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  News >1st National Champion Little MD Youngsters -Marc van Haute, Smetlede


Marc van Haute, Smetlede


by Stefan Mertens





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Marc van Haute, Smetlede
1st National Champion Little MD Youngsters
When fanciers talk about the specialist with young birds in the Eastern Flanders, they probably talk about Marc van Haute of Smetlede.  In fact we can't limit this "title" till only one province but we could easily talk about the complete country. If you get classified 6 times for a national championship since 2005, with the highlight as 1st National Champion Little MD Youngsters 2014, you can easily talk about a national superstar!  In 2007, he also won the national race from Gueret, one of the many top results of the Van Haute colony.  Marc, who's 55 years old, was a military and the discipline can still be seen on the loft.  It's by his father that Marc rolled into the pigeons sport end he plays all by himself since 1994 and his results becomes better and better!

The base
In Smetlede, we find 22 pairs of breeders and 22 feeding pairs.  These are all together so they can fly out together too. On November 26th, they get paired and as soon as they dropped their eggs, these are moved under the feeding pairs.  Hereby, there's only a difference of about 2 weeks between the first and the second round of youngsters. Marc doesn't like family breed but he prefers compensation breed and also the pigeons with results get paired like that. The breeding loft is built on top origins and the following names:
Clerinx Brothers, Nieuwerkerken, descendants of the famous "As Clerinx" via Rudi Hendrikx.
Marcel Albrecht, Lebbeke, strain "Marseille" and "Bak 17".
De Rauw-Sablon, Lebbeke, strain "Limoges", "Goudklompje", "Crack", "Dromer".
Roger Debusschere, Lokeren, on one of the public auctions of Roger, Marc bought one of his star breeders, strain "Dromer" and "Goudklompje".
Ulrich Lemmens, Balen, here he bought out of two strains; "Bak 17" and of super pigeon "Gust".
Roger Ponnet, Burst, a loft with super origins like Ludo Claessens.
Gevaert-Lannoo, Deinze, children of the super hen "Kaafje".

The system

Every year he breeds about 80 youngsters and he also gets some youngsters of the successful trio De Vroe-Van Gaver–Vandeputte; 24 this year.  When the young birds are weaned, they are separated immediately. The youngsters are darkened from March 1st till June 21st and this from 16.00 hours but they wake up by the morning sun. Afterwards, they're lightened from June 21st till the end of the season. The darkening of the cocks lasts till June 1st, this to get a top condition sooner. With the cocks, the little middle distance is the most important but they also have to do some national races. For the hens, the national races are the highlight of the season and with the girls he uses the system "Mit Van Hove". Marc used this for the first time in 1998 and till now, he didn't change anything. At the beginning of the season, he keeps them as calm as possible. They get paired to an old partner one week before their first middle distance race and they can stay together for about 4 days. After this, they get to fly a middle distance or a national race every week. Before basketing, they always come together and after the race, they can stay together till the next day. Every Wednesday, they get an extra training of +- 20 kilometres and he doesn't look at the weather. With the cocks, it's a bit different. They get an old hen on May 1st and they can breed till the end of the month and then widowhood starts. For the preparation flights, they always leave calmly, so no hen before basketing. When the races become more important, they get "more" motivation by showing their partner and at their arrival, the hen is always waiting. This system of motivation works well with young cocks and they can go on like this till October. The racing schedule for the young cocks is like this: every Wednesday Quiévrain (64 km) or St.Quentin (131 km), then a little middle distance race or a national. One rule is very important for Marc, as well with the cocks as the hens, they have to race every week because REST RUSTS!!

Yearling hens

He also succeeds well with some yearling hens, which stay among the youngsters and they have to follow the same system.

Teaching the youngsters; a very important attention point!

To Marc, it's a vital link in his system.  When the weather allows it and if the young birds are ready, he already starts to teach them at the end of February. He starts with very short "trips" of 1, 5 km till 10 km and this spread over 15 short flights. For these short distances, it's no problem with wind at the head, even less good weather doesn't frighten Marc, at that moment the distance is a bit shorter. During the first weekend of May, the youngsters already leave for Noyon.

The food

There are three different firms of which he uses the mixtures: Versele-Laga, Vanrobaeys and Matador. During the moulting and the breeding period, Marc mostly uses Vanrobaeys. From the moment the youngsters are weaned till the beginning of April, he uses the breeding mixture. Afterwards, they get "Gerry Plus" so they start to train well and he continues to use this till the beginning of the important races. To reward them after the training, they always get some candy seeds.  They also get some peanuts but this especially in spring so they learn to eat it and afterwards, he uses this to feed them up, only the day of basketing.
The moment when he adds some extra fats (Matador Energy) to the Gerry Plus mixture, depends on the flight.  Those birds that have to do a national race get this Matador Energy much sooner than those that have to fly the middle distance. Also the pigeons for Noyon are fed up and the days that follow they get the usual Gerry Plus till basketing.

Food supplies

Bakers yeast, (3 grams per pigeon, mixed with yoghurt or Sedochol) and this on Saturday and Sunday.
Belgasol (Belgica de Weerd), at their arrival.
Aminotonic Plus (Duivensport België), minerals, on Monday.
Fly Plus (Duivensport België), vitamins, on Wednesday.
The bottle of Gust Steemans, with following ingredients: 6 bulbs of garlic, 6 big unions, 200 grams alum powder, 1 kilo candy sugar, 40 grams pine tree tea and 2 soup spoons iodine tincture or lugol.
Apple vinegar.

The medical guidance

Before the start of the season, the pigeons are put "clean" of heads and bronchial tubes with a combination product of the vet with a cure of 10 days. During the preparation races, on Saturday and Sunday evening, they get B.S of Belgica-De Weerd or "thuiskomst" (home coming) of Hendrikx. Once the middle distance season starts, the cocks and the hens get a different medical system.


They follow a "6-weeks system" of the vet Piet Blancke; the first week they receive something for the heads, the second week against cancer, the third week, again for the heads, etc.  This is done individual to each bird with tablets so he's sure that they each receive the right dose.


The hens get the by-products of Belgica-De Weerd, with no schedule but he always plays it short by the ball and this by his own experience.
If he gets some problems with Adeno with the young birds, Marc uses Cosumix, next Belgasol and bakers yeast to stabilize the intestines. Against the "One eye cold", nothing is done because nothing helps. Just patience and let them sick out is the message but the training must continue.
During the highlights of the season, the pigeons are examined every Monday by the vet Ludwig Van Damme from Berlare, just to be sure.
Vaccinations; only the obliged one against paramixo and the one against pocks are done.

Results 2014

Pont St Maxence  209 Km 01 June
Local  against  90 p - 25 put in 8 prizes per 3

Pont St Maxence  209 Km 08 June
Local 181 p - 21 put in 13 prizes per 3

Souppes 321 Km 14 June
Local 50 p - 21 put in 13 prizes per 3

Pont St Maxence  209 Km 15 June
Local 116 p - 35 put in 19 prize per 3

Souppes 321 Km 21 June
Local 156 p - 4 put in 2 prizes per 3
7, 12, 74

Souppes 321 Km 14 June
Local 292 p - 19 put in 17 prizes per 3

Pont St Maxence 209 Km 22 June
Local 302 p - 29 put in 22 prizes per 3

Pont St Maxence  209 Km 06 July
Local 276 p - 54 put in 18 prizes per 3

Souppes 321 Km 19 July
Local 408 p - 28 put in 10 prizes per 3

Souppes 321 Km 19 July
Local 433 p - 22 put in 14 prizes per 3

Souppes 321 Km 26 July
Local 1048 p - 25 put in 20 prizes per 3

Souppes 321 Km 26 July
Local 413 p - 28 put in 19 prizes per 3

Bourges 445 Km 02 August
Local 1033 p - 34 put in 23 prizes per 3
Prov 6970 p : 72,73,117,126,129,326,428,430,556,588,695,743,793,798,799,847,896,1087,1403,1438,171
National zone B1 5428 p : 50,53,84,89,90,228,297,298,382,411,498,531,569,573,574,613,657,795,1033,1065,1279
National 30180 p : 418,414,637,665,681,1576,1997,2003,2533,2655,3148,3319,3547,3578,3579,3798,3993,4718,5967,6114,7211

Pont St Maxence  209 Km 03 August
Local 411 p - 17 put in prizes per

Souppes 321 Km 09 August
Local 542 p - 24 put in 12 prizes per 3

Villemandeur 343 Km 09 August
Local 359 p - 8 put in 5 prizes per 3
4, 9,48,67,76

Chateauroux 489 Km 09 August
Local 584 p - 15 put in 9 prizes per 3
11, 21, 26,34,52,72,73,84,98
Provincial 5133p:67,116,154,205,315,434,445,519,605
National zone B1 3653 p: 41, 69, 91,117,157,208,214,262,304
National 22818 p: 561, 862, 1048,1237,1574,1994,2026,2269,2638

Villemandeur 343 Km 16 August
Local 717 p - 21 put in 20 prizes per 3

Argenton 518 Km 16 August
Local 855 p - 23 put in 15 prizes per 3
Provincial 6340 p: 92,222,330,362,401,522,573,633,1078,1306,1458
National zone B1 4221 p : 113,234,316,345,369,459,491,537,852,1015
National 27267 p: 1632, 2486, 3055,3186,3343,3838,4089,4337,6114

Souppes 321 Km 23 August
Local 487 p - 26 put in 12 prizes per 3  

Souppes 321 Km 23 August
Local 226 p - 4 put in 3 prizes per 3
16, 21, 22

Tours 467 Km 23 August
Local 660 p - 12 put in 8 prizes per 3
17, 37, 57,67,68,73,115,210
Provincial 5637 p: 95,241,339,399,408,458,743
National zone B1 3829 p: 69,181,248,290,300,325,520
National 24097p: 976,1852,2318,2577,2623,2819,4069

Souppes 321 Km 30 August
Local 362 p - 24 put in 12 prizes per 3

La Souterraine 556 Km 30 August
Local 584 p - 17 put in 11 prizes per 3
Provincial 4250 p : 33,43,219,275,304,324,490,502,675,688,777
National Zone B1 2705 p : 35,47,185,235,261,276,383,390,494,505,559
National 18588 p: 613,746,2024,2297,2445,2602,3278,3346,4008,4054,4362

Gueret 555 Km 07 September
Local 527 p - 20 put in 11 prizes per 3
6, 17,21,77,97,119,132,133,167,168
Provincial 3916 p: 27, 99,129,454,596,904
National Zone B1 2352 p: 14, 58, 70,262,335,520,560,576,583
National 16619 p: 105,415,506,1660,2169,3340,3524,3640,3667

Pont St Maxence 209 Km 07 September
Local 114 p - 22 put in 8 prizes per 3

Championships and highlights
National Championships
 2014: 1st National Champion Little MD Youngsters
 2013: 8th   National Champion Little MD Youngsters 
2012: 9th   National Champion Little MD Youngsters
 2011: 4th National Champion Little MD Youngsters
 2006: 2nd   National Champion LD Youngsters
 2005: 12th   National Champion LD Youngsters

Provincial Championships
2014    Provincial Champ MD Youngsters
            4 provincial Champion LD Youngsters
            5 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            9 Provincial Ace-pig LD Youngsters

2013       3 Provincial Ace-pig LD Youngsters
             7 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters            
4 Provincial Champ MD Youngsters

2012   Winner Big Marathon prize "Miss Marathon"
            9 Provincial Champ MD Ace-pig "Miss Marathon"
            6 Provincial Champ MD Youngsters

2011       2 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            17 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            19 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            17 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters

2010   21 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            23 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
            18 Provincial Ace-pig SD Youngsters

2009       20 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
             24 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters

2008       3 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters

2007       23 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
             11 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters

2006       1 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters
             18 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters
             25 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters

2005       1 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters

2004       4 Provincial Champ LD Youngsters

2003       6 Provincial Ace-pig MD Youngsters

 National victories

2007: 1 National Gueret "Silke" 4259033/2007
 2006: 1 National Zone B Bourges "Sjenna" 4279328/2006 

Information of Marc

Teach the youngsters to drink in the basket.

Motivation is good but don't make them too "wild".

If you use food supplies, use them on a little bit of food so you're sure they eat it all.

A lot of fresh air on the loft is very important but keep the drought away.

Tips to let the birds recover faster; the day after their arrival it's good to give them a warm bath, they enjoy it very much.

Also those fanciers that don't seem to be able to darken because of their professional hours: the solution is very simple by using a timer and roll-down shutters. With Marc, even the little shutters to the aviary are opened automatic and the pigeons learn it very quick.

Teach the youngsters to get back home of different directions.  It's good for their orientation, especially for the national races.

































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