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by Stefan Mertens





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A fabulous national winner from Argenton against 11215 youngsters
and also fastest against 15394 pigeons.

A beautiful victory for a very proud Bart Delodder. At a speed of 1231,44 mpm, they don't only win this national against 11215 pigeons in the competition with the youngsters, but also the fastest against 15394 p.

Hereby, the winning bird of this father-son combination, beats Olivier Poussart, Chimay 1222,10 mph and on the 3rd place, we find the duo Kobe & Kato Herbots from Velm (1218,23 mpm). The winning bird raced at a distance of 499 km, the 2nd one at 438 km - the 3rd at a distance of 536 km… The first birds are divided all over the country, in several different provinces. This Argenton race was, because of the weather conditions and the wind at their head, a difficult but honest race. To Bart, it was a super party because his father Dirk was on holiday and it was he (Bart), who had to prepare the birds to this race. So this race was an extra feast!

Earlier this season, this colony from Waregem already won a super result from Chateauroux (07/06) 4085 Yrl. : 1, 89,284,460, (4/6)
27/06, Chateaudun 1 Prov. 2299 Yrl + 1 Prov 2157 Old birds!

Since several years now, father Delodder is retired and so he has more time to spend with his birds. They also get a lot of support of the colony Gevaert- Lannoo and Geert Van Renterghem (every year, they get a lot of eggs of the widowers).

With the old birds, they use the system of "total widowhood" and with the youngsters, the system of the sliding door.

Tip: To keep the pigeons calm (the cocks and the hens are next to each other), they have put a radio on the loft that plays constantly. Hereby, the have the impression that the birds stay much calmer because they can't hear each other.

Here in Waregem, the pigeons have to train twice a day; in the morning around 9 o'clock and in the afternoon around 4 o'clock. In preparation towards the season of 2015, the pigeons have been vaccinated 2 x against paramyxo and next they had a cure of 10 days against paratyphus. For the medical advice, they regularly visit their vet P Lanneau.

The food they get is a mix of different firms: Vanrobaeys and Beyers, diet, widowhood and energy mix. On regular times, the birds get fresh grit, minerals and once or twice a week vitamins in the drinking water.


The young birds were prepared with a classic system; darkened till the longest day and then they got lighter. They were well trained till the middle distance races and afterwards, they were played by the sliding door.

The winning hen is the 3095344-15, which left as 2nd signed of 16 that were put in the basket. She arrived like a flesh and was clocked at 15h55m11s. Next, they had to wait till 16h34, when two youngsters arrived together. Soon afterwards, they knew that their first one had to be an early bird.

The winning hen was breed of a cock of the Delodder family. In 2012, they bought a coupon for a couple of eggs of Geert Vanrenterghem from Deinze. Here, they received eggs of the yearling cocks. The father was the Orlandor 4245806-11, which won later on 1 Nat Z Tulle 2572 p - 12 Nat Tulle 7350 p - 39 Nat Tulle 10251 p - 63 Nat Cahors 7140 p - 85 Nat Limoges 7221 p - 120 Nat Argenton 22384 p - 159 Nat Bourges 16859 p. A super cock out of the strains Bliksem, Fideel, Wittenbuik – the grandmother of the winning hen, is the 867-11, which won 1 La Souterraine 214 p. She's out of the strain James Bond, 1 Nat Bourges, also VdAbeele origins.

Between Bourges and Argenton, this group of youngsters didn't have to race, they got a week of rest and the results from Argenton were fabulous:

The result of the "Interwestvlaamse" against 2264 youngsters : 1, 71, 72, 109, 110, 142, 150, 215,221, 222, 421, and (11/16)!!!

Two weeks earlier, these young birds participated to Bourges with on Provincial level against 5855 youngsters : 7, 245, 622, and 914 (this national winning hen), 1345, 1586, 1697, 1788 .. (8/20)

Congratulations !
































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