins the first national by the old birds as well as the first national by the yearbirds, and this is with two different hens. This top result was made by Davy Tournelle from Rummen. Davy (24 years old) is a very good fancier because in 2006 he won the 1st provincial from Chateauroux and La Souterraine, and he was the 1st national champion KBDB in the youth division.

The base of this colony are pigeons from his grandfather, and these are then enriched with birds from Hugo Celis (Rummen), Jean Somers (Rummen), Weduwe Smeulders (Bekkevoort), Goorts-Poelmans, Roger Putseys (Donk), Verdonck-Pieters (Rummen), LBJ Geerinckx (Wommelgem) and Michel Vanlint (Zoutleeuw).

Davy started the racing season with 13 widowers (8 old and 5 yearbirds) and 20 hens (5 old and 15 yearbirds). They were coupled the 14th of December, brought up a couple of youngsters and were then separated. The 1st of March they were coupled again, stayed together for five days (no laying) and were on widowhood.

And then the day of Bourges. Through the Internet Davy followed the arrivals of the birds with a much shorter distance and suddenly mother Ann shouted, "Look! There's one… no two!" And with a difference of only two seconds the hens were clocked.

The winner by the old birds is "Cheyenne" (B05-2217994). She was bred by friend Roger Putseys. She won: 1st national Bourges 12,004 b., 1st Villers La Tour 1480 b., 2nd prov. Salbris 401b., 8th Villers La Tour 893b., 10th Nanteuil 2,945b., 18th Toury 1,178b., 27th Toury 689b., 37th Toury 2,654b., 150th national Bourges 12,898b., 174th national Argenton 4,091b. Her father is the B04-5092636 (strain JLN Houben) and mother is B01-6205752 (direct F. Roodhooft from Geel, strain JLN Houben, Theo Yskout and Andre Van Doninck)

The winner by the yearbirds is called "Julie" (B06-2232433). She won 1st national Bourges 8,976b. (quickest against 20,980b.), 2nd Soissons 174b., 21st Bourges 292b., 34th Vierzon 198b. and 39th La Souterraine 168b. Her faher is "Alldin"(B04-2132439). This is a son of the "Geweldige" (1st La Souterraine, 2nd Montlucon). Mother is "Het Kadetje" (B98-2272505). She won 1st Montauban, 1st Dax, 1st Orleans, 1st Momignies and is a very good breeding hen.


Brive National


"Alfred" -- the
Brive champion

Gerard & Muriel
with B03-1045968

The Adams's Loft

winner of


Distance Brussels: 650km

16,008 OLD BIRDS    
1. D'Huyvetter Mevr. Olsene 1109.68 m/m
2. Buyl, Rufin & Luc Nieuwenhove 1101.57 m/m
3. Houfflyn, Patrick & Dimitri Wortegem/ Peteghem 1098.64 m/m
4. Van Gansbeke, Roger Zomergem 1096.34 m/m
5. Pauporte, Lucken Pommeroeul 1095.39 m/m

To congratulate the national winner for Brive, we went to Olsene, which is a little village with a lot of pigeon fanciers. Last year we were also in Olsene by Johan Tant (national winner Souillac). Father Alfred was a very good long distance racer, and until 1996 he raced in partnership with his son Jules. In 1996 father Alfred died and Jules then formed a partnership with his mother Germaine Verstaen (95 years old!). They still race from the old lofts which are standing in Germaine's garden.

The base of this loft is built on pigeons from Gilbert Van de Weghe (Olsene). Later, in 1990, friend Clement Dewaele bought 10 eggs from Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem). Friend Clement asked Jules to breed the youngsters, and afterward they would divide them. But the Clement's health condition was not good and he decided to quit the pigeon sport. So, our future national winners were able to keep all the Vandenabeele pigeons.

Every year they start the season with 14 widowers, 30 youngsters and 15 breeding couples. Fourteen days before Brive there was a disastrous Chateauroux. It was such a bad race that Jules thought of leaving the sport. Also "Alfred" (B05-4082656) needed two days to come home. But he recuperated very well and had enough energy to win this very hard national race from Brive against more than 16,000 birds.

Before winning national Brive, "Alfred" also won 1st Chateauroux (18th provincial against 5,187b.), 366th national Limoges against 15,507 b.
His father is "Crack" (B00-4160155 - original Gaby Vandenabeele through eggs) and mother is B04-4242049 - origin Alfred D'Huyvetter)

Distance Brussels: 700km

7,802 OLD BIRDS    
1. Adam, Gerard & Muriel Sprimont 1226.90 m/m
2. Dupuis, Patrick Donstiennes 1181.35 m/m
3. Mannaert, Jules Lebbeke 1181.05 m/m
4. Smeets, Etienne Baelen 1177.81 m/m
5. Hoslet, B & Remy Virelles 1170.52 m/m

Montélimar, organised by the CFW got 7,872 old birds in the basket. After one day of delay, the birds could be liberated in very good weather. The winners are Gerard and Muriel Adam and these are not unknown fanciers. Before winning this national race, they already won the 2nd national Marseille (1997), the 2nd national Perpignan (1999 - 3rd international against 17,601b.) - 3rd national Périgueux 5,594b., - 4th Bordeaux (2000) against 3,756b., 4th Jarnac against 5,672b.
Gerard Adam (53 years old) has a very busy job, and thanks to his wife Muriel he can race pigeons. Gerard started in 1980 with pigeons, this in the garden of his parents. Father was not a fancier, although they raced several years in partnership. The colony was built up with birds from Marcel Englebienne (Forchies), Claude Andrien (Sprimont), Julien Nibus (Soumagne), Henri Mornard (Verviers) and Edmond Streel (Vreren).

Every year he starts with 50 widowers (20 old and 30 yearbirds). A few years ago, they also raced with hens, but this was less successful. In total there are also 60 youngsters bred, but they are just trained well during their year of birth, because every thing is programmed for their later career as a long-distance racer.

The winning bird is the "B03-1045968." Before his big victory, this widower also won the 161st national Pau (2006) against 7,872b. His father is the "B91-1109127." This cock was bought at the auction of Henry Mornard from Verviers. He comes from the "13," who is father of the 1st international Perpignan 1991 and the 10th national Barcelona 1992. Couples with "La Pin Up" (B81-1066781).

Mother is "Toscada" B97-1009478 (strain Mornard Henri).

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The Petits with
"Blauwe 140"

"Blauwe 140"



Distance Brussels: 735 km

5,906 OLD BIRDS    
1. Petit, Francis Braine L'Alleud 1409.00 m/m
2. Courtmans, Marcel Affligem 1392.51 m/m
3. Caro, Marcel Verviers 1371.01 m/m
4. Vanderschraelen, Frans Ranst 1353.63 m/m
5. Leutenez, Marnix Kruishoutem 1348.92 m/m


This national race got 759 pigeons less than in 2006 and was released with a day's delay but with very nice weather. National winner Francis Petit is not such a well-known name in the pigeon sport. The town of Branine L'Alleud is known for its "leeuw van Vlaanderen" or a statue which was built to remember the big win against the army of Napoleon Bonaparte, this 192 years ago. Francis (54 years old) still lives in the house of his grandparents, and ever since he can remember the pigeon sport has been a part of the family. It was only Quievrain (short distance) that counted. But Francis wanted to try it a little bit farther, and since 1994 he baskets for the long-distance races. Of course he needed some other pigeons and those were found from Francois Collard (Marbais-La-Tour), Van Damme-Boddaert (Oostkamp) and Andre Vermote (Oostende).

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Every year Francis has 32 widowers, 150 youngbirds and 30 breeder couples. But from those 150 youngsters Francis gives 75 youngsters every year to his friends, this all for free! This year for the first time in his life, Francis gave the birds a lot of homeopathic products, at advice of a specialized doctor. It all works slowly but it seems to be very effective. The national winner from Cahors is the "Blauwe 140" (B04-1531140). His father is the "B01-15070469" (origin Spitael, Kain and won the 41st national Béziers in 2003). Mother is "Goede Vliegster" (B92-4600992 - comes from Francois Collard).

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Rene Marien and
"Thibaut 648"

"Thibaut 648"

Marien's Lofts

Distance Brussels: 780 km


6,200 OLD BIRDS    
1. Marien, Rene Flemalle 1429.82 m/m
2. Deroeck, Luc Manage 1421.70 m/m
3. Vandeputte Fr. Cuesmes 1419.91 m/m
4. Tremblez, Willy Haillot 1419.26 m/m
5. Matthijs, August Schoonaarde 1400.30 m/m

Under the smoke of Liège. That was the place to be to congratulate the national winner from Montauban. Rene Marien has been a pigeon fancier ever since he can remember, and since the 1st of January he has stopped working because he turned 60 years old. More free time, more time for the pigeons, and immediately a national victory. Life can be very nice. Rene has pigeons who have to perform at all distances, because every week he baskets for the short-, the middle, and the long-distance races. The birds that can do all this are a mix of pigeons from Richard Mersch (Strée), Wouters (Flémalle), Thomas Peeters (As), Wijnands and Son (Maastricht), Pol Tossens (Warsage) and Hilaire Verhellen ('S Gravenwezel).

Sixty is the number of widowers which are sitting in the lofts, and seventy-that's the number of young birds. For the rest a system like the one found in a lot of other lofts is followed. Maybe one special thing is that in the month of February all the widowers are vaccinated against paramyxo and paratyphus during one week's time.
For this national race René had basketted six birds and won three prizes. The national winner is named "Thibaut 648" (B05-1023648) and already won: 8th Pithiviers against 100b., 155th Montlucon against 1,203b., 134th Jarnac against 1,996b., 736th Nevers against 3,460b., 180th Brive against 1,099b. and then the 1st national Montauban against 6,200b.

His father is the B01-6477472. This cock comes from Hilaire Verhellen and this from the lines of the "Late Dromer" and "Perpignan II."

On the mother's side we have the "B00-1054015," which is a cross of pigeons from Duchêne (Strée) X Léon Henry (Nadrin).


Louis Ballaerts
and his Pau
national winner

Distance Brussels: 900 km

National Belgium
2,159 OLD BIRDS    
1. Ballaerts, Louis Brasschaat 1774.31 m/m
2. De Vuyst-Gijssens Lokeren 1712.58 m/m
3. Verwijlen, Theo Bocholt 1704.40 m/m
4. Lecocq, Andre Pietrebais 1685.17 m/m
5. Van Damme-Boddaert Oostkamp 1676.11 m/m

Pau is for the very long-distance racers always a very special race. The reason is that the number of participating birds is limited (maximum of six pigeons per fancier), and thanks to this rule the fanciers with the little baskets see this as an "equal start." The national winner of Belgium is just such a fancier with a little basket, and Pau is without any discussion one of his favourite races. Louis Ballaerts says, "The arrival of the bird is something I will never forget. Due to the strong south west wind, I expected the birds very early in the morning and therefore I was already awake at 4 o'clock in the morning. I took a quick look at the lofts, but nothing there. It was still dark and raining and I said to myself it is almost impossible for the birds to come home. I made a cup of coffee and when I looked a second time a saw a bird on the sputnik. It was only 4:31 a.m. I can assure you, I was immediately awake! Due to some health problems I concentrate myself now on the very long-distance races. I purchased a lot of pigeons, and I ate a lot of expensive soup but the birds of Georges Bolle, Chris Hebberecht, Robert Venus, Filip Steketee and Chris Haerens (Florizoone birds) were successful. With these birds I won first prizes on several long-distance races.

The national winner is "B02-6271738." He won in 2003: 556th Limoges against 3,076b., in 2004: 167th national Limoges against 7,514b., in 2005: 384th Brive against 1,696b. and 507th Pau against 2,212b. In 2006: 90th Limoges 833b. and in 2007: 928th Vierzon 3,523b., 119th Vierzon 1,259b. and 1st national Pau 2,159b.


Gerard Van Tuyl

His father is the B01-6476645 (line Georges Bolle X Couteau) Mother is B00-6516045 (line Stoces X Venus X Steketee).


For the first international race this season 7,311 birds were basketted. This is 758 more than last year. The participating countries were Belgium (2,159 b.), The Netherlands (2,342b.), France (1,388b.), Germany (1,029b.), Luxembourg (49b.), and the U.K. (344).

7,311 BIRDS    
1. Van Tuyl, Gerard Hellouw (Netherlands) 1910.34 m/m
2. Hermes, Uwe Hamm (Germany) 1900.13 m/m
3. Loos, Rijsbergen Roelofar (Netherlands) 1870.69 m/m
4. Schumacher, Sven Kamp/Lint (Germany) 1787.96 m/m
5. Van Ballaert, Louis Brasschaat (Belgium) 1774.31 m/m
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"Foppe" -
the Pau
Gerard Van Tuyl from Hellouw. His name was already noted in the history books when he won in 2006 the 1st international Barcelona! But in 2007 he also won the 1st international Pau. Fanciers who can put such performances on paper are "big champions!"

Pau was liberated on Friday noon, and due to the south wind, the first arrivals were already expected very early in the morning. Gerard's wife was awake first, and Gerard decided to stay in bed a little while, but this was for a very short time because his wife said that there was a red bird sitting in front of the sputnik. Gerard was immediately awake and clocked his "Foppe" at 4:41 o'clock. For Pau six birds were basketted, and the others won the 34th, 329th and the 449th national. "Foppe," the international winner, went as second nominated bird into the basket. As a yearbird he was twice basketted for a long-distance race and he won two prizes. In 2007 he showed his good condition because on the national race from Brive he won the 97th against 6,029 birds. The second clocked bird on Pau was the "NL05-139653," who won already the 1st Limoges and the 204th Brive against 6,029 birds. "Foppe" was basketted on six-day eggs, the "953" with youngsters of six days old. "Every nest position is a good position," says Gerard.
"Foppe" has as father the NL03-1302806 "Zoon Rosa." "Rosa" won the 1st national St. Vincent against 20,296. This hen was raced by Mari en Roos de Bruyn but was bred by Gerard Van Tuyl. Mother of "Foppe" is NL00-2092018 direct Theo Ernest. Comes out "NL99-9940254" (Cas VD Graaff) X "NL96-9693983" (sister of 6th and 9th national Barcelona).

"Foppe" won also 97th NPO Brive 6,029b., 267th nat. Bergerac 17,483b., 773rd NPO Perigueux 4,245b.

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