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Pollin Marc - Snellegem
National Champion KBDB Heavy Long Distance

by Stefan Mertens


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Snellegem: The name of Pollin Marc doesn’t need any introduction in the international pigeon world. Already for decades, the Pollin team controls everything perfectly and every year again, they score within the top on an unknown level. National and international victories, Olympic pigeons…it’s all shown on their impressive prize-list. The only thing they missed till 2013 was to be on the highest step of the national championships. But, since November 2013 this missing link disappeared because Diane, Marc and Geert became 1e National Champion Heavy LD KBDB 2013! A new challenge for the following seasons can be chosen…
“Yes, challenges” Marc sighs while he’s poring out a nice cup of coffee, “first of all, let’s think about our health because this wasn’t very well the last few years. In October 2009, I had a heavy heart operation, followed by a long period of recovery. Luckily that Diana was there to take care of it all and we still had a super season. And then, April 2014 … Diana had driven away the pigeons for training but she stayed away too long… seemed she’d crashed her car to a tree…for 4 weeks, Diana had to stay on intensive care and now she’s still working on a heavy period of rehabilitation. Luckily there were my son Geert and his wife, who both helped out with the pigeons and so the colony was perfectly taken care of while I was supporting my wife during her rehabilitation.”


When you want to become national champion heavy LD, you have to send in the 3 best national results with the old birds with the 1st and 2nd signed on the races from Pau – Bordeaux (Agen) – Barcelona – St Vincent – Marseille – Narbonne and Perpignan.  Pollin Marc could send in following 3 results:
Pau                 67 (1st Nominated)   87 (2nd nominated)
Agen              30 (1st nominated)    64 (2nd nominated)
Barcelona      202 (1st nominated) 1030 (2ne nominated)
Hereby, Marc had a coefficient of 20, 9984% and he beats Delhove Alain and Sigrid (Villers-La-Ville – 27, 08%) and Nihoul Roland and Guy (Senzeilles – 28, 34%).


 The Pollin pigeon is well know because of its all round capacities. It’s not the first time that children of a certain pair, score well on the long distances as on the middle distance races. Geert explains: “We start the season with 100 widowers. The cocks that score well from the beginning on the middle distance are played on that distance for the rest of the season. With the others, we move one step further, towards the heavy middle distance and the long distance races. Hereby, we can have pigeons of the same pair that do well on the middle distances and the long distances.


Our 100 widowers are divided on 6 compartments. Each compartment has its colour, so we can easily see where the pigeon belongs. Among these 100 pigeons, there are 30 later and summer youngsters 2013. These pigeons have to be trained rather intensively and we don’t count them as a full member of the team.
All widowers do an early winter breed. To spread the work during the breeding period, we pair them in two groups, a first group on November 25th and about 6 weeks later, the second group. Marc: “I like to breed with a widower and the only reason is to know if this bird can earn his place on the breeding loft after his racing career.  If this bird produces promising youngsters, it’s not an exception that his stay on the widowers loft stops sooner.
Once the youngsters are about 15 days old, the widowers move to the open aviary while the hens stay on the loft to raise the youngsters. In this open aviary, the widowers can work on their basic health. Their meals contain purification Versele-Laga and every day Kaucabam in the drinking water. Kaucabam is a miracle product, it helps to keep the pigeons in good health and that’s very important. During this period, the racing pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo and pocks and they also receive a cure against cancer.
On March 15th, the cocks move back to their loft and on March 25th, they get repaired. The pigeons only stay together for a few days and they certainly don’t get to breed. During this second period of pairing, we drive a lot with our widowers. After a few days, the hens disappear from the loft and the cocks are on widowhood. At the beginning of May, we visit the vet Wim Boddaert (Oostkamp) to be sure that our widowers can start their new season in a good health.
Is feeding an art?  Well, the fact is that we prefer quality grains and we only use the mixtures of Versele-Laga. Our widowers can eat their meal all together. In the morning, a full trough and we take it away after half an hour. In the evening, they get what’s left in the morning and if it’s necessary, they get some extra. At their arrival, they get 100% purification and later on, we change to 50% purification and 50% sport. The 100% sport mixture is given in time before the races.


Every year, they wean about 150 youngsters to race with. The game with the youngsters isn’t the “real thing” to the Pollin team, but if you want to participate to the championships, you have to prove your capacities on this level too.  The darkening with the young birds begins on March 1st till and with May 31st, from 18.00 hours in the evening till 8 in the morning. They don’t give more light here in Snellegem. After the second short distance race with the club, cocks and hens are separated and they are played this way for the rest of the season. Marc: “We don’t want our young cocks to start a nest. May be we’re wrong but we think that’s not too good for his further career as a widower because they might have too much “lust” towards the youngster loft. It’s important for a youngster to get as much experience as possible and that’s why the young cocks have to race 2 or 3 nationals. To motivate them, we put about 10 old hens among the young cocks before basketing.  To us it’s no problem if the young hens show some lesbian tendency. Towards the end of the season, the hens are brought on a nest.


Here at the base of each colony nothing can go wrong. That’s why we hold on to our super pigeons, instead of selling them, they move to a breeding box and then… “Fingers crossed” and hope that the descendants score well. Of course, as a fancier you also need some luck and hope that it all works out well on the breeding loft. Our first basic pigeons were origin Florizoone via the colony Vonderling-Delaleeuwe and we also got some top-pigeons of Zwanckaert Gerard (Varsenare). The first real basic pair was “Vooruit” x “Zwankaert hen”. They became parents of top-birds like the “Montauban”, the “Tours” and the “Kleine Poitiers”.
Then there’s the strain of the famous “Perpignan” (B89-3115187), born out of the “B82-3392323” (Germain Lannoo – Varsenare) x “Ampe hen” (Jean-Luc Ampe from Aartrijke).
The next golden reinforcement was by breeding together with the Santens Brothers (Oudenaarde). Especially the cross-breed of the Santens-pigeons with the strain of the “Perpignan” succeeded very well.
Some recent important breeding strains are: the “Limoges” (1st National Limoges 21.463p.) – “The Chateauroux” (father “Dortmundter”), some hens of Van Damme-Boddaert, Noël Lippens and Robert Buysse already marked the Pollin colony. But also some hens of Boudewijn Jonckheere (mother “Dortmundter”, “Naï” and “Cruyff”), Fernand Deduyver (Ichtegem) and Jos Thoné, proved their qualities!

The present breeders surely are the Olympic pigeons “Dortmundter”, “Mortifer” and “Naï”

“Dortmundter” BE04-3003154 – 2nd Olympic pigeon KBDB cat.LD 2009 Dortmund - 1 Poitiers 397p. - 1 Poitiers 185p. - 4 Argenton 397p. - 5 Nantes 747p. - 7 Poitiers 1.443p. He became father of “B10-3182165”: 1. National (z) Tulle 2012 against 2.460 p. – 2 National Tulle 6.817 p. – 1 Brive 2013 against 184p. - 18 Nat Brive 8.331p. - 1 Chateauroux 2013 against 387p. – 4 National (z) Chateauroux 4.288 p. – 264 National Chateauroux 22.254p. - 2  Poitiers 2012 against 218 p. - 3  prov. Poitiers 1.183 p. - 2 Tulle 2013 164 p. - 50  National (z) Tulle  2.572 p. - 255. National Tulle 7.350 p. - 3 L’Aigle 114p. - 4 Tours 684p. - 57 prov. Tours 4,390p. “Dortmundter” was also father of “12”: 1e Nantes 156p. – 4e Provincial Nantes 2.883p. – 1e St. Junien 199p. – 6e provincial St. Junien 1.706p. – 32e National Brive ‘013 against 8.331p. – 46e National Tulle ‘012 against 8.331p. – 94e National Argenton ‘010 against 19.816p. – 125e National Chateauroux ‘010 against 22.718p. – 144e National Limoges 2010 against 14.211p.

“Mortifer” B03-3002141 – 1e Olympic pigeon KBDB Marathon 2009 – 1e Olympic pigeon FCI Marathon 2009 – 2e National Montauban 5.483p. – 9e National Limoges 6.617 2-year old– 20e National Limoges 12.266p. – 26e National Irun 5.252p. – 57e National Tarbes 4.460p. – 58e National Perpignan 5.547p. – 91e National Brive 9.446p. – 127e National Limoges 9.545p. – 169e National Beziers 6.191p. – 386e National Brive 16.007p.

“Naï”: B04-3003112. “Naï” won prizes like: 5e provincial Angouleme 1.547p. - 181e National Montauban 5.438 p.  - 204e International Perpignan 4.666 p. 414e National Irun 5.252 p. - 514e National Perpignan 5.547 p. - 536e National Brive 16.007 p. - 552e National Montauban 6.187 p.

“Nai” is father of “As-Trix” BE07-3080019. “As-trix” won as a youngster: 1e provincial ace-pigeon LD 2007 KBDB Western Flanders - 1e Semi Nat. Nantes 1.889p. - 1e Nantes 224 p. - 1e Poitiers 206p. - 6e prov. Poitiers 1.388p. - 6e Tours 228p. - 39e prov. Tours 1.930 p. “As-Trix” is father of top-pigeons like “Hamilton” (1e prov. Ace-pigeon MD Yrl. KBDB 2010 Western Flanders - 3e Nat. Chateauroux I 2010 against 18.251 p. -1e Orleans 2010 against 584 p. - 118e Nat. Chateauroux II 2010 against 22.719 p. -  58e Nat. Argenton 2010 against 19.757 p. -35e Prov. Poitiers 4.390 p. - 51e Nat. Tulle 2012 against 6.817p.) and “Alonso” (4e Nat. Chateauroux 2010 against 17.109 p. -105e Nat. Limoges 2010 against 10.448 p. - 155e Nat. Souillac 2010 against 7.045 p. - 197e Nat. Tulle 2010 against 6.695 p. - 275e Nat. Limoges 2009 against 16.893 p. - 302e Nat. Limoges 2011 against 19.373 p.)

“Naï” is father of “The Provinciaal Poitiers” BE07-3080116: 1e  prov. Poitiers 1.457 p.25e  Nat. Limoges Derby 6.138 p. - 36e  Nat. Souillac 7.045 p. - 45e  Nat. Limoges 11.869 p. 78e  Nat. Chateauroux 17.109 p. - 88e  Nat. Limoges 10.448 p. “Provinciaal Poitiers” is father of: “025/10” (1e prov. St. Junien 2010 – 1.736 p. - 8. Nat. Chateauroux 2012 – 16.479 p - 28 Nat. Souillac 2013 – 5.282 p. - 68. Nat. Tulle 2012 – 6.817 p. - 100. Nat. Souillac 2012 – 7.760 p. - 204. Nat. Limoges 2011 – 14.868 p. - 215. Nat. Chateauroux 2011 – 25.263 p.) Other sons of “Provinciaal Poitiers” won 1. Prov. Bordeaux yearl. – 1.045 p. - 3. Nat. Bordeaux yearl. – 6.245 p. - 4. Nat. Libourne – 8.269 p. - 1. Prov. Souillac – 1.138 p. - 42. Nat. Souillac – 5.667 p. - 136. Nat. Limoges – 19.373 p.

Stefan Mertens

































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