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  News > 1st National Ace Marathon KBDB 2014 Winner

Pierre Bourgeois

Pierre Bourgeois
1st International Ace Marathon KBDB 2014 Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Pierre Bourgeois, branche of the De Vooght colony
1st National Ace Marathon KBDB 2014

In the pigeon sport, each distance demands its own care-taking. The discipline that needs a lot of patience to come to results is the heavy long distance. The international classics Pau, Agen, Barcelona, St-Vincent, Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan, need pigeons with a long breath. Heavy long distance racers often passed already a heavy programme before they reach their final exams and the fancier needs a lot of patience. On the short- and middle distance races, you mostly enter the club full of stress and you avoid them to ask: "When did you start today?" There still are many fanciers to whom the long distances are a passion. Their wish is a national victory but in fact even more that one pigeon that's crowned once a year as 1° national ace-pigeon heavy long distance KBDB. This year, it was Pierre Bourgeois who won this title and so it was high time that we visited him.

The base

Pierre has a clear vision: the long- and the heavy long distance. His colony is based on the old origins of Gaston and Danny De Vooght. Many times, Pierre visited Gaston, often to drink a cup of coffee and a long talk from one fancier to another. Regularly, a special bird moved from De Haan to Pierre, like this brother of 'Miguel' (4° national ace-pigeon heavy LD KBDB 2007). Later on, it will be clear why this bird has been so very important to this colony. Next to these, there are also pigeons of Marcel Sonneviele (via Dessein-Vandemeulebroucke), Eric Devlaminck, Vercameren Brothers, Etienne Devos and recently from Serge Decroix.

By selection to result

On the Bourgeois loft, there's room for 40 racers, 15 breeding pairs and every year about 150 youngsters. To Pierre, a strong selection is very important to limit his colony. Already at the age of two months, there's a first selection, at that moment, it's necessary that the birds already have certain essential characterizes. Many among us think this to be too early and it is but it shows that a fancier needs a clear vision to get to good results. In their year of birth, the young birds get to do races till 300 km. It's possible that the hens have to do some nationals. Pierre notices that the fanciers in the Western Flanders don't have that many possibilities. You can't always let them race the distance you want and often these are provincial races. This mostly means that you have a lot to pay without getting something in return.

Classical widowhood

He's mainly focussed on the game with the old birds but he doesn't race his hens. Before the season, the racers breed in the month of January. In March, they come together one more time to breed for about 5 days. The pigeons don't get trained here; Pierre always waits till they fly well around the loft. From the moment, they start to do so; they immediately leave for Arras (80 km). He also uses this method with his youngsters. A large step many of us would say but still his lost are limited. By the usual short- and middle distances, the racing pigeons have enough kilometres on their counter to be prepared for the long- and heavy long distance season.

The food

Pierre made the choice to feed his birds all individual. In fact, it's necessary because each bird has his own programme with a feeding schedule that fits. During the week, the pigeons get a mixture of 50% purification and 50% breed. From the moment, they have to spend 2 nights in the basket; they get a richer food with sport and corn. Besides this, he uses a lot of tea and on the food; he uses natural products like Zell Oxygen and Muta-Seed. At their arrival, they always get electrolytes and vitamins, which is necessary to start to build on their reserves. For the medical guidance, Pierre is guided by his vet Joris De Gussem. Regularly, the manure is examined and with each race, they're treated against cancer.


It's time to put this one in the spotlights. With a national coefficient of 0, 28%, he left all other competitors behind. The national ace-pigeon title is not the only title that's left for 'Mistral', because of his top-results. He also won the title of international ace-pigeon heavy LD and the provincial ace-pigeon title Heavy LD KBDB. The results that were necessary are astonishing:

  • St-Vincent national (3240p): 5°
  • Perpignan national (6248p): 8°

On his prize-list also 26° National Narbonne besides many other top-results, we can say he's bird with great class. When we take a look at his pedigree, we notice some noble blood. On his father's side, we notice 'Nathan', brother of 4° national ace-pigeon Heavy LD KBDB 2007. In his strains, we see that his grandfather is the 'Manu' of Gaston De Vooght, 1° national ace-pigeon Heavy LD KBDB 1998. 'Nathan' is also father of 'Nadal', 2° provincial ace-pigeon LD KBDB 2009. On his mother's side, we find 'Julia', with the noble blood of Eric Devlaminck, Santens Brothers and Marcel Sonneville.

Results 2014

'Mistral' is the favourite of Pierre but his loft-mates seemed to be inspired by his super results. On the long- and the heavy long distance, we notice several first prizes on local level and from Valence, a provincial victory. With those winners, we often find the Gaston De Vooght-blood, clearly a colony, based on strong pigeons. Let's take a look at the most important results:

  • Tours Old (432km)

Regional (245p): 5, 20, 21, 28, 30, 55, 58, 72, 78,
Provincial (6400p):117, 545, 547 762, 1299...

  • Limoges Old (617km)

            Regional (537p): 10, 43, 51, 52, 83, 124, 134
            Provincial (3434p): 66, 311, 390, 393, 578, 831, 893
            National (18390p): 140, 752, 942, 946, 1435, 2194, 2426, 4548

  • Valence Old (676km)

            Regional (81p): 1, 2, 19
            Provincial (364p): 1, 6, 90
            National (6449p): 94, 171, 1312

  • Cahors Old (723km)

            Regional (166p): 1, 2, 22, 24, 29
            Provincial (992p): 12, 16, 175, 192, 214
            National (7140p): 33, 45, 796, 875, 997

  • Agen Old (772km)

            Regional (95p): 1, 6, 27
            Provincial (823p): 19, 42, 164
            National (3928p): 119, 283, 642
            International (11227p): 224, 520, 1232

  • Limoges Old (617km)

            Regional (231p): 7, 8, 36, 62 
            Provincial (1239p): 40, 44, 192, 317
            National (7221p): 60, 66, 370, 675, 1785

  • Limoges Yrl (617km)

            Regional (157p): 3, 13, 45   
            Provincial (1130p): 15, 82, 356
            National (6907p): 44, 186, 1133, 1647  

  • St Vincent Old (872km)

            Regional (86p): 1, 14, 26
            Provincial (797p): 1, 173, 262
            National (3240p): 5, 452, 782
            International (11388p): 19°, 1334°, 2188°

  • Libourne Yrl (710km)

            Regional (88p): 1, 27
            Provincial (566p): 4
            National (3238p): 11

  • Perpignan Old (923km)

            Regional (135p): 1°, 4, 6, 13, 45°
            Provincial (1119p): 2, 50, 58, 107
            National (6248p): 8°, 139°, 156°, 349°
            International (17971p): 18°, 250°, 291°, 681°   

  • Tulle Old (605km)

            Regional (173p): 4, 37
            Provincial (1082p): 32, 169 
            National (5976p): 120°, 502°

Congratulations Pierre with this super season of many top-places in the championships:

  • 1° National Champion Ace-pig Heavy LD KBDB 2014 with Mistral 0,28%
  • 1° International Ace-pig Heavy LD 0,26%
  • 1° Champion Ace-pig Heavy LD KBDB Western Flanders with Mistral 0,29%
  • 4° Champion Heavy LD KBDB with 36,1%
  • 3° Champion Heavy LD Rekkem
  • 10° Champion Interwest-Flemish LD Old
  • 17° Champion Interwest Flemish LD General
  • 13° Ent.Belge General Championship
  • 9° Ent.Belge All-Round Championship

One thing's for sure; Bourgeois owns a super colony of very strong LD-racers. The Gaston De Vooght-blood goes on. We wish Pierre a lot of success for the next season. Pierre, in 2014, you reached a highlight in your career. Congratulations!
































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