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  News >1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance year birds 2014 - Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede


Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede

1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance year birds 2014
2nd National Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance 2014
4th National Ace KBDB Very long Distance Year birds 2014

by Stefan Mertens





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Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede
1st National Champion KBDB Great Middle Distance year birds 2014
2nd National Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance 2014
4th National Ace KBDB Very long Distance Year birds 2014

By Stefan Mertens

We write 2008, in Zingem where they make plans to drive the pigeon sport into a new dimension.  Jacques and Freddy Vandenheede decide to unite their forces. Individual they often reached the podium on the provincial and national championships. Besides this, we also notice several national victories. At that moment, the impact on the pigeon sport couldn't be guessed. In the mean time, we're 2015 and everybody can agree that the Vandenheede Brothers control a great deal of the national pigeon sport. At distances of 400 till and with 800 kilometres, you have to beat the Brothers of Zingem before you can walk away with the flowers.
The colony
When we take a look at the colony of Jacques and Freddy, the first we notice is a strong base. The basic cock; the 'Zieken', can still be found in many pedigrees when we turn back a few generations. Besides this, there's also a solid base of 'De Rauw-Sablon'-pigeons that runs through the veins of the colony. Interesting to know, is that this colony is build around the fabulous breeder 'Freddy' , with whom we find, on mother's side 'The Zieken' of the Vandenheede colony. It's also very interesting to know the present vision of Freddy and Jacques. First of all, they never sell the top-pigeons and second, they always look for pigeons that can bring that little extra like they recently bought the 1st National Chateauroux. At the third place; it's always a search for a project that can be an important impulse to their colony. Three years ago, they started to breed together with the Walloon colony Nihoul. After three years, the impact is phenomenal; 2nd and 4th Ace-pigeon Heavy LD Yrl. KBDB. Both pigeons came out of these two lofts, working together. So it's a fact that our modern pigeon sport asks for anticipation, better to have quality then concurrence. And, we have to admit that this is one thing that the Vandenheede Brothers do.
The system
When we take a look at the territory of Freddy and Jacques, we mostly notice the game between 400 and 800 kilometres. By searching for the system of this loft, we soon receive an answer: 'There's no system to keep up with, if you don't guide it well'. This certainly is a truth but still it's important to detect the red wires.
The brothers play their pigeons on the classical widowhood with a partner that stays at home. The hens have to race very week; with the cocks they use a programme in which they have to race every 2 or 3 weeks. What's important here; the pigeons are only put in the basket when they show the ideal condition. Of course, 'a good one' shows a good condition much faster than the rest. The young birds are mainly put in on a nest-position. Their purpose is to pass on a nice programme of provincial and national races with their youngsters.
The food and the care-taking
When it comes down to the food, they always let their birds chose. They mix different kinds of mixtures together so there's something for each and every bird. At the beginning of the week, they use light mixtures, diet mixtures and the last 2 or 3 days before basketing, the pigeons are fed up with sports mixtures. When they arrive home from a race, they can eat whatever they want from a diet mixture.
They regularly use natural products like: vitamins, garlic, apple vinegar, electrolytes, all to support the pigeons as much as possible. There also are regular medical control but they only treat them if it's necessary. And of course, during the season, they never let anything up to coincidence. It's important that the birds can grow up to a top condition.
The results
Let's take a look at the previous season. No sinecure to repeat 2013, when they scored with a double national victory From Libourne and many chain results by which they had ace-pigeons on provincial and national level and different other titles. Nevertheless, we talk again about a super season with several top-results. Let's see:
With a little basket:

  • Peronne – 206 Yrl – 5 ( 1 )
  • Peronne – 142 Old – 4 ( 1 )
  • Bordeaux – 3180 Yrl – 32,34 ( 2 )
  • Narbonne – 2835 Yrl – 73,95 ( 2 )

With normal numbers of pigeons:

  • Limoges – 90 Old – 1,3,4,5,6,14,15,17,21,31,36 ( 14 )
  • Gueret – 7681 Old – 6,10,81,165,271,273,694,1759 ( 13 )
  • Argenton – 1630 Old – 16,45,65,97,185 ( 6 )
  • Blois – 181 Yrl – 1,2,4,6,7,10,11,12,16,24,25,26,27,29,44,48 ( 16 )

With the large basket:

  • Chateaudun – 354 Yrl – 1,3,5,6,7,8,11,19,20,21,22,25,26,30,32,34,36,37,38,39,43,44,45,51,64,66,67,67,72,78,79,89,89,91,93,106,110,117 ( 57 )
  • Limoges – 6907 Yrl – 3,4,6,13,16,26,40,42,68,85,90,101,112,141,155,167,193,202,218,305,317,318,324,324,354,355,362, 390,399,433,464,529,680,831,832,907,929,1110,1183,1353,1497,1525,1657 ( 56 )
  • Gueret – 2027 Yrl – 3,4,5,8,14,19,36,37,46,56,80,105,107,125,181,206,231,243,254,257,266,291,292,330,363,382,434, 458 ( 43 )
  • Villemandeur – 5156 Youngsters – 2,4,6,22,24,25,25,27,28,29,30,31,32,35,37,41,42,48,52,60,81,83,85,85,87,87,89,90,91,94,97,100,102,107,140,150,150,156,157,195,196,197,202,221,229,263,267,269,271,275,276,276,282,286,288,289, 293,304,316,317,321,329,333,340,421,426,427,429,432,437,446,508,508,520,520,523,552,562,624, 629,640,672,673,732,742,746,751,757,765,767,775,811,823,877,959,1006,1093,1102,1108,1114, 1142,1161,1165,1179,1239,1245 ( 154 )
  • Tours – 593 Youngsters – 1,2,3,5,6,8,11,14,15,20,24,25,33,35,36,43,45,47,48,52,55,57,66,75,77,78,80,87,88,89,93,99,109,119,121,122,159,168,169,189,193 ( 85 )

Just like the previous years, this resulted in several titles and ace-pigeons among which the title of national champion heavy LD Yrl. KBDB and also 2nd and 4th national ace-pigeon heavy LD Yrl. Only the national victory was missed very closely.
Shortly, the duo doesn't give presents to the competition. It's clear that you have to leave the duo of Zingem behind you, if you want to score in the Eastern Flanders but also on national level or if you want to win ace-pigeon titles. Surely, many others have already tried.  To show you that we talk about a colony, which immediately wrote success since them working together, we here give you the most important titles, national victories and ace-pigeons since 2008:
Results national championships KBDB

  • 1st laureate general championship 2012
  • 1st laureate national championship ace-pig LD Old 2013
  • 1st laureate national championship ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2013
  • 1st laureate national championship LD Yrl 2013
  • 1st laureate national championship Heavy LD Yrl 2014
  • 2nd laureate national championship Heavy MD Old 2013
  • 2nd laureate national championship ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl 2014
  • 3rd laureate national championship ace-pig Hevay MD Yrl 2013
  • 3rd laureate national championship ace-pig LD Old 2009
  • 4rth laureate national championship ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2010
  • 4th laureate national championship ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl 2014
  • 5th laureate national championship ace-pig LD Yrl 2013

National victories

  • 1          Bourges         27506 p        2009
  • 1          Bourges         22499 p          2009
  • 1          Libourne        6658   p          2013
  • 1          Tulle             6345   p            2011
  • 1          Libourne        6134   p          2013
  • 1          Argenton       5763   p    2010
  • 1            Narbonne          5098    p    2012     international

General championship Eastern Flanders

  • 2nd   general provincial champion 2014
  • 1st   general provincial champion 2013
  • 2nd   general provincial champion 2011
  • 2nd   general provincial champion 2010
  • 2nd   general provincial champion 2009
  • 1st   general provincial champion 2008

When we go back to see which are the most important actors of the title of national champion heavy LD Yrl KBDB 2014, we notice that it were 2 brothers that made it come true:
Ace Marsupilami I  (BE13-4050440): 2 Nat Ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl KBDB 2014

  • Agen-Bordeaux  Nat   3.180 p. 32 (Loc 1°/67)

               Prov    659 p. 6

  • Narbonne       Nat   2.835 p. 73
  • Chateauroux    Nat  21.515 p. 32
  • Chateaudun     Prov  3.998 p. 214

Ace Marsupilami II (BE13-4050439): 4 Nat Ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl KBDB 2014

  • Agen-Bordeaux  Nat   3.180 p. 34

               Prov    659 p. 7

  • Narbonne       Nat   2.835 p. 95
  • Chateaudun     Prov  3.998 p. 107
  • Chateauroux    Nat  21.515 p. 4154

Two products of the special valuable breed together with the Nihoul colony.  On father's side, we notice the super racer Mastodon (strain De Rauw-Sablon x Engels). On mother's side, it's Romy II, a hen out of the super strains with Nihoul.
The breeding loft
Unbelievable results but the breeding loft is even more impressing. When we see all national and international winners and add the national ace-pigeons. They find a fantastic mixture of champions.

  • Annelise (4186083/12): 1st national ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2013
  • Miracle Ace (4244017/11): 1st national ace-pig LD Yrl 2013
  • Ace Marsupilami I  (BE13-4050440): 2nd Nat Ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl KBDB 2014
  • Charlene (4186018/12): 3rd national Ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2013
  • Ace Marsupilami II (BE13-4050439): 4th Nat Ace-pig Heavy LD Yrl KBDB 2014
  • Maxima (4035201/09): 4th national ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2010
  • Inbred Lucky Ace (4186157/12): 5th national ace-pig LD Yrl 2013
  • Nadina  (4101287/10): 1st international Narbonne Old 2012
  • Science Fiction (4101420/10): 1st national Tulle Yrl 2011
  • Grauzone (4244118/11): 1st national Libourne Old 2013
  • De Fantast (4186321/12): 1st national Libourne Yrl 2013

Then, above all this, several parents of these cracks and on top of this several national winners and ace-pigeons that were bought, to reinforce the colony.  So it's no wonder that it's not easy to arrive at the same level of this colony.

  • Bender (4220607/11): 1st national ace-pig Heavy MD Yrl 2012
  • Chanel n°1 (6084890/13): 1st national Chateauroux Yrl 2014

The first breeding results are already sublime. The 9th national ace-pig MD Old KBDB 2014 is a descendant of the 'Science fiction' or the 1st national Tulle 2011.
Up to 2015
The future smiles at Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede. 2015 maybe a season in which some different records can disappear into the history books. The brothers look positive towards the new season. The would like to see the larger outlines on the short- and middle distance races in the Eastern Flanders. This can only improve the results of some toppers. The high costs should be kept limited. Everything should stay payable, also for the fancier with the little basket ...

































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