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  News > 1st National Bourges Winner


Louis Van Paesschen
1st National Bourges Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Winner's Wing


Winner's Eye


















































Louis Van Paesschen
1st National Bourges 30.184 Youngsters – fastest against 48.306 pigeons

By Stefan Mertens


Humbeek:  Who doesn’t want to have a national victory on his prize list?  The national winner from Bourges with the young birds and also fastest of all 48.306 Bourges racers…this year, the honour was for the 82-year old Louis Van Paesschen from Humbeek in the province of Flemish Brabant.  His “Schone Blauwen”, a young cock paired to an old hen, was clocked at 11h46m17s at a distance of 453km, this was at a speed of 1672, 02 m/m. Hereby, and he beats the youngsters of Hazaert Kamiel and Gerry (Neerijse – 1655.23 m/m) and Verpaelt Adolf (Teralfene – 1650.69 m/m). To Louis, it’s his 2nd National victory because in 1990, he already won a National La Souterraine with the young birds.

Before it was speed

Probably, the name of Louis Van Paesschen isn’t unknown. Before, Louis made his name on the short distance races, where the Noyon races were his favourites. With regret, he talks about the famous September races in St. Katherina Lombeek. Races with a lot of pigeons and they played for a lot of money. Louis was very successful on these races and all of this thanks to his solid base, which he created with pigeons of Engels & Son, Maurice Voets and Albert Denkens.
In 1988, the complete colony was sold except for the youngsters. Louis said goodbye to the short distance races and he decided to concentrate on the middle- and heavy middle distance races. The base: Voets x Engels remained on the loft and also on these longer distances, the Van Paesschen pigeons did very well. Since 1989, he won 22 provincial victories! Only few among us can show such references.

Youngsters 2014

Louis: “I started the season with a group of 50 youngsters. In the beginning, they all stayed together and they were darkened from half of March till the end of May. Once I stopped the darkening, I started to train the young birds. But, like most of us, I also left them at home several times because of the bad weather. Can you believe that my Bourges racers only did 1 middle distance before? Not enough but it seems to be enough to my “Schone Blauwen”, who showed his tail to all Bourges racers.
When we talk about the care-taking, you don’t find a lot of secrets here with me. I us two kinds of mixtures; a race mixture with yellow corn and a race mixture with cinquantino corn. I already used a lot of different mixtures in my career but I never noticed a lot of differences. I always try to use healthy mixtures instead of special compositions. On medical level, I follow the advice of my vet Raf Herbots. Twice a week, I use Aminovit and Optimix and also regularly oils and Zell-Oxygen. The week before Bourges, some youngsters had some problems with infected eyes and so I treated them for 3 days with the eye-drops of Raf. Five weeks after the weaning, they were treated against cancer for 5 days. Afterwards, this treatment has been repeated every 3 or 4 weeks for 3 days. Till now, I didn’t give anything for the heads.
If I drive my youngsters during the week? No, since I race with the pigeons, I never drive my youngsters once they are on the races. If you ask me, it’s all a waist of energy and time!

The national winner 

About 3 weeks before Bourges, my youngsters were put on the system of the sliding door. Before the basketing for Bourges, the door was opened at 12 o’clock at noon and they could “build a party” for about 5 hours. There’s one old hen among my young birds and my national winner is paired to her. It’s a pity that I didn’t see him arriving. I was standing in the kitchen and when I looked through the window, I saw a pigeon sitting on the roof. My electronic system was already installed, so I didn’t waist any time.

Louis, congratulations!
































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