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  News >1st National Champion Short Distance Youngsters KBDB - Patrick Lismont


Patrick Lismont
1st National Champion Short Distance Youngsters KBDB 2014

by Stefan Mertens





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When we talk about speed devils, we automatic think about Patrick Lismont from Bekkevoort. For several years, he's famous because of his super results on the short distance. But his sprinters can easily go further too because in 2013, he could be found among the National Champions on the heavy middle distance in Ostend. After all, Patrick and his wife Sonja prefer the short distance and this year their competitors found out. On National level, as well with the old birds, the yearlings and the youngsters, he can be found among the National Champions but with his young birds, he was at the top of the stage in Antwerp as 1 Nat Champion SD Youngsters. He won this title thanks to 3 super young hens of which 2 were classified among the 20 best of the country among the National Ace-pigeons. When you're at the national top, this can only be even better on provincial level and so he also became General Provincial Champion Flemish Brabant. This is what they call a season in a golden frame! And if we know well, he also was 1st Superstar Short Distance and 3 General in the "Gouden Duif" competition. He is top-class at the highest level and so high time to pay our champion a visit.

Highlights 2014

 1 Nat Champion SD Youngsters KBDB 2014
 1 Superstar SD "Gouden Duif" 2014
 1 Prov Gen.Champ Flemish Brabant KBDB 2014
 1 Prov Champ Little SD Old birds KBDB 2014
 1 Prov Champ.Little SD Yrl. KBDB 2014
 1 Prov Champ.Little SD Youngsters KBDB 2014
 1 Prov Ace-pig Little SD Youngsters KBDB 2014
 2 Prov Ace-pig Little SD Yrl. KBDB 2014
 3 General "Gouden Duif" 2014
 5 Prov Champ Heavy SD Old birds KBDB 2014
 5 Prov Champ Heavy SD Yrl. KBDB 2014
10 Nat Ace-pig SD Youngsters KBDB 2014
11 Nat Champ SD Old birds KBDB 2014
13 Nat Champ SD Yrl. KBDB 2014
20 Nat Ace-pig SD Youngsters KBDB 2014

1 Nat Champion SD Youngsters KBDB 2014

Momignies 3.693p: 94 - 104
Momignies 3.152p:  1 - 19
Momignies 1.370p: 93 - 19
Momignies 1.789p: 13 -   5
Momignies 1.755p: 11 -   3
Momignies 1.432p:  10 - 13

These 6 results with his 2 first signed are good for a coefficient of 17.6352

The base

At the base of this colony, we mainly find the red/pale pigeons, which he got from his father Emiel Lismont from Budingen. He crossed these pigeons with the Vos-Jennes via Benny Willems from Bekkevoort, Patricia Verhaegen from Aarschot (strain Grijze Kannibaal), Cumps Brothers from Langdorp, Johnny D'Haes from Erondegem, Adrien De Munter & Son from Zarlardinge and Rainer Leisegang from Germany.

The last reinforcements are Leo Heremans pigeons via Peter Kocks from Germany and a breeder of Eric Goovaerts from Baal and they both do very well on the breeding loft.

The system with the widowers

In total, there are about 50 widowers on the loft in Bekkevoort; 36 for the short distance and 1 compartment of 14 for the heavy middle distance.  The widowers for the short distance get paired at the end of November, at the same time as the breeders and they raise a round of youngsters.

At that moment, the 14 other widowers are on little shelves on their loft with the boxes still closed. These get paired in February and they just get to breed for a couple of days.

When the youngsters 2015 are weaned, the short distance racers start their daily training. They start to train rather quickly and it's important they get into a good basic condition because Patrick doesn't believe in "winter condition".  Here it's important that the heavy middle distance racers train well before they get paired because they always fall "through" a little bit at that point. Those for the short distance get paired again just before the season and then they can breed another 3 or 4 days before the widowhood starts.

During the season, all widowers train together and from the moment it gets warmer in the morning, they have to train twice a day. This season, his middle distance racers can skip their turn once and a while.

So, the birds have to train twice a day, of which 1 hour freely and 1 hour obliged. The obliged training is part of the system because Patrick doesn't like a bird "hanging around" on the roof but if they trained well for an hour, they can train freely without any problem.


A steady rule here is to show the hens! All widowers get to see their hen; at the beginning half box and afterwards the boxes are opened. Of course, this is also a bit of a feeling because some cocks score better when they saw their hens shortly and others prefer to spend half an hour with his partner. It always takes him about 30 till 40 minutes to take away all the birds and so in the mean time, he has some to time to observe and find out what's best for them.

After the first races, they only stay together shortly; for about half an hour. Further on in the season, they can stay together for 2 till 3 hours but never longer than half a day. Only when there's one hour in between two races, those of the first race can stay with their partner longer.

The youngsters

Every year, he breeds about 150 youngsters to race. The pigeons for the short distance are not on the same loft as those for the middle distance. They all are darkened; the short distance racers till half of June and the others 2 weeks longer.

There's also 1 separate compartment with 20 young cocks, which are played by "widowhood" with an old hen. At the end of the season, about 10 are left, which have all proved their capacities.

These young birds only train once a day. The short distance racers and the middle distance racers don't train together but once they sit by the sliding door, it can happen that the hens and the cocks of both compartments train together, to limit the number of compartments.

When do they go on the sliding door?

Before, Patrick had a steady rule, after they did 2x Momignies, the system of the sliding door started but he noticed that at that moment there aren't enough steady couples and so the sliding door hasn't enough effect. So now he tries to let them stay together longer till there are enough couples.

Again in 2014, this story has been confirmed because his 3 best young hens scored at their best when they had a steady partner.

One hour before basketing, the sliding door is opened and when they arrive home on Sunday, they stay together till Monday morning.  Then they get out together and after they entered, they are separated.

They race by the system of the sliding door till half of August and from that moment on, Patrick uses the nest game and hereby, they race till the beginning of September and that's the end of the season. The nests aren't fully raced out because at that moment, it has been enough as well for the fancier as for the pigeons.

Some top-pigeons of the "Lismont" loft

2224311/2014 dark cheq.hen
10 Nat Ace-pigeon SD Youngsters KBDB 2014

Best results 2014

  1 Momignies              52p
  3 Momignies           1.755p
  4 Chimay                237p
  5 Momignies           1.789p
  8 Momignies              83p
  9 Momignies           2.442p
 13 Momignies           1.432p
 13 Momignies           1.039p
 19 Momignies           3.152p
 19 Momignies           1.370p
104 Momignies           3.693p
339 Momignies           3.466p

Sire: 2149405/2012 Zwarte
He won 1 Momignies   250p
         2 Momignies   493p
         6 Momignies   993p
         6 Momignies   363p
        12 Momignies   915p

Gr.P. 2181819/2008 Rode
      He won 1 Momignies 426p, 2 Momignies 328p, 17
      Momignies 822p, 25 Momignies 2.011p, 30 Momignies 1.466p
      Son 494/04 Rode P Lismont x 489/06 Geschelpt A
Gr.D. 2148190/2011 Geschelpt E Lismont
      Daughter 576/05 Geschelpte witpen Gressens won 2x
      1st Momignies x 911/05 Blauw Vandijck - Debeule

Dam: 2149406/2012 Geschelpte witpen
She won 32 Momignies   993p
         62 Momignies 1.467p
         73 Momignies 1.120p
        138 Momignies 1.415p
        154 Momignies 1.617p

Gr.P. 2148037/2011 Rode
      He won 1 Soissons 154p, 2 Soissons 406p, and 3 Soissons
      685p, 5 Soissons 1.104p, 6 Momignies 915p
      Son 521/09 Geschelpte witpen 1 Ace-pigeon Momignies
      Old 2012 x 018/10 Vaaltje Lismont x Willems
Gr.D. 2047224/2011 Donker geschelpt P Verhaegen
      Daughter 446/08 Garfield won x 1st x 406/08 Pagy
      Daughter of half-brother "Miss Rapido"
2224385/2014 Cheq.hen
20 Nat Ace-pigeon SD Youngsters KBDB 2014

Best results 2014

  1 Momignies           3.152p
  1 Momignies              65p
  2 Momignies              52p
  6 Momignies              91p
  8 Momignies           1.039p
 10 Momignies           2.442p
 10 Momignies           1.432p
 11 Momignies           1.755p
 13 Momignies           1.789p
 14 Momignies             237p
 93 Momignies           1.370p
106 Momignies           1.322p
115 Momignies           3.466p

Sire: 2205708/2007 Rosse geschelpte
He won 1 Momignies    231p
         2 Momignies    483p
         2 Momignies    425p
         2 Momignies    321p
         6 Momignies 1.608p

Gr.P. 2145463/2004 Geschelpte
      1 Ace-pigeon Yrl France Ave Regina
      Won 1 Soissons 570p, 1 Soissons 291p, 2 Soissons 683p,
          3 Soissons 890p, 3 Soissons 765p  
      Son 380/03 Blauwe Guisson Vanbrabant x 327/03
      Geschelpte witpen R Jonckers
Gr.D. 2124380/2003 Wit
      Won 3 Momignies 355p, 5 Momignies 436p, 21 Momignies
      2.008p, 32 Momignies 1.800p, 80 Momignies 2.463p
      Daughter 613/98 Rosse P Lismont x 927/99 Wit B
      Willems (Vos - Jennes)

Dam: DV 0631/10/189 Geschelpt direct R Laisegang

Gr.S. DV 06723/09/3336 Geschelpte Grandson Kleine Dirk.
      Son NL 603/05 Totti Son Kleine Dirk Koopman x
      DV 196/07 Daughter Golden Bosua x Koopman
Gr.D. DV 0516/09/1512 Blauw Granddaughter Fieneke 5000.
      Daughter 354/01 Son Fieneke 5000 F Vervoort x
      DV 632/06 Blauw Inbreed Fieneke 5000

The food

The whole year through, he uses mixtures of Beyers and Vanrobaeys. These are super diet and sport, mixed together of both firms.
In the beginning of the week this is: 2/3 Super diet and 1/3 Sport and towards the end of the week, it becomes richer by adding more Sport. After each race, they receive homemade tea in their drinking water and 100% Sport, which he mixes with proteins of his vet. During the season, he uses a lot of apple vinegar, sedochol and elderberry juice.  For the rest he uses Tollyamin - Forte of Schroeder - Tollisan, Ascorbuvit and Entrodex of Koehoorn, Blitzform of Röhnfried and condition powder and vitamineral of Ferdinand Mariën.

The medical guidance

The medical guidance is controlled by Vincent Schroeder from Bilzen.  Patrick visits him before the breeding- and the racing season and during the season, on regular times.

He uses the same system with his old and young birds. Before the racing season, they're cleared from cancer with Tricho green and treated for the heads. During the season, he only treats his bird on medical advice; this year it was 1x against cancer with 1/4 flagyl and 2x for the heads.

All birds get vaccinated against paramyxo, all racers against the pocks and in February, the old birds are cured for 10 days against paratyphus.  In autumn, this cure is repeated for all birds.

Best results 2014

Momignies VSOB 915 Old: 3,6,12,18,19,23,36,42,52,67,...17/22
Momignies VSOB 589 Old: 2,28,40,...4/6
Momignies VSOB 363 Old: 4, 5,6,18 4/6
Momignies 205 Old: 1,3,5,10,...6/6
Momignies 107 Old: 1, 3, and 7 3/6
Momignies 66 Old: 1,2,3,4,5,...6/6
Soissons 464 Old: 5,8,14,15,16,17,44,...8/9
Soissons 362 Old: 1,7,9,13,30,37,...9/12
Soissons 304 Old: 1,2,3,6,7,9,28,...8/8
Soissons 111 Old: 3,4,5,...6/8
Poitiers Nat C1 1429 Old: 5,23,100,...5/5

Momignies VSOB 1081 Yrl : 7,9,10,12,15,18,20,21,29,30,48,
Momignies VSOB 766 Yrl: 1,36,...4/5
Momignies VSOB 498 Yrl: 3, 6, 7,9,29 5/5
Momignies 270 Yrl: 1,3,4,5,7,11,14,22,...11/12
Momignies 141 Yrl: 1,2,4,5 4/4
Momignies 47 Yrl: 1,2,4,...4/4
Soissons VSOB 1109 Yrl: 11,24,45,46,48,84,91,97,...20/24
Soissons 524 Yrl: 10,12,14,19,24,25,26,28,51,...12/13
Soissons 280 Yrl: 1,2,15,18,28,...8/11
Soissons 165 Yrl: 7,8,9,11,14,...8/11
Poitiers Nat C1 1443 Yrl: 60,86,...3/4                   
Momignies 2442 Youngsters : 2,4,6,9,10,38,76,79,82,85,92,
Momignies 3152 Youngsters: 1,3,4,18,19,25,31,45,49,54,57,
                       58, 61,62,63,72,111,143,155,160,
Momignies 1370 Youngsters : 1,15,16,17,18,19,20,33,36,37,42,45,
Momignies 1789 Youngsters : 2,3,4,5,18,20,23,24,41,43,45,54,
Momignies 1755 Youngsters : 1,3,5,9,11,12,13,17,18,32,48,49,56,57,
Momignies 1432 Youngsters : 2,3,4,7,8,9,10,13,15,16,17,74,77,83,86,
Soissons 1547 Youngsters: 1,25,32,50,53,...7/12
Soissons 2018 Youngsters: 2,3,36,48,93,112,114,...12/14
Soissons 1398 Youngsters: 5,8,16,25,26,28,103,104,106,107,...21/45

Patrick and Sonja, congratulations with your fabulous results

































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