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  News > 2007 National Winners - Part 2

2007 National Winners:
Part 2

by Stefan Mertens

Part 2 of Three Parts. For Part 1, click here.
For Part 3, click here.


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Erik Limbourg
and "Bleu Surprise"

The wing of
"Bleu Surprise"

Erik Limbourg
and a friend
with some

The lofts of
Erik Limbourg

The Menne family

The Menne lofts

Stefan Mertens recently began his reporting on the 2007 national winners of Belgium with the winners of the international races, covering Bourges, Brive, Montelimar, Cahors, Montauban, and Pau.

He continues the 2007 winners this month with race results from Orange, Barcelona, and Irun, and takes us to the 2007 World Championship Race at Nevele, Belgium, in which pigeons from 21 countries competed...

06.27.07 ORANGE
Distance Brussels: 750 km

1. Erik Limbourg Brussegem 1261.85 m/m
2. Norbert Dekeyze Etikhove 1260.85 m/m
3. Antheunis-Van Goethem De Klinge 1260.15 m/m
4. Andre & Patrick Desmet Semmerzake 1245.38 m/m
5. Van Gils Frans & Paul Ravels 1240.43 m/m

With the national race from Orange, we had a very nice race with 6035 participants. The top birds on this race made a velocity of 1250 m/m. The national winner of this race is the "Wonderboy of Brussegem." We are talking, of course, about Erik Limbourg.
We have already made several reports for Siegel Pigeons about this fancier, and therefore we will just talk this time about the national winner named "Bleu Surprise." The widowers were coupled at the beginning of February and had eggs but bred no youngsters. There was no second coupling in the month of April, but to give the cocks the best motivation the hens were shown to them weekly, beginning with the first tosses. After four tosses, they were basketted for Noyon (180km), Vierzon, Brive, Cahors and now Orange. "Bleu Surprise"-the national winner (B04-2063049)-is a blue cock who had already won the following prizes: 48th Brive against 4670b., 257th national Brive against 16,007b., 70th Souillac 1475b., and 308th Aurrilac against 6611b.

The father of "Bleu Surprise" is B00-2385186. He is a superb breeder because he's also father of 6th national Cahors. He comes out of "Swing Willy" (B93-2064047 - Louis Van Den Eynde) X "Tam Witkopje" (B97-4263036 - Marcel Aelbrecht).
Mother of "Bleu Surprise" is B99-2017603. She was 3rd provincial ace-pigeon long distance. She comes out of "Zoon Crack" (strain Aelbrecht Marcel) X "Supergirl" (B97-2180110 - 1st provincial ace pigeon long distance, 1st provincial Argenton and 8th national La Souterraine against 9583b.)

Distance Brussels: 1060 km

The weekend that normally would have been the top weekend of the season turned out to be the most catastrophic weekend in the pigeon sport. Three dead geese, located in France, were infected with the H5N1 virus (bird flu) and the same day all pigeon releases were suddenly forbidden. No discussion was possible and all races from France were cancelled.

The pigeons, basketted for Barcelona, were luckily already in Spain, and thanks to this the "Marathon of the Sky" could take place.

For this international race 25,820 old birds were basketted: 12,738 from Belgium, 7,525 from The Netherlands, 2,480 from Germany, 2,112 from France, 111 from Luxembourg, 220 from England, 436 from Poland, 95 from Hungary, 41 from Romania and 26 from Slovakia.


"Susi" with her


"Susi" -- the

"Camille" -
The national
Barcelona winner

The Haerinck-
Poelmans family

Van Ouwerkerk
and Dekkers

25,820 OLD BIRDS (International)

1. Friedhelm+Raphaela
+Simone Menne
Hamminkeln (Germany) 1464.30 m/m
2. H. Tubee Thorn (Netherlands) 1411.51 m/m
3. H. Rous Ittervoort (Netherlands) 1387.31 m/m
4. Haerinck-Poelmans Genk (Belgium) 1386.40 m/m
5. H. Smeets Mechelen (Netherlands) 1383.46 m/m

Just like in 2001, when Friedhelm Menne and his three daughters (Simone, Rafaela and Fabienne) won the international victory from Perpignan, we again met a very happy team. How could you ask for more when you can put the international victory from Barcelona on your performance list? Friedhelm started with pigeons in 1984, and in 1988 he began to concentrate on the very long distance races. His base birds are pigeons from De Smet-Matthijs, Van Wanroy, Eijerkamp-Muller, and Van Der Wegen (through Nico Pronk).

Father and daughters Menne race their birds on nest position with 47 couples. The winning bird is a very nice hen named "Susi" (DV05583-04-980) who was basketted on a youngster of just a few days old.
Her father is "Zoon Serena" (DV05583-01-608) or in other words a son of "Serena," (DV00448-98-571), who won the 1st international Perpignan against 25,471 birds. "Serena" was coupled with "Zoon Alexander" (DV05583-99-443 - strain VD Wegen).
Mother of "Susi" is DV06720-03-888 or a daughter of the "Armstrong" from P. and HP Brockamp. "Armstrong" (DV06720-96-607) won the 1st international Perpignan against 17,584 birds). It is worth noting that this international winner from Barcelona has two international winners as grandparents … better is almost not possible!

12,612 OLD BIRDS (national Belgium)

1. Haerinck-Poelmans Genk 1386.40 m/m
2. Cyriel Jorissen Mal 1370.21 m/m
3. Dieter Ballman Amel 1270.13 m/m
4. Leon Crowet Couvin 1249.80 m/m
5. Luc Verhaegen Zele 1241.15 m/m

Haerinck-Poelmans is not an unknown name in the pigeon sport. For many years, they have been among the top fanciers of Belgium. Everything started when they bought a lot of birds from Nouwen-Paesen (Grote Broghel). The line of "Perpignanduivin" and "Narbonne" have been especially successful. We can say that 75% of the colony has Nouwen-Paesen blood. The winning bird is a hen called "Camille" (B01-5094750). She was part of a team of three hens, which is not a lot for a very long-distance racer.

These three hens sat the whole season between the young birds, and were then especially coupled for Barcelona so that they had a youngster of a few days old in nest. "Camille" was one of the favourites of our national winners because before winning this Barcelona edition she had already won 29th national Barcelona against 12,998 (in 2005), 22nd national Perpignan against 6,765b, 1829th national Barcelona against 11,802b. (in 2006).
Her father is "B98-5063248" (grandson "De Narbonne" from Nouwen-Paesen). Mother "Camille" is "Zus Kleine Didi" (B97-3000356), direct Etienne Devos from Deerlijk and full sister of the world famous "Kleine Didi" (1st nat. Dax - 2nd nat. Perpignan - 1st nat. acebird long distance).

07.06.07 IRUN
Distance Brussels: 980 km

We're still in the weekend of the bird flu, the weekend that every pigeon race was forbidden in France, but the year birds which were already on the road to St Vincent couldn't come back. Because of this restriction, the organiser of this race decided to go further with the birds, namely to Irun. Irun is situated in Spain, just over the border with France.


1. Van Ouwerkerk - Dekkers Brasschaat 1773.53 m/m
2. Geert De Coninck Beveren 1684.75 m/m
3. Danny Viaene Lichtervelde 1621.07 m/m
4. Alain Delhove Marbais 1581.86 m/m
5. Josy Rouffa Elderen 1543.48 m/m

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Their lofts in

"Mister St. Vincent"

The partnership of Jaak Van Ouwerkerk and Irene Dekkers as very long-distance racers is felt at the center of their hearts. For this husband-wife combination, only three races count, namely Barcelona, St. Vincent (this year Irun) and Perpignan. Another thing is that this combination likes to basket a lot of birds. This year they had basketted for Barcelona 98 old birds (45 won prizes), and for Irun 126 year birds (39 won prizes). Jaak and Irene started with pigeons in 1995. In the beginning they had only pigeons from Gerard Koopman but after some years they decided to try their luck on the very long distance, and the Koopman birds made room for pigeons from Van der Wegen, Bertus Wijnacker, Braakhuis, Gebr. Kuypers, Jan Theelen, Jos Thoné, Roger van Bulck, Marc De Cock and Erik Limbourg.

The winning bird is a blue cock and is named after the race for which he was basketted- "Mister St. Vincent" (B06-6181664). His father is B03-6387342, who is a son of B99-6483379 who won the 2nd provincial Barcelona (line Thoné X Wijnacker). Mother is B04-6469059, a daughter of Miss St. Vincent, or the hen that won for this partnership also the 1st national St. Vincent in 2003.

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The Goossens-
Druart family
with their


07.14.07 IRUN
Distance Brussels: 980 km


1. Goossens-Druart Hyon 1140.40 m/m
2. Marcel Vandenabeele Ronse 1139.15 m/m
3. Yvan Eeckhout Ronse 1138.86 m/m
4. Marc Lemahieu Burcht 1121.94 m/m
5. Wim Kerhove Torhout 1091.70 m/m

Normally this race would have taken place from Tarbes, but again due to the bird flu the pigeons had to be transported to another place, not in France but in Spain, and therefore the organizers went, just like the week before, to Irun. In total, more than 5000 birds were basketted, and on Saturday morning they were released for a very hard race. We can certainly say very hard, because on liberation day only 14 birds were clocked. The national winner was Jean-Pierre Goossens and his wife Ingrid Druart, heartily supported by their son Kevin. Their teacher has always been Jean-Claude Debiève and a lot of his birds were bought. But when these fanciers wanted to basket for the long- and very long-distance races, they changed the Debiève birds for pigeons of: Georges Carteus (Ronse), Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem), Vandeputte en zoon (Cuesmes), and Yves Samain (Hyon). Every year they have 65 widowers, 20 hens, 80 youngsters and 24 breeding pairs sitting in the lofts.

The winning bird is named after the champion tennis player, "Federer" (B05-9103168). Before winning Irun he won the 34th provincial Tulle against 1292b., 230th Vierzon against 12,872b., 458th Montlucon against 17,366b., and 780th Bourges against 13,118b.
His father is the "Crigine" (B99-9080304), who is also father of the 67th national Perpignan against 3796b. Mother is "B99-9143675"-one of the best breeding hens in the loft and mother of several top racers.

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The 2007 World
Championship Loft

A camera for the
video feed

Monitoring the
returns on the
big screen

The crowd on
arrival day

More than 2000
people waited
at the loft


After Gran Canaria (1993), Utrecht (1994), Bazel (1996), Mira (1997), Buenes Aires (1998), Mexico (1999), Beijing (2000), Sun-City (2001), Roye (2002), Mira (2003), Santiago de Compestella (2004), Hojduszoboszlo (2005) and again Mira (2006) it was now Belgium's honor to organize the official world championship of the F.C.I. (Fédération Colombophilie Internationale).

First of all, we want to mention that never before had the World championship taken place in Belgium. Normally the final race had to be held in August 2006 but bird flu determined a different set of events. The first location of the lofts was near the factory of Versele-Laga, and if the bird flu was identified there, there was a possibility that Versele-Laga would have to close the factory. Therefore the K.B.D.B. and the race's main sponsor, Versele-Laga, cancelled the 2006 race for Belgium and gave its organisation to Mira (Portugal). But Mr. Vermeulen (president of the K.B.D.B.) truly wished to organize this Olympiad and World Championship race and asked to host the 2007 race. This was determined to be no problem, and the 87-meter-long loft was erected in Nevele, a little village near Gent.


Normally the participation for this one-loft race is open to all the countries which are members of the F.C.I., but again due to the bird flu the K.B.D.B. didn't get an importation permit for the countries outside the European Union. Therefore, only 21 countries could participate in this World Championship. Each country could participate with a maximum of 25 pigeons.
Due to this restriction, the K.B.D.B., F.C.I., and Versele-Laga decided also to create a youth competition. This youth competition (named "Grand Prix Jeugd 2007") was only for Belgian youth. With this step, the number of pigeons on the loft was set at a maximum of 60 birds.


Each bird was
stamped for
extra security

Scanning the
birds before

Loading the

good clocking

William Luyten
of Belgium



The season 2007 was a very strange one. There was not only the very bad weather but also the fact that pigeons couldn't be released in France for a period of three weeks. All this was not good for the ideal preparation of the birds. But in spite of this, the organisation was very happy with the training races. It all started at 5km and went further in little steps. In total, there were seven official training races. Here are the top five of each race:

07.17.07 Le Roeulx (75km):
1. Nyitrai Ferenc (Hungarije)
2. Pottel Robby (België - Youth)
3. John Conradsen (Denmark)
4. Manuel Martins (Portugal)
5. and 6. Helmut Claas und Sohn (Germany)

07.19.07 Namen (125km):
1. Knut Lundsten (Zweden)
2. Casaert Maurice en Grégory (België)
3. Kiesecoms Stephan (België - Youth)
4. Janssens Geoffrey (België - Youth)
5. Knud Madsen (Denemarken)

07.25.07 Amiens (150km):
1. Melin (Frankrijk)
2. Desjardins (Frankrijk)
3. Jarluf Lomeland (Noorwegen)
4. Balaz Jan (Tjechië)
5. Kuhlen Herbert (Luxemburg)

07.29.07 Beauvais (200km):
1. Knut Lundsten (Zweden)
2. Bouvet (Frankrijk)
3. Jarluf Lomeland (Noorwegen)
4. Brian Andersen (Denemarken)
5. Lars Eikeland (Noorwegen)

07.31.07 Pontoise (250km):
1. C. Maas (Nederland)
2. Iliaens Denis (België - Youth)
3. Srniced Jaroslov (Tjechië)
4. Eduardo Costa (Portugal)
5. Horvath Zoltan (Hongarije)

08.03.07 Dourdan (300km):
1. K Davison (England)
2. Manuel Martins ( Portugal)
3. Lemmens Christine (België - Youth)
4. Joke and Martin Geven (Nederland)
5. E. VD Horst (Nederland)


Wing of the
2007 World

FCI President
with press from


The last training had to be cancelled due to the very bad weather. The pigeons were released at 57km.


The final race ... date 08.15.07 … the first time that this World Championship is organized in Belgium … From the more than 500 birds entered in the race, there were still 356 birds to be basketted for the final race. The weather was very nice-some clouds, but here and there blue sky and a strong south west wind. More than 2000 people came to watch the birds coming home. At the release point the weather conditions were not that good. In Tours, it was cloudy, but not raining and almost no wind. This was the condition of the weather from Tours to Paris. From Paris to Nevele, the weather was again very good. There was a long discussion of the weather with the people who were responsible for the race release, but at 10:30 the sign to release the birds was given.

Everybody thought that the strong southwest wind would be a help for the birds but that was not so. The first birds stayed away longer than anticipated and then suddenly a blue hen dived to the loft… and entered immediately. A few seconds later, everybody knew that the new World Champion and was William Luyten from Belgium. All of the visitors looking on were very happy! In William Luyten we have a very nice world champion. The first three places were taken by three different nationalities, and among the first ten places there were eight different nationalities.

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More to come on 2007 National Winners next month!

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