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Sabrina Brugmans - Halen


by Stefan Mertens





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Halen: Sabrina Brugmans from Halen or it's better to say Sabrina and her husband Stephan Machiels from Halen are the winners of the national race from Bourges national against 36.315 youngsters. Their chequered cock (B15-2185810) had some trouble with another cock on the same loft and this must have been his stimulation to win this national race. At a speed of 1258, 84 m/m he won the competition. His arrival was one to dream of…directly out of the ideal "corner" and he didn't loose a second. It was like a winner should arrive.

The trick with the box

Who didn't do this? Making a whole in some carton boxes and putting these on the loft. The young birds adore these "dark places". Also Stephan tries to motivate his young birds like this. On the day of basketing, in the morning, Stephan puts some boxes on different places on the youngster's loft. The sliding door, which separates the cocks and the hens, opens and all those that get the opportunity, will hide in his favourite box. The "party" can start. After a few hours of "partying", the sexes are separated and the boxes are taken away from the loft. The pigeons can eat some more so they can be put into the basket with a full crop. But this time, Stephan forgot to take away a box and two cocks, the later national winner and another one. These two fought to conquer this "forgotten box". Stephan says: "My later national winner fought seriously, you should have seen his eyes. At first, I wanted to leave him at home but afterwards, I was very happy that I put him in. He must have been very irritated because when he arrived home, instead of going to drink, he immediately went to his carton box. "

The system

For the season 2015, Stephan and Sabrina breed 110 youngsters. These got the necessary vaccinations against pocks – paramyxo - herpes and for the first time, they also were vaccinated against parathyfus.

Stephan: "I don't know why but my young birds were just that bit healthier than the previous years. Before, they didn't score that well on the first race but this year I was very pleased with their results. They also trained much better during the week. After 2 x Momignies (121km) and 2 x Soissons (208km), they were separated and then they continue by the system of the sliding door. Of course, they also get darkened till June 10th and afterwards they get lightened till the end of the season. I follow the feeding system of Matador by using different mixtures like Turbo, Super Start, and Super race.

On medical level, the youngsters were cured for 7 days against cancer before the season and also 7 days for the heads. Every week during the season, they get 2 days of BS (De Weerd) in the drinking water and for the rest, no more cures. As long as it all goes well, I don't treat and if there's a problem, I visit the vet Vincent Schroeder.

The by-products I use: every week, on Monday and Tuesday, Satva tablets of Belgavet. With the food I mix Omega Oil (Herbots) with condition powder (Schroeder).

The base

Last season, "Charlotte" of Sabrina and Stephan was 1e National ace-pigeon heavy middle distance KBDB 2014 and now they win national Bourges with the young birds… or in other words, we're dealing here with a very strong colony. The strong base was created by a strict selection of their birds and the input of pigeons of Gaston van De Wouwer, Buvens Roger, Van Avondt and Hermans-Bonné.

And the future of this national winner from Bourges …it will continue in the Far East.
































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