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  News > 1st National Montauban Winner - Erik Vermander

Erik Vermander
1st National Montauban Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Oekene: Montauban National (790km distance from Brussels) had 5.933 old pigeons at the start. The baskets were opened at 6h40 in Montauban and the long distance racers could start a day of hard work. With the wind on their head, the first birds had a speed of just above 1100 m/m. National winner was the “Napoleon” of Eric Vermander of Oekene in the Western Flanders. At 17h53min39sec the electronic system clocked “Napoleon” at a speed of 1153,57 m/m. Hereby he beats the pigeons of Houfflijn (1145,03 m/m) and Decherf Etienne (1132, m/m).

We meet a very happy Eric Vermander, when we went to congratulate him a couple of hours after the arrival of his winning bird. Eric is a long distance fancier “full blood”, which already scored within the top of the national result. Till last week when he finally succeed because never before he had the luck to win a national race or by the words of Eric: “For some time I was on the fair but now I was able to pull the pennon! On his prize list we already notice: 2 x 2e National Pau - 2e National Perigueux - 3e National Beziers - 4e National Bourges - 5e National Aurillac, 6e International San Sebastian - 8e International St Vincent - 11e National Dax and in the season 2013, the Vermander pigeons won: 5e National Souillac 3.641 yrl - 8e National Barcelona 10.542 p - 13e National Souillac 5.282 old birds - 10e National Brive 6.842 old birds and 19e National Montelimar 5.952 old birds ! Do there need to be sand….

For years, Eric Vermander owned some butcher shops and he also was in the buying business. Five years ago, he retired and from that moment on, he could spend all time he wanted on his loft, his passion. It was at the age of 12 that Eric put his first steps into the pigeon world. His father Albert, who died too early, was a very good middle distance racer. It was his father Albert, who learned Eric all about the pigeons. In 1975, Eric moved to his present address where he continued the sport with success. At the beginning, the Vermander colony mainly scored super on the middle distance. Eric preferred the typical “Orleans’-races, which were very popular in those days. In 1980, he had another challenge and slowly turned over to the long distance and the heavy long distance. He didn’t have to wait very long for success and in a short time, his competitors feared the man with the small basket.
Eric loved those days and certainly his first top pigeon; the “Oude Blauwe Witpen”, which was the star of the colony. With 8 times top-100 national, the “Oude Blauwe Witpen” was gold to the Vermander colony. Not only he was a super racer but also an exceptional breeder. Among others, he was father of “Kamiel”, a cock that won 2 National Pau. Later on, he also became grandfather of the famous “Vital” of Noël Lippens. The successes followed and by the years, Eric Vermander was a value in the pigeon sport of the Western Flanders.

The Vermander colony is a rather small colony with only 6 breeding pairs, 38 racers and about 60 youngsters. The original race of father Albert was mainly reinforced by pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem (strain “Bijter”) and of his good friend Noël Lippens (especially the strain of the “Turbo”). He breed a lot together with Noël, in fact you could say that, in those days, half of the colony were Lippens-pigeons. The present colony is based on two important strains: strain “Romario” and strain “Lippens”. The “Romario” was a top pigeon with 102 prizes in 4 years time. Some of his results : 2e Clermont 1.234 p – 3e Clermont 877 p- 7e Chartres 795 p but also 25e national Narbonne 6.929p – 29e international Pau 7.p – 14e international Dax 14.537 p – 153e Dax 12.176,etc… He’s a descendant of the “Bijter” (Gaby Vandenabeele) x sister “Camille” (descendant of the “Oude Blauwe Witpen”). The last few years, he got reinforcement with pigeons of: Lionel Vermander, Jozef Devriendt (Aartrijke), Filip and Nicolas Norman (Knokke), Andre and Jenny Dierick (Rumbeke) and Rik Cools (Ruiselede).


Eric: “My widowers breed twice before the season starts. They all say it’s not so good but it fits in my system and I feel well with it. It means that my widowers get paired on November 25th to raise a couple of youngsters and afterwards they can start for the second round. When the youngsters of the second round are 15 days old, “women and children” leave the loft and widowhood started. They don’t get to see their hens till the beginning of May, when the middle distance starts.
Does this breeding twice have an influence on the moulting? They ask this question often. Well the “Napoleon” dropped his 2nd pinion but I can show you others that didn’t drop one feather till now. Nevertheless, I must mention that last season, I wasn’t able to put in one bird for Perpignan because they already moulted too far.

Eric: “I always play with only a few pigeons and for Montauban I put in 3. “Napoleon” was the first signed and he won 1e National. My second clocked Montauban racer (B12-3157370) was the 2nd signed and he won 32 national. Hereby I have a good coefficient for the national championships KBDB. When I succeed one more time with a good coefficient, I hope I will end at the top of this championship.
“Napoleon” is certainly one of my favourites on the loft. Last year, he already succeeded well with 10e National Brive against 6.842 pigeons and that says it all! If he was especially motivated, that I not know…I certainly didn’t use any trick to give him that extra motivation because I think you can only “cheat” a widower once a season and I usually wait till the last races.”

Eric, enjoy your first national victory and congratulations!
Stefan Mertens
































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