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  News >1st National Chateauroux 25,617b -Hermans Rik


Hermans Rik


by Stefan Mertens





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Pulle: To admire the fastest Chateauroux racer of the last weekend, we had to visit the famous champion of Pulle; Rik Hermans. To his top hen "Friendship" (B14-6058777), it was easy to show all 44.220 Chateauroux racers, her tail. At a speed of 1285, 12 m/m, she beat all competitors and hereby, here bosses Rik and his father Jan, take a golden pen to write down this second national victory on their prize-list after Bourges '011.

The blue winning hen was baptised "Friendship" and like the complete team of hens, she has a super condition. Before, she already proved her class by winning:

1          Souppes '015      1.987p. – fastest against 6.134 Yrl
5          Noyon    '015                      1.799p.
8          Souppes '014                       2.127p.

"Friendship"… the name already says it all.  She was born out of pairing pigeons of Jan Hooymans and Dirk Van Dyck. Rik: "Our national winning hen is a product of pigeons, which we became out of friendship. Her father is "Son Harry" (NL12-1783897), born out of breeding together with Jan Hooymans (Holland). Jan and my father Jan agreed to pair the top-pigeon "Harry" (1e Nat. ace-pigeon One day LD WHZB – 1e Nat. Blois 5.623p. – 1e Nat. Chateauroux 8.781p.), to our breeding hen "Last One" (daughter "Jaarling Dondersteen" and mother of 12e Nat. Bourges – 6e Blois NPO 4.413p. etc...). The mother of "Frienship" is "Daughter Olympic Niels", a direct Dirk Van Dyck (Zandhoven). When "Olympic Niels" started to score well, I told Dirk to send his results to participate to the Olympics. Dirk wasn't very interested to fill in all those papers and so we decided together that I would do what was necessary and make sure that it all was send up in time. Dirk smiled and said: "If this pigeon will be selected for the Olympics, you can come and get yourself one of his youngsters. Surely, you can guess the rest of the story. "Olympic Niels" was selected and a few weeks later, Dirk arrived at my house with two youngsters; one to put on the breeding loft and the other to sell on the Gouden Duif auction.


Rik explains: "I started the season 2015 with a group of 20 pairs on total widowhood. I now say total widowhood but at the moment, only 8 cocks are left with which I "really" play. At the beginning of the season, I concentrate more to the game with the hens.  Nevertheless, I keep my cocks in "the running" by making them race a middle distance regularly because last year I had good experience with the cocks on the last national races in a nest position.

I paired my racing team on March 22nd and April 12th, they raced their first race from Quievrain. When they arrived home of this race, they were separated. Some have had a breed of 10 days and some a bit less. On April 15th, again Quievrain and on April 19th and 26th, they were released in Noyon. Next, they went to the middle distance.


On the menu of our racers, you find the Versele-Laga mixtures. At their arrival (on Saturday) and on Sunday morning, it's Champion Plus. Afterwards, we change to Gerry Plus and on Tuesday evening, again Champion Plus. Wednesday and Thursday is the day of basketing, its 50% Champion Plus + 50% Energy Plus. Starting from Bourges, the hens train twice a day. They enter on to their loft where the boxes are closed, where they can eat as much as they want during 15 minutes and then they move to the hen's compartment. 

We also regularly use by-products on the food or in the drinking water like Edele Olie (oil), Zell-Oxygen, Dextrotonic and Belgasol.

On medical level; all birds get their vaccinations and from that moment on, I visit the vet, Rob Hoekstra, every two or three weeks. During the season, I never cure blindly and believe it or not but till now, my pigeons didn't get any cure with antibiotics. But I do use the "yellow drops" against cancer every week.

During the week, the hens have to stay in the air for some time. My neighbour, Danny Van Dyck and I, let our hens train at the same moment and we both put a balloon in front of the loft. As long as the balloon is there, they have to train. At the beginning of the week; it's about 30 or 40 minutes and closer to the day of basketing, it's for about 50 minutes till 1 hour.
To motivate them, the cocks and the hens come together before basketing for about 45 minutes. They get locked inside their boxes, where they find a pot of water too. Afterwards, they are calmly put into the basket and as a fancier, you can only hope for the best.

Rik and Jan, congratulations of the Siegel team!  Enjoy your victory and up to number 3!

Stefan Mertens

































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