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1st National Agen Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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1002684 Winner


9033148 Winner


Winner's Head

Winner's Eye




















































On Friday June 27th, 20.000 pigeons arrived at the start on the international race from Agen. We had to go to province of Luik to find the winner; in Verviers. It’s here that the Widow Mornard lives with her son Geoffrey. They took over the colony when the master Henri Mornard died in 2001. He was a legend on the long distance races and he had a lot of success with his strong base of pigeons. Besides 1 S/Nat Montluçon, he also won in 1991, 1st International Perpignan with a hen. Now, 23 years later, it’s his son who did very well with a widower.

This cock scores with a top result from Agen because he not only wins 1st International but about 9 minutes later he clocked his 2nd bird that scores with 3rd National against 4362 old birds. When we visited him on Friday evening, all of his 9 birds were clocked.

3 old: 16h39, 16h48 and 20h02.
6 yearlings : 17h27, 17h57, 18h09, 18h27, 19h41 and 20h10.


The base

Before we talk about the base, we would like to talk about the loft, which are built on the attic of the house. It’s an ideal loft where it’s warm, dry and a lot of oxygen, the reasons why the birds are in a very good condition. If something’s wrong with the health of their birds, there’s always Geoffrey’s wife, who’s a vet. So it’s a family happening where they’re rewarded now with this beautiful victory.

The breeding loft is mainly based on the old pigeons of father Henri (strain of the famous 13 x Pin up Matterne).  Besides these, there pigeons of Renier Gurnay from Verviers, who owned the famous Hansenne pigeons, Paul Tossens, Emile Matterne, Rainer, and Dieter Ballman and in Holland he got pigeons of Jan Theelen and Antoon & Luci Vanderwegen.


The system with the widowers

The team counts 50 widowers, which are played by the system of the classical widowhood. After the season, they usually stay together till November and then they get separated. In February, they get paired for the first time and they can breed for about 10 days, this is repeated the following month. They mainly focus on the long distance and the heavy long distance, where they have very good results.  They prefer these distances because they’re not well situated in the East of the country, to race their birds on the heavy middle distance.

Every day, the birds train twice, once at 6 in the morning and again at 16.30 in the afternoon for 1 hour.


The preparation

The first 2 pigeons from Agen had almost the same preparation this year.

The winner did 2x Bourges, Chateauroux and then he stayed at home for 3 weeks till the race from Agen.

The 3rd national, which left as 1st marked, did Bourges, Chateauroux and Poitiers before they had 2 weeks of rest.


Special motivation with a few boxes

Before basketing, the hens are always shown for about 10 minutes but now, with this race, Geoffrey did something else. Because there are always empty boxes on the loft, he opened some more and these were occupied by the first 2 pigeons. Also the 1st marked had taken a place in a corner, where Geoffrey had put a nest bowl. By expanding their territory, these two birds scored with a super result.

When the race was easy, the birds usually get separated after +- 2 hours. When the race was more difficult, they can stay together a bit longer.


The 2 winners from Agen

1002684/2012 – pale cock

Wins 1 National Agen 4362 old birds

Clocked at 16h39m13sec for a distance of 813km at a speed of 1368 m/min.

Hereby he not only wins 1st National Agen but also 1 I.Nat Agen old birds and he’s the fastest against a total of 20.065 pigeons.

9033148/2012 – red cock

Wins 3 National Agen 4362 old birds

Clocked at 16u48m03sec for a distance of 813km at a speed of 1348 m/min.


The medical guidance

On medical level, Geoffrey can depend on his wife for advice. When the pigeons are positive for cancer, they get treated. Of course it’s an extra that they regularly get a check up.

They never treat against coccidiose or against head diseases because they have very dry lofts.
Every year, the racers get their vaccinations against paramyxo and the pocks.


The food

Before the season, the pigeons get a purification mixture so they loose all their old down. Afterwards, they turn over to the Hoebrechts mixtures. In the preparation towards a heavy race, they get a small part of super diet fulfilled with breed and sport. The last days they get full trough filled with breed and sport.


Best results 2014

Limoges 1503 old: 41,96,101,134,139,...10/14
Valence 1247 old: 101,...5/6
Cahors 849 old: 70,92,...6/9
Montauban 552 old: 73, 3/3
Poitiers 516 yrl: 13,19,24,30,33,38,43,...15/16






































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