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1st NATIONAL ARGENTON 19.931 Yrl. – Fastest against 32.121p.


by Stefan Mertens





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1st NATIONAL ARGENTON 19.931 Yrl. – Fastest against 32.121p.

Snellegem: A total of 32.121 birds arrived at the start of the national race from Argenton and the fastest of them all was the blue cock (B14-3025246) of the loft of Bastiaenssens from Snellegem. Hok Bastianssens stands for mother Lydia and her son Hans. Released at 6.40 AM, they clocked their winner at 12h39 at a distance of 521km and a speed of 1453,02 m/m. Hans starts: "We saw him arrive from far. He was very high and he fell like a rocket out of the sky. He didn't lose a second and I can tell you that his arrival will never be forgotten."

The widowers

Hans continues his story: "Because of family problems, all birds were sold 3 years ago, except for the youngsters 2012. I started all over again and at the moment, I have a team of 34 widowers: 16 old and 18 yearlings. In winter, my widowers have been breeding. The eggs of the best ones, disappeared under the yearling cocks and those best widowers, immediately had new eggs. They raised this round by themselves and after this, their hens were allowed to lay one more time. Again these eggs were removed to a group of yearlings that were paired much later. Of course, I make sure that these 3rd couple of eggs are removed immediately. This means that when the first egg of the 3rd round is dropped in the nest-bowl, it's taken away. At the same time, also the hen moves and she can drop her second egg in the basket. By using this system and if all goes well, I have 6 youngsters of my best widowers. Do I notice a disadvantage in the moult at the end of the season? No, not at all."

My colony is based on my own origins (pigeons of my Late father – strain "Black Pearl"), Frans Vanwildemeersch, Jozef Devriendt (Aartrijke) and De Scheemaecker-Van Hauwaert (Veldegem).

The care taking

The widowers are fed individually and from the month of March till the end of the season, they always receive the same mixture: ¾ Sport Subliem Versele-Laga and ¼ Vandenabeele Beyers. In the morning, they get 2 soupspoons per pigeon and in the evening 1 soupspoon. Only when I feed them up towards a race, they get 2 soupspoons in the evening too. So feeding them up here means 1 soupspoon more. At their arrival, they get electrolytes (Röhnfried) in the drinking water , Ducolvit (Oropharma) is my favourite vitamin preparation and the 2 last days before basketing, they always get  Dextrotonic (Oropharma) in the drinking water. On medical level, I always try to keep de medicine cabinet closed in winter but in the month of May, I always cure them against cancer. During the season, after every race, they're treated individual against cancer. Every 3 or 4 weeks, their manure is examined and at the beginning of May, I cure them against head diseases with Soludox + Suanovil. Afterwards, nothing more.

The last few weeks, I had some problems with the birds of prey. Some pigeons were caught and my widowers were afraid to get outside. After a little while, their fear was over but I had the impression that they didn't train as they should have. They had not enough "power". That's why I obliged them to train. As well in the morning as in the evening, they had to train for 1 hour and 30 minutes and it seems that this obliged training, was good.

Normally, I never show their hens before basketing but this time, I did. Who knows, may be my national winner got his extra motivation.

Thanks mother

Don't forget to say thanks to my mother Lydia. Without her, there was no pigeon sport at all here.  She's the best care taker I can imagine. I decide what will happen but she's the one who takes care of all the work. This victory is the result of her efforts.

Congratulations of the Siegel team!
Stefan Mertens

































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