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  News >1st National Cahors 6,577b -Marc Van den Eeckhout

Marc Van den Eeckhout


by Stefan Mertens





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Kalken: Cahors national has been raced and with Marc Van den Eeckhout, it has a well deserved winner on the stage. Recently, there was an article on the Herbots site about this champion because their hen, the "783/13" won 1st provincial Issoudun 2015 against 3.162 old birds.

And now …Cahors …they won the national victory. Released in Cahors at 8h30, she was clocked in Kalken at 18h 21min 09 sec, at a distance of 749,634km, at a speed of 1268, 09 m/m...  After La Souterraine old birds, this is the 2nd National victory for Marc and his wife Diane.

Prize list of this national winning hen Cahors: B12-4010390


1          National Cahors                             6.576p.
2          Vierzon local                                  491p.
14        Vierzon Interprovincial                    6.298p.
63        Limoges local                                   267p.


1          Agen local                                         74p.
13        Agen provincial                                855p.
111     Agen National                                  3.928p.
11        Vierzon                                              640p.
27        Limoges                                             340p.
34        Libourne                                            104p.


13        Gueret                                                206p.
15        La Souterraine                                 167p.
27        Bourges I                                           362p.
33        Bourges provincial                          231p.
74        Chateauroux                                       343p.
95        Poitiers                                               340p.


14        Gueret                                                342p.
19        Blois                                                   509p.
76        La Souterraine                                 469p.
129     Argenton                                           566p.
214     Bourges                                             852p.
The colony

After years of strong selection, Marc created a fabulous colony of pigeons. No "paper" pigeons but only the top pigeons get the opportunity to prove their value on the breeding loft. The strains at the base of this colony are:

Honoré Props.
Etienne Devos.
William Secelle.
Jef De Ridder.
Eddy Noël.
André De Coene.
Tom Van Gaever.
Mario Doornebal-Jonker
Scheele Brothers

The system

The racing team of 2015 counts about 100 pigeons, which are played by the system of total widowhood. The cocks and the hens are only separated by a sliding door so they can always hear each other.  The hens are free on the loft and they have small parts to rest in and the cocks have the usual widower boxes. To make it all much easier, there are transport rolls.  It smells fresh on the loft although most aeration draws are closed because Marc is afraid of too much air or the "wrong draught".

The old birds were paired on November 25th.  They could raise two youngsters but afterwards the hens weren't allowed to lay an egg again. The "new" yearlings, stayed together till January 15th but they didn't breed. Just before the season started, they all came together; old and yearlings, for about 2 weeks. Those that quickly build a nest could breed for a couple of days. Normally, the hens have to race every week at a distance of 500 km but after some difficult races, it's possible that they get a "weekend of rest". But here, a weekend of rest means a race of 350 km. Here, the golden rule is: racing every week. Also the cocks can do some races of 500 km but they sometimes get a shorter flight to be sure they're not "broken". The pigeons for the longer distances, they do get a true resting period of 2 or 3 weeks.

The food

During the season, Marc always uses the same mixture.  In fact, he never cuts back and he feeds them up by using peanuts. This mixture contains Sport Vanrobaeys, Super Energy of Natural, super diet and extra cribs corn Vanrobaeys. Also P40 can be found on the daily menu.

The medical guidance

Marc has two pillars in his system: good pigeons and be sure that they are for 100% healthy before the season starts. So the check up before the season is very important and all is examined. This is all done by the vet Vincent Schroeder and if he treats his birds, it's always by the approval of Vincent. Nevertheless, before the season, the birds are always treated against the diseases of head/bronchial tubes and against cancer and this always for 7 days. Also a cure against paratyphus and next the vaccination is a yearly ritual. If Marc "notices something", he also treats them during the season against these diseases but always by the approval of his vet. To build up the resistance and if necessary, to reinforce them, he uses the products of Schroeder and Boskamp, Bony Farm.

A word of gratitude

Marc is at the base of his successful colony, together with his wife he takes care of the daily care taking and the cleaning. The training, basketing and returning the clock to the club, it's all done by Etienne Sens. The paper work to participate to the championships, is the job of Koen Bauwens. Here for, Marc would like to thank these people for all their help because, being an independent butcher with a butcher shop in Aalst, he doesn't have a lot of free time.

Marc and Diane, congratulations of the Siegel team!
































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