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Dekervel Gilbert - Poperinge

by Stefan Mertens





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Poperinge: Chateauroux…the replacement of the Gueret race, knew a total participation of 54,706 pigeons. Winner against the 25,126 old birds and also the fastest of all the Chateauroux racers is "B14-3111835", a marvellous blue cock who gave his 82 year old boss Gilbert Dekervel the highlight of his pigeon fancier's career.

The pigeon sport is being practiced by Gilbert in all simplicity. The birds are relaxed and with a small group of 20 widow cocks he competes in the longer middle distance races. Poperinge is right next to the border of France and due to its rather westerly location not an easy spot to be at the head of the national races. Everything and especially the weather need to be okay and last weekend this was the case. The home coming of his Chateauroux racer is something Gilbert will never forget. Not a centimetre off….exactly as in the book…straight to the landing board. Again the pigeon sport proves here that anything is possible. No one is lost upfront when you go to the start with pigeons in a top condition.



As mentioned before the pigeon sport is a game together with nature for Gilbert. Gilbert enjoys it up to the hilt when he can move around between his feathered friends. And when we ask for the pedigree of the bird and its results Gilbert looked at us with an all saying look: "Pedigrees…never made…ring number of father and mother might be possible yes…results…oh man…that's going to be a hard one!" We went home without it…Gilbert's strain is mainly built up with pigeon of late Garré-Vandenberghe (Vichte). Every year Gilbert went there for some eggs from the widow cocks. The results of these pigeons were great so why look somewhere else when one is satisfied with what he gets. 

The widow team was coupled in December. They raised a couple of youngsters and were separated from their hen before she laid a second time. Before the start of the season they were being coupled again for a spawn of four days.
The widow cocks are being raced every fortnight. On Bourges, Gilbert had 8 pigeons. Locally he started with the second prize (a full brother of the national winner) and won 5 prizes. On Chateauroux he had 12 racers and won locally 9 prizes. The condition seems to be more than well!

In a matter of feeding the mixtures of Bonduelle are on the menu. There's no sign of low-protein or other diet mixtures. No, de Dekervel pigeons only know one dish…namely every day full house sports mixture. Medically he gives every month a cure against trichomonas and he never cures against ornithosis.

Whether the national winner was motivated differently? Gilbert: "Not that I know of…what struck me was that he trained extremely hard this week. Something he normally didn't do."

Gilbert …enjoys this victory!

Stefan Mertens

































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