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  News > 1st National Montlucon Winner

Schoors-De Waele

Schoors - De Waele
1st National Montlucon Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Adegem: Winning a national race is a dream coming true to each and everyone of us.  But if you can win a national victory with a super racer that already proved his capacities is even more than a dream coming true. You can ask Alex Schoors and Maurice De Waele. In 1997, they won Argenton II with the yearlings but when we congratulated Alex at that time, we remember him saying that winning a national race with the yearling in autumn, is not the same feeling as winning a “real” national. “I hope that I can win once in my career as a fancier, a “real” national” Alex told us at the time.  And yes, 17 years later, we’re at his front door. Their so much wanted “real national victory” is on their prize list!
And what a race it was…this Montluçon national…won against 14.230 old birds and also fastest against 33.528 pigeons! All of this thanks to a top score of the super widower; “Son Super Derby 835”… a crack that already won before 1e National (z) Chateauroux 4.288p. – 2e National (z) Montluçon 2.644p. !
To those that follow the pigeon sport, they all know that Schoors-De Waele is not a “hanger-on” in our Belgian pigeon sport. The last few years, they already won several championships and ace-pigeon titles and the “highlight” was 1e General Champion KBDB 2003!

Sometimes, a fancier needs some luck and this is what Alex and Maurice had, when they went to buy 4 pigeons with Louis Vanloon (Poppel) in 1999. Two of them: the “Blauwen Vanloon” (B99-6552488) and the “Vanloon 942” (B99-6552492) were super breeders and the other two were selected out of the group too soon. It’s unique what these two Vanloon pigeons produced and too much to mention in this article. Alex: “At this moment, 70% of our pigeons go back to these two Vanloon breeders. The other 30% is formed by pigeons of the Late Robert Buysse (Ertvelde), which have more marathon blood in their veins. With these 2 Vanloon birds, we did a lot of family breed and inbreed. “

Our national winners own a large team: 60 widowers (among which 31 old), 40 breeding pairs and about 200 youngsters. Alex: “We only race with our widowers even though we hear that many other lofts are very successful with their hens. If we should race the hens, it would be on nest and not on widowhood. Why we don’t race the hens? Well, the Vanloon pigeons often have lesbian tendencies and that’s certainly not what you need when you want to race the hens. This may be strange to you but if we wait too long to show the hens to our cocks, these too start to pair to each other. It’s odd but remarkable for the Vanloon pigeons.

The widowers, which stay on 6 different compartments, were paired on November 25th.  They raised a couple of youngsters and before the hens dropped a second time, they were separated. At the beginning of April, they got together again for 4 days and during this period they had to do their first training flights.
The whole team did 2 x Arras, 2 x Clermont and 1 x Fontenay and then the group was divided in two. Three lofts had to do Fontenay again and the others went to the heavy middle distance. From that moment on, one week group 1 and the other week group 2 was put in for the races. Once the long distance races start, they pick some pigeons out of the different groups.
As sellers of pigeon food, they think the food is very important and on their own lofts, they prefer to use the mixtures of Versele-Laga and Matador. At their arrival, they get a sports mixture and afterwards, this mixture is lightened by adding 1/3 Gerry Plus. The last few days before basketing, again they get 100% sport. In the morning they don’t get that much but in the evening they can eat what they want but we can’t talk about a “full trough”.
On medical level: all birds were cured and vaccinated against parathyphus in September 2013. O, November 1st 2013, they were vaccinated against paramyxo and in winter, they were vaccinated against pocks. During the training period, the birds were cured against cancer and this is repeated every 3 or 4 weeks during the season. For the heads, the widowers get a short cure with Soludox and as long as the results remain well, they don’t get cured anymore.

Like we already mentioned, this national race was won by a super bird; “Son Super Derby 835” (B11-4087835) already won before 1e National (z) Chateauroux 4.288p. and 2e National (z) Montluçon 2.644p. ! So this national victory is certainly no coincidence. The winner wasn’t especially motivated but he wins on his class. His future is and stays in Adegem where he will receive a “special box” on the breeding loft.
Alex, Maurice and Carmen, congratulations!
Stefan Mertens
































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