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Bert Vanden Berghe

Bert Vanden Berghe
1st International Gueret Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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By Stefan Mertens

Wortegem-Petegem: Gueret national was a bit of a “surprise”. On Monday, every fancier noticed the wind blowing rather well out of the NW till W and so they all expected the winners of this race to be found in the Eastern part of the country. Nevertheless, the Gueret racers thought different and by the first national prognoses, we clearly notice that the birds entered the country in two lines. One group took the line of the Western Flanders and the Western side of the East Flanders while the others entered over the East of Antwerp and Flemish-Brabant and a bit of the western side of the province of Limburg.
The speed of the pigeons of the “Flanders” was a bit higher and the fastest was to be found with the well-known champion; Bert Vanden Berghe in Wortegem-Petegem. The bird was put in the basket at the end of breeding and surely the few extra nights in the basket, must have stimulated this blue yearling hen. “Princess Gloria” (B13-4186089) raced at a speed of 1309 m/m and left all 17.430 Gueret racers behind her.

Daughter of her mother
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and again, this is proved with Vanden Berghe. The National winning hen; “Princess Gloria” is a daughter of “The Kapoen” x top-hen “Gloria”

Sire: “The Kapoen” B12-3162831 – son top breeder “Neptunus” paired to a daughter of the “Champion”. “Neptunus” B99-3199708 – original Gaby Vandenabeele - Won: 2e Ruffec 1.600p. - 8e Chateauroux 4.221p. - 10e Blois 581p. - 15e Blois 1.187p. - 18e Blois 864p. - 21e Blois 1.345p. -32e Ruffec 1.918p. “Neptunus” is father of “Spy” (2e prize final race Sun City 2010 – winner 120.000 US dollar) - “111-09” (1e provincial Tours 2.045p.). A daughter of “Neptunus” is with Johny Jonckers, grandmother of the top cock “Messi”.

Dam: “Gloria” B11-4291462 – original Gaby Vandenabeele – super racing hen!
1e National (z) Limoges ‘013 against 5.742d.
4e National Limoges ‘013 against 14.271p.
39e International Bordeaux ‘012 against 10.620p.
53e National Chateauroux 15.902p.
72e National Souillac 5.282p.
174e International Narbonne 11.000p.

The story
The roots of Bert Vanden Berge are situated in Waregem (West-Flanders) in the village Nieuwenhove, where he got in contact with the pigeon sport for the first time. His grandfather Jerome mainly played the races like Angoulême and Orleans and he taught Bert the basic aspects of the sport. Bert’s parents were an example of the traditional image of the people of the Western Flanders: “Hard workers, which thought highly of the principles and values”. His parents build a business, which is still famous in our own country and abroad. Bert’s father, Roger Vanden Berge, died too young, at the age of 38. His wife, Esther Desloovere, was left behind with her children among which the 6 year old Bert. It hasn’t been easy but luckily Bert could always count on the support of his uncle Antoon Laverge, also a passionate fancier. At the age of 7, they build Bert a small loft in the Beverenstraat 11 in Desselgem. Till he was 12, Bert raced the pigeons all by himself. He passed his school time at boarding school in Waregem and so there was not much time to spend with his birds.
Later on, Bert started again and played together with Patrick Houfflijn from Wortegem-Petegem. Bert and Patrick visited Gaby Vandenabeele to reinforce their colony. There they bought pigeons of the famous “Ronker” and the “Blauwe Fideel”. The “Ronker” was a very exceptional bird, which won many top-prizes; in 1994, he became 1st National As-pigeon LD and in 1995, this bird won 1st National Limoges. But also the “Blauwe Fideel” was a crack with his 1st National Brive in 1995. Especially with the descendants of these birds, Bert and Patrick were very successful. After some time, Bert got out of the duo and he was going to play together with Jacques Verscheure from Beveren-Leie. In 2011, Bert started a colony by his own name.

Bert is a very busy man, who often has to travel abroad. Being the President of NV Roger Vanden Berghe, he’s not often at home. Besides the free time he has, he likes to spend with his two lovely girls; Michèle and Alice…
So; Bert had to look for a loft-manager, which he soon found. He arrived with Wim Dewitte, an employee of his company and son of the Late Etienne Dewitte, a middle distance fancier from Deerlijk. Wim takes care of the pigeons in the afternoon and the evening and in the morning; Bert can always count on Vicky. Bert knows very well how to run a business with success and he also handles the pigeon sport in a very professional way. He’s surrounded by the best fanciers of the country and only the very best comes on the loft of Bert Vanden Berghe. To start with, he bought youngsters of the two most famous colonies of the West Flanders: Marc Polin and Gaby Vandenabeele
The system.
The accent lies mainly on the game with the old and the yearling pigeons but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t expect the youngsters to score. Because of an auction, Bert started the new season with a limited team of 20 widowers and 14 hens (all played by the pure widowhood).
In spring, the hens trained very well. Everybody noticed that their condition was more than super. Because these hens weren’t very well attached to their boxes and didn’t have a steady partner, the cocks arrived on the loft in the month of March. They formed pairs, eggs were dropped in the nest-bowls and after 2 or 3 weeks, the hens arrived back on widowhood. But then it happened … their lust and eager to train disappeared. Bert and Wim were sick of it and about a month ago, the ladies got paired again to continue the races on a nest-position. And yes, it’s one of those hens that brought home the national victory; “Princess Gloria”. She went into the basket at the end of breeding and while she was away, they put her eggs in the brooder. On the day she returned, her youngsters were born. Bert: “This is the proof that a hen perfectly knows when her youngsters crawl out of the eggs.”

When it comes down to care-taking, Bert is very clear: “Punctuality and being neat are both very important to me. I count on it that my care-takers refresh the water twice a day. Also dust isn’t very good but this doesn’t get a chance on our loft but we all try it as simple as possible. Not 10 different mixtures or by-products. We have complete faith in the system of Gaby Vandenabeele (Beyers).

Bert and Wim, congratulations




































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