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  News > 1st National Argenton Winner

Kristin Rykx
1st National Argenton Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Winner's Wing

Winner's Head

Winner's Eye




















































By Stefan Mertens

Herk-De Stad: With 36,137 pigeons, the national race from Argenton had a beautiful number of participators. They were released at 7.35 A.M. with mainly a west-south-west wind and so it was logical that the first pigeons on national level were to be found in the eastern part of the province of Flemish Brabant and in the province of Limburg. The fastest of them all was the chequered cock of Rykx Kristin from Herk De Stad, more specific the village Donk. Being clocked at 14h 04min and 50sec, this cock flew at a speed of 1418,58 m/m. Hereby, he beat in his category, the young birds of Engelbos Emiel (Halle-Booienhoven 1406,38 m/m) and Vandevelde Koen (Rummen – 1402,62 m/m).

A new start

They play by the name of Kristin Rykx but in fact the fancier at your service is Rob Loomans. Rob explains: “As well Kristin as I, always saw pigeons flying around the house of our parents. At the moment, my father is still an active fancier but Kristin’s father passed away. To honour his name, we decided to continue racing by the name of Rykx. It all started here about 5 years ago. We started with pigeons of everybody and everywhere but without good results. We couldn’t go on like that and so we made a strong selection and only a few pigeons got a second chance. We looked for better pigeons and we knocked on the door of Johny Jonckers (Linter). We’re talking here of the year 2012 when we bought with Johny, eggs of the widowers paired to the breeding hens. We also bought some eggs with Erik Limbourg (Brussegem) and Marc Vanonckelen (Halen) but we can easily say that we have for 90% Jonckers pigeons and in the mean time, we went back in spring to get some more.

The youngsters

The 18 pairs of breeders stay with my father. He keeps the first round and the 2nd and 3rd round moves to us. We also had some widowers and after all were weaned; we had to feed about 100 youngsters every day.

The first months, the two rounds were kept separate but once the 3rd round started to train well enough, they all got together. They were darkened from the beginning of March till the 1st week of June but we didn’t give them extra light afterwards.

In contrast with most other fanciers, I chose for the nest-game. All very calmly, all together and those that want to build a nest can do so. Every morning, my youngsters can get outside for two hours and they really have no choice because the windows are closed. The pigeons know very well that they can’t get inside and they train for about half an hour and afterwards they get into the sky regularly. The pigeons that breed, which are the hens because the youngsters get to train in the morning, are taken from their nest to drive them away at a distance of +- 20 km.

The care-taking

I prefer to use the mixtures of Beyers. At the base, it’s the Vandenabeele mixture and closer to the day of basketing, I feed them up with a sports mixture + sunflower seeds + hemp. When they have to feed youngsters, they always get a rich mixture.

The by-products, I use are those of Röhnfried and every week, I use beer yeast, electrolytes, amino acids, oils, etc…
On medical level, I follow the schedule of Dr. Peeters, which concretely means. Till 2 months ago, the young birds didn’t get any cure, not even against cancer. Two months ago, they were treated for the first time against cancer for 7 days with Tricho green of Dr. Peeters. Afterwards, I follow the 4-week schedule: week 1: 2 days condition powder – week 2: 2 days EGS powder – week 3: 2 days condition powder and week 4: 2 days Orniplus powder.

On a youngster of 14 days

The national winner (B14-2064334) is a cock with strong muscles, which left super motivated. He not only took care of his youngster alone but he also had another box beneath his own box and he was very busy to lead his partner to their new territory. Rob and Kristin didn’t expect the Argenton racers till they suddenly noticed a young pigeon on the roof of the loft. Normally, it takes some time before the “334” enters but now he only needed 30 seconds before he was clocked.

Kristin and Rob, congratulations!


































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