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  News >1st National Limoges 15,013b -Engels Jos en Jules


Engels Jos en Jules


by Stefan Mertens





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Putte: Engels Jos and Jules…an introduction of these fanciers isn't necessary. With their national victory from Limoges, the class of the Engels pigeon appears again. "This is our 10e national victory", Jos and Jules told us. We ask ourselves…who has ever done better?

The widowers

This national victory was won by a beautiful blue widower; the B13-6096329. He's a typical Engels bird, perfectly build, super muscles, good feathers. On his prize list, he already has following results:

1 National Limoges 15.013p. 14 National (z) Tulle 2.037p. 19 National (z) Poitiers 2.708p. 68 National (z) Limoges 2.298p. 1178 National Chateauroux 12.071p. 1605 National Bourges 24.019p.

When we take a look at the pedigree of the national winner, we find the best breeders of the Engels loft:
Grandson of the basic cock; the "178"
"The 178" B94-6495178 …a son of the world famous "231"

His most important children are:

"036-95": 1 Prov. Chateauroux 1.275p.
"417-98": 1 Prov. Bourges 1.249p.
"734-99": 1 Prov. Argenton 1.538p. - 2 S-nat. Argenton 8.405p.
"222-03": 4 National Argenton 3.994p.

His most important grandchildren are:

"The Limoges": 1e National Limoges '015 against 15.013p.
"231-08":1 Nat. (z) Limoges 1.987p. - 2 Nat. (z) Limoges 3.764p.
"276-07": 1 Nat. (z) Limoges 3.764p.
"555-09": 2 Prov. Bourges 3.193p. – 3 Nat. Bourges 17.138p. – '10
"599-09": 8 Chateauroux 8.353p. – '10

Grandson of "Father Argenton"

The most important children of "Father Argenton" B99-6151734 are:
"The Argenton": 1 national Argenton 3.935p.
1 provincial Orleans 2.219p. 7 Pithiviers 1.037p.
16 Toury 1.863p.

1 provincial Salbris 443p. 3 Vierzon 213p.
7 Argenton 1.872p.
5 Blois 117p. 4 Chateauroux 362p.

"6110041/07" best old bird on the 4 last national races 2008.

8 national La Souterraine 4.659p.
43 national Bourges 16.771p.
97 national Gueret 2.608p. 101 national Argenton 6.177p.

Fabulous start of the season

We can't look around it; the condition is surely present on the lofts on the Mechelbaan in Putte. Two weeks ago, they already won the provincial victory from Vierzon against 1.576 yearlings and now the national victory from Limoges.
The national winner is part of a team of 48 widowers. There some more yearlings than old birds on the loft. There's no winter breed done with the widowers. At the beginning of April, they were paired for the first time and after 4 days, they were separated again. When the weather was good, the first training flights were on the programme.

Further, there's not much more to mention. The food they use, is bought with a local manufacturer, together with some other fanciers and every year again, they use a super diet and a sports mixture. Feeding the birds is the job of Jules and for years, he feeds them by his feeling. On medical level, the birds are set free of all diseases before the season and their vet Raf Herbots comes around to do the necessary vaccinations.


Was the national winner especially motivated? Jos: "Not that we know of. Before the race, we didn't show the hens and the whole week long, their nest-bowl is turned in the closed part of their boxes. It's too early in the season to do something special. May be something happened behind our back because he arrived like something was chasing him. Between the dark clouds…we just were outside to wait for the birds. It's really sensational when you see a bird arrive like that! Even if it's our 10th national victory, this is what every fancier does it for.

Jos and Jules, congratulations of the complete Siegel team and up to number 11!


































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