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  News > 1st International Marseille Winner

Ronald Lodewijckx

Ronald Lodewijckx
1st International Marseille Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Winner's Eye

Winner's Wing



















































By Stefan Mertens

Tielt-Winge: No wonder, we meet a very happy Ronald Lodewijckx because it’s not often that a man can win an international victory. We noticed that Ronald enjoys all the attention but he didn’t really realize yet what his “Vale Marseille” did. Nevertheless, Ronald knows the feeling of winning a national race because in 2010, his “Limo 2010” (B09-2061915) won 1e National Limoges against 14,199 yearlings!
The international victory was won by the “Vale Marseille” (B11-2102144), released at 6h45 and clocked at 18h 41min 38 sec at a distance of 873km this was at a speed of 1218,57 m/m. Hereby, he beats the pigeons of Jan Polder (Middelharnis – Holland -1197,15m/m) and Straetemans Jan (Thorn – Holland – 1172,92 m/m), on international level.
It’s for sure that this international winner wasn’t just lucky because 3 weeks ago, this wonderful cock already won 9e National Montélimar!

Before it was Tremelo
Till 2002, I played the pigeons together with my father in Tremelo.  The highlight certainly was winning 1e semi-national Chateauroux (2001). That same year, I started with the young birds here in Tielt-Winge. The base of my colony is our old base (mainly pigeons of Marc Pollin, Crickelion and Wouters Jos) and these were reinforced with pigeons of Christiaan Hennes, Vanvuchelen Ivan, Speltdoorn Remi, Van Eycken Robert, Buelens and Son and De Clercq-Vervaeren. I want to apologies if I forgot somebody. 
I try to compete with a team of 37 widowers (17 old and 20 yrl), 30 pairs of breeders and about 100 youngsters. My intention is to score well in the long- and heavy long distance and, don’t ask me why, but I like to play the races of the Rhône Valley.

The preparation and the care-taking
My widowers didn’t breed in winter. They were paired on February 2nd and after they had breed 10 days, widowhood started. You can mention that I use the method of my good friend and Barcelona winner Remi Speltdoorn from Winksele. When I have some doubts, I give him a call and ask his advice.
I use the mixtures of Beyers like Vandenabeele, Opbouw, Energy and Super Energy. At the beginning of the season, I feed them all together but further on in the season, they get their food separate. I do this because the widowers are divided per race and in fact each widower has to be fed in a different way. I prefer using the by-products of Dr. Peeters and Dr. Marien (condition powder, vitamineral, etc…) but I also buy some natural products at the pharmacist. On medical level, I trust the guidance of Dr. Peeters.

Was my winner specially motivated? I don’t think I did something special. As a fancier, I try to have good contact with my widowers. My team is divided over 4 compartments and every evening, I go and say “goodnight”. When it starts to get dark, I go and have a little fight with each widower. To me, these details are very important.
Ronald, congratulations!





































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