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1st NATIONAL LIMOGES 6,275 year birds – FASTEST AGAINST 14,576b.


by Stefan Mertens





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1st NATIONAL LIMOGES 6,275 year birds – FASTEST AGAINST 14,576b.

Wevelgem: Limoges national is over…the winners are known. In the category of the yearlings, the national victory has been won by "Prince Rudy" of Gino Clicque. "Prince Rudy" (B14-3028072) is a wonderful dark chequered cock, not only the fastest in his category but he also won the millimetre sprint against all 14.576 Limoges racers.
It's a pleasure to study the pedigree of "Prince Rudy". On his father's side, there's "B12-3162776" (son 2e National ace-pigeon KBDB Heavy Middle Distance "Super Prince") and on his mother's side, there's "B13-3056232" (daughter "Rudy" – Vandenabeele Gaby).

Before this victory, "Prince Rudy" also won:

41 Argenton 882p.
191 Argenton National (z) 4.248p.
44 Tours 802p.
300 Tours National (z) 4.436p.
71 Chateauroux 800p.
328 Chateauroux National (z) 3.956p.

"I regret I didn't see him arrive home," Gino says, "We let a late one from Montluçon on the loft and when we took a look at the electric clocking system, we noticed that one from Limoges was already clocked. We were lucky that we did the control in time."

The system

Here with Clicque, they use two systems. One team on double widowhood has to do the programme of the heavy middle distance. Before the season 2015, this team counted 100 pigeons, 52 hens and 48 cocks. After the season 2014, they stayed together till the middle of November. Then they were separated and came together again on March 15th. They could breed for about 2 weeks and than the game began.

The pigeons that are played by the system of the total widowhood stay on a large loft. At the left, there are the cocks in an open aviary on slanting shelves. Next to this, there are 3 empty compartments and at the right, we find the hens on the same kind of aviary as the cocks. During the week, they all stay on their own departments. They always receive their meals in these aviaries. Only on the day of basketing and after the race, they can remain on the empty compartments with boxes and the feast can begin. Besides this mixed group, Gino also participates to the nationals with a team of cocks. Here he uses the system of the classic widowhood, so the partner always stays at home. He also prepares a group of youngsters, to participate to the national races for the young birds in July and August.

The care taking

The food and the care taking are two very important aspects within the modern pigeon sport. On the Clicque loft, they prefer the Vanrobaeys mixtures. When the birds arrive home from the races, they get a sport mixture. The next day it's 50% purification and 50% sport and this continues till the 4 or 5 last meals. Then they change to sport or Super Special. When they announce warm weather and a difficult race, Gino starts to feed them up sooner. For the medical guidance, he asks his vet Lannoo for his advice every week, to make sure that everything is under control. Prevention is the best remedy to keep the pigeons healthy. Besides this, they're supplied by condition preparations and electrolytes of the vet, after the races. He mainly handles his birds based on his "feeling" and by his common sense. On regular times, he uses Bronchostar to support the bronchial tubes.

The colony

It's not easy to become a very good base. When we take a close look at the base of this colony, we notice 3 important strains. The oldest strains are Robert and Chris Dobbelaere (Marke) and Antoon and Hilde Reynaert (Passendaele). With Robert and Chris Dobbelaere, Gino succeeded very well with the "Robert", a basic breeder on the Clicque loft. With Antoon and Hilde Reynaert, it's mainly the "Figo-strain", that provided his colony with an injection of quality. More recently, there's also a third strain to be found at the base. The origins of Gaby Vandenabeele moved to Wevelgem; descendants of "The Bliksem" and "The Rudy". These took care of a new generation of top pigeons…take a look at the pedigree of the national winner from Limoges. The very best of "Clicque" x the famous strain "Rudy Vandenabeele". Of course we also have to mention the input of the pigeons of Wilfried Van De Maele. In the strains of these birds, we find the old origins of Gino Clicque. The message in Wevelgem is very clear: only reinforce with birds of good origins and great class. Another possibility is breed together with other top fanciers.

We can be sure that this isn't the last stunt we saw of this West Flemish colony. We'll have to return some day !

































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