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Rudi De Saer

Rudi De Saer
1st National Cahors Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Ruiselede: Before the national race from Cahors started, many fanciers made their prognoses about who would be classified within the national top. With the wind they announced; North East, the selection of candidate winners soon was limited till the province of the West-Flanders and those that analysed the results of this province, knew that there was one colony that appeared often above the others; the super colony of  Rudi De Saer from Ruiselede. Let’s be honest… did you see the result of the provincial race from Tours provincial (date May 17th) against 6.400 pigeons, De Saer wins 1e-2e-3e prize provincial. And what do you think of the result of Limoges National…starting with 2e and 6e National and on provincial level, against 3.434p: 1e and 10 pigeons within the Top-100! Without using too many words, we can easily mark this colony as “dominating”!


The National winner of this difficult race is the fabulous cock, the “New Tours” (B10-3020802). Would we be wrong if we’d say that the “New Tours” may be the best cock that was in the baskets of Cahors … to clear this, here we show you his prize-list:
1             Cahors National               7.136p.
1             Arras                                    264p.
1             Tours Provincial              515p.
1             Limoges Provincial         790p.
6             Limoges  National            14.679p.
10           Souillac National              5.282p.
18           Limoges National             13.781p.
87           Argenton National           19.782p.
176         Limoges National             18.390p.
214         Cahors National               8.348p.
454         Tulle National                   6.817p.
492         Limoges National             14.271p.
502         Châteauroux National    25.263p.
Not often we see that kind of class and in fact it’s rare that this kind of pigeons till participate to the races.


When we ask Rudy about the story of this race, he stands on the widowers loft with the “New Tours” in his hands. His face doesn’t show it but when we notice the twinkle in his eyes, we see that this man is enjoying his victory. It’s always something to win a national race but if you win this victory with your favourite pigeon, it even makes a man much happier.

Rudy: “When I can talk freely, I expected him to score at the top of the result. Once or twice a year, he shows me his super condition. What he does then goes like this.  The “New Tours” wants to get outside as first one but he also wants to get inside as first one. Especially the last part is a sign of his super condition. The other times he did this, he won 6e National Limoges (he arrived earlier but I wasn’t at home and found him on the loft) and 10e National Souillac. Despite this sign of condition, he left as second marked. It was the “018” that left as first signed and he won from Limoges 6e National and now, according to the prognoses, he wins 176 national Cahors).

Rudy: “You should know that after my father died in 2009, the complete racing team has been sold. Only the breeders and the youngsters stayed on the loft. Many top-pigeons left the loft and it’s not that easy to arrive back at the top of the result. But I must say that the successors score above all expectations and at that moment, as a fancier, you can only enjoy!
For the season 2014, I have a team of 60 widowers. To be clear …he only races the cocks, no hens. The colony is for 95% based on the race of Gaby Vandenabeele. The other 5% are pigeons of Gino Clicque, Rik Cools and some fancier friends.
On December 15th, the widowers were paired and they each raised 1 youngster.  Before the hens wanted to drop for the second time, the cocks were on widowhood. In spring, the hens came back for about 3 days and then it all started.


For years, he puts his faith in the medical guidance of the vet Piet Blancke. Only one time, he didn’t follow his advice and at that time he had very bad results. Once a month, Rudy visits the vet and he always follows his advice blindly. Before the season, the pigeons were treated against cancer and treated individually against ornithose and this for 5 days. During the season, he follows the “3 week schedule”. The first week, he treats them against cancer for 2 days... One time, he uses the capsules of the vet, the next time he treats them with Tricho Plus or Flagyl. He regularly changes the product so they don’t get resistant to a certain product. The second week, they’re treated against infections of the bronchial tubes and also here, he regularly changes the product. The third week, the vet controls for coccidiose and if it’s necessary, they get treated. If the diagnose is negative, Rudy doesn’t use any product.

The mixtures he prefers are the ones of the firm Beyers. Light food at the beginning of the week (Vandenabeele + purification) and the last 3, the mixture is much richer. All birds always eat together. The by-products are those of Röhnfried. At their arrival from a race, they get Avipharm in the drinking water and on regular times, Rudy uses Avitonicum over the food and tea in the drinking water. They also get 1 day Blitzform and 1 day vitamins.
One thing’s for sure; we didn’t see the last of this colony!  That many super birds, guided by a super fancier…




































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