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Gaby Vandenabeele
1st National Tulle Winner

by Stefan Mertens





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Winner's Wing


Winner's Head



















































Dentergem: This weekend, the Vandenabeele pigeons made people talk again. Now, it was the master, Gaby himself, who gave his widower’s team an extra “motivation boost”. Hereby, “Ricardo” (B13-3056024), a wonderful blue cock and son of top breeder “Rudy”, won 1e National Tulle against 5.735 yearlings. After his national victory, “Ricardo” was baptised as “New Bliksem”, and he already showed his capacities before with prizes like 5e Provincial Tours 2.964p. And 10e Provincial Bourges 3.039p.

The power, the slyness, the speed with which the Vandenabeele pigeon flies through the air…there are no more superlatives. The list of references of top results made by the Vandenabeele pigeons with many fanciers on national and international level never end! Let’s take a look at the season 2014. When we watch the list of national winners, we can make our own conclusions:

Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem) himself wins 1e national Tulle 5.732 Yrl. With a son of “Rudy”.

Tandem Baert-Debusschere (Ere) wins 1e national Tulle 5.932 old birds born out of a direct Vandenabeele cock (son “Returned Bliksem”)

The father of the 1e National La Souterraine 9.204p. also fastest against 16.449p. with Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek) is a direct Vandenabeele cock (son of “Nesten” – grandson “Bliksem”)

Bert Vanden Berghe (Wortegem-Petegm) wins with “Princess Gloria”, granddaughter “Neptunus”, 1e National Gueret 9.754p.

Clicque Gino (Wevelgem) wins 1e National Montluçon 19.298p. father of the national winner is a grandson of the “Bliksem”.

De Saer Rudy (Ruiselede), known as the branch of Gaby Vandenabeele, wins 1e National Cahors 7.136 old birds with a 100% Vandenabeele cock.

Saatdüzen Saban (Tessenderlo) wins 1e National Argenton 8.297p. , grandfather is a grandson of the “Wittenbuik”.

Mattheus Louis (Balen) won 1e National Bourges 22.654p. , the mother of the winning hen is born out of two direct Vandenabeele pigeons

We want to mention that we only present here, the national winners of the season 2014. We don’t even talk about the zonal, provincial and other winners of this season.

The preparation of the widowers

Gaby talks: “I started the season 2014 with a group of 54 widowers. When the season ends, after Tulle or Argenton II, I make the first selection. Those that survive this selection get their hen and they can raise a couple of youngsters. At the beginning of October, the yearlings arrive on the lofts, where they get a hen and a box and together, they can breed “over”. According to mu opinion, this is the ideal way to introduce the “new ones” to the group. Once half of November, there’s no more breeding and they all get separated.

On February 1st, the hens arrive back on the loft to breed for about 5 days and then widowhood starts. There’s no more second pairing but the hens get back on the loft for about 3 days when the cocks get their first training flights.

During the season

I prefer a punctual and good care taking but not overdone. The lofts get cleaned every day, the water is refreshed but the drinking pots are not cleaned every day. The widowers train twice a day and each time they get their food. As a fancier, I always watch the way my widowers train but not the time they spend in the air. When they train very intensive for half an hour, I’m satisfied. All the rest is wasted energy!

As well during the week as during the season, I try to keep the widowers as calm as possible. I feed and give them to drink, all individual so they won’t fight on the floor. Also before basketing, being calm is the key word. Before, I used to show the nest-bowl but the last few years, I don’t do anything. I just pick up the cocks from the loft to put them in the basket. Normally, the widowers have to race every two weeks on the races between 600km and 800km.

Also food is important. I have my won mixture commercialised by the Firm Beyers. It’s a mixture poor in proteins and according to my opinion; it’s the ideal basic mixture. How do I feed?

Saturday (the day they return): sports mixture + tea with honey in the drinking water

Sunday: Vandenabeele mixture + Avidress Plus (Röhnfried) in the water

Monday: Vandenabeele mixture + Naturaline and Carls bath salt

Tuesday: Vandenabeele mixture + Blitzform (Röhnfried) in the water

Wednesday till and with Tuesday: Vandenabeele mixture + pure water or tea

Wednesday and Thursday (the day of basketing): 80% Vandenabeele mixture + 10% peeled sunflower seeds + 10% hemp. In the water on Wednesday: Kapuvit B (Röhnfried).

Before the start of the season, the pigeons were examined by Vincent Schroeder. There was a light infection of cancer and so they were cured for 5 days. For the heads, I use Koudijs Droogontsmetter (dry disinfection). About 3 times per season, the pigeons have to remain in the “smoke process” for 2 hours.


Let’s talk about the national winner. Gaby: “I didn’t see him arrive home. I just took a look at first announcements on the internet and when I got outside, I noticed on my clock that one already had arrived. Before his last race, “New Bliksem” was especially motivated because he spends 1 hour and 30’ with his hen. This seemed to be enough to show his tail to all participators of the national race from Tulle.

Gaby, enjoy your victory and congratulations!
Stefan Mertens
































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