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  News >1st National Montlucon - OP DE BEECK - BAETENS



by Stefan Mertens





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Putte: In 1999, it was the "Rappe Zot", who let our national tricolour flap on the property of grandfather Willy Op de Beeck, son-in-law Eddy Baetens and grandson/son David. Now it's "Jannes", who won the national victory for this trio in Putte. It's proof the class in the Draplei nr. 4. birds of great quality, guided by top fanciers, who know very well what they want within the pigeon sport;  They're fanciers that plan their strategy and they know very well how to make this reality.


"Jannes", the national winner from Montluçon (named after David's son) is a very nervous bird in the hand and his national victory wasn't a lucky coincidence because 2 weeks before, he already won 39e National Chateauroux against 25.710p and also 7e Souppes against 2.686p. and 6e Souppes against 773p can be found on his prize list.  Not bad for such a young widower.
From Montluçon, he was clocked at 13h 34min 16sec at a distance of 546,221km, at a speed of 1287,45 m/m and hereby, he left all 28.015 Montluçon racers behind him.


Pigeon sport can be a family sport and that's what it is here with Op de Beeck – Baetens. In the first place there's grandfather Willy, who used to do most of the work but since his son-in-law is retired, Willy passed it on to Eddy. The third one within this colony is (grand)son David, who draws the lines in which they have to work, he's the strategist.
At the base of the colony, we find three strains. First there's the old base of grandfather Willy that has been reinforced throughout the years, with the strain of the "Zot".  Next there are the Dirk Van Dijck pigeons and finally, we arrive with the last investments among which a son of the "Kaasboer" of Gaston Van de Wouwer. Especially the strain of the "Zot" is very successful. The "Zot" (6085234/98) was a super pigeon that won a whole list of top results. After his racing career, he moved to the breeding loft, where he passed on his racing qualities.


David: "My father Eddy is responsible for the care taking of the pigeons and to lighten his work, we mainly chose for the widowhood with cocks in 2015. We started with a group of 45 cocks that are divided over 4 compartments. This group counts mostly yearlings. Besides these, there's also a small group of hens but the intention is to put these into the battle after Bourges II.
Like our breeders, also the widowers got paired in the first weekend of December. The eggs of the breeders disappeared under the widowers so the breeders immediately started their second round. When the youngsters reached the age of 15 days, 1 of them moved, together with the hen to the compartment of the youngsters and the cock had to raise the other youngster. Once all youngsters were weaned, widowhood started. So no second pairing. The first time that the cocks meet their hens again, is when they arrive home from their first Quievrain. The reason why we do this: by experience we know that the cocks train much better when they don't meet their hens for a longer period and this is a positive aspect in the months of February and March.


Once the weather allows it, the first training flights are done. Via short-, than middle distance, they have to leave for the national races. The group of widowers are divided in 2 with the intention that every week one group can participate to the nationals. Those that don't have to a national race, mostly get a Momignies (120km and on Saturday. It's important that their muscles remain supple.
On Sunday, not one feather gets outside; On Monday, first the "rested" team gets outside and later on, the other group can join them. We never show the hens before basketing, only when they get back home, they can have fun with their partners.
When we talk about the food, we prefer the Matador system, the mixtures "Turbo", "Vlieg" and "Start" are all on the menu. The last days before basketing, they get a dessert of peanuts and candy seeds. On medical level, all our confidence goes to our vet Raf Herbots. We try to contact him every month and the by-products we use are those of Herbots too.


The future of "Jannes" will probably continue on the loft Putte. Also their previous provincial and zonal winners stayed and till now, they have no regrets.
Willy, Eddy and David….congratulations of the complete Siegel team!

































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